A Few Tips For Being A More Productive Blogger

Working full time, looking after a home, blogging, leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining my relationship and social life means I have to manage my time very carefully and also work out ways in which I can be more productive to ensure everything I need to do it done. It's definitely not easy to juggle it all but there is things you can do that make it a little easier so I thought I'd share my top tips with you guys incase you find them helpful in any way. 

Get up earlier
This is something I'm really trying to do at the moment as I feel getting up earlier in the mornings makes a huge difference to the rest of my day. If I sleep in and am rushing around before leaving the house, I feel completely unorganised and stressed for the rest of the day. I think it's so much better to get up half and hour earlier and give yourself time to do the things you need to do without rushing. Whether that's a quick work out, making a cup of tea or even watching the morning news, having that extra bit of time in the morning to get organised for the day ahead does the world of good.

Eat breakfast
Following on from my last point, I think it's so important to get up early enough to have some breakfast in the morning. Not only is this a lovely way to start the day but it will also leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the day. I feel way more productive after eating a healthy breakfast (boiled eggs are my fave) and this is something I want to try and do every morning rather than eating on the go or taking my breakfast to work. On the mornings I do get up early enough to eat breakfast,  I feel so much better.

Make notes
Notes are my best friend. Wether they're on my phone or jotted down in a notebook, notes are my top tip for keeping organised. Whenever I'm feeling inspired, I write ideas down so I don't forget them. I have a 'blog post ideas' page in my Iphone notes and I refer back to this whenever I'm feeling uninspired. I also like to jot down key points I want to add in to my posts or dates for when certain things need to be posted.

Avoid distractions
This is a difficult one as there's distractions everywhere but I find I work best when I'm sat at my computer with no TV on in the background and just a little bit of music playing on my phone. I try my best not to keep checking my phone when writing posts too as social media is a huge distraction and if I pick my phone up, I end up spending a good hour scrolling through various social media. Not productive at all.

Plan your day
If you're planning to do some blogging on a certain day, make yourself a little list with times you want to have certain things done by. I try to do this as it gives me mini goals throughout the day and I like checking things off a list - it gives me a sense of satisfaction. I tend to give myself a couple of hours for photography, an hour or so for editing and then a couple more hours for writing. I also factor breaks in too which I'll talk about in another point. As I said, having a list and a set plan for the day really helps with productivity and it gives you something to aim towards.

Do things in bulk
When I have some free time, I always do things in bulk. I tend to take all of my blog photos at the weekend so I have them ready and waiting for the week ahead and I also like to draft post titles and upload photos all in one go so when I want to publish a post, all I need to do is log on to blogger and type it up - I can even do this on the go using the Blogger app. In an ideal world I'd also like to get a few blog posts scheduled each weekend but I never have the time so I tend to use my lunch breaks at work or a couple of evenings a week for writing the actual posts.

Allow yourself breaks
Although it's important to avoid distractions when you're trying to be productive, I also think it's important to take breaks. If you've set aside a day for blogging, make sure you factor in a break every couple of hours to chill out. I find doing this means that when I come back to my computer I feel more motivated and full of ideas. Even if you just have a ten minute break for a cup of tea, it does the world of good.

Tidy home, tidy mind
Whenever my flat is a mess, I find myself getting so stressed. I'm not sure why that is but when things aren't in their place and there's clutter lying around, I just can't think straight or focus on anything other than the mess. That's why I always make sure my flat is tidy on the weekends before I start blogging - I tend to do a big tidy up on a Saturday morning and then I feel way more productive for the day ahead. I also like to sort my blog samples into piles so I know what I need to photograph and generally keep everything very organised. I find this really helps with my motivation.

Don't pressure yourself
Finally, it's so important not to pressure yourself. There's been so many times recently when I've thought 'oh my god, I've not blogged for two days' or 'I've got so much to do and not enough time to do it' and whilst I'm sure these thoughts go through every bloggers mind, they're not healthy. I try my best to remember that my blog and my readers will always be there and they won't mind if I don't get posts up as quickly as I might like or if I have a little break to get things organised now and again. I feel the more pressure I put on myself the less productive I become so I try my best to keep calm and do things as and when I have the time instead of trying to take on too much.

So there's a few of my tips for being more productive. I hope they helped and if you have any other tips to share, please let me know in the comments below!


  1. Great tips Kayleigh - I can relate to them all! Managing a full time job, a home, social life, relationship and blog can be so stressful but as long as you keep on top of things it's easily done!

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

  2. These are great tips and some I will definitely take aboard. It is hard juggling. I find work and blogging take up more of my time. But with these tips I will try and fit in other things too!

    Yas xx


  3. As a newbie I found this really helpful - thanks Kayleigh. I also find scheduling is really helpful, I can sometimes find myself in meetings from 9 to 6 so a few scheduled tweets can help me out x

  4. These are really good tips I will definitely take into consideration! It's so hard for me to keep up with school, youtube and blogging. Your blogging advice posts are some my favourites! xx

  5. Great tips! Thank you for sharing! Sometimes I'm so busy, I get overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to do. I think your tips will help bring some peace in my mind!

    Isabelle Taking Chances

  6. This was lovely and great tips. I find making lists has helped me tremendous and now I'm more organized and the satisfaction of checking something off a to do list makes me come back for more haha!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  7. definitely the tidy home, tidy mind always works for me! :) great tips

  8. Great post!!! Super tips!

  9. Love this post, great tips.:) I wish I was that organised with my blog too I believe it saves lot of time and stress. :)

  10. Fantastic tips for a productive life!

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  11. Love your tips! I try to follow most of them, especially the notes taking one: I think I spend more time writing lists and taking notes than doing the stuff that I'm supposed to do haha.
    Another kind of tip that I like is to listen to music while I work or write blogposts, and to treat myself to (loads of) coffee and nibbles to eat while I'm sitting at my desk - not the healthiest thing to do, but it actually motivates me to stay at work longer!

    Julia x
    Check out my last beauty post here: http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/review-w7-absolute-lashes-chunky-eyes.html

  12. Great tips! I find getting up earlier really helps, It means I start the day in a relaxed way instead of rushing and panicking that I'm late! Breakfast too, I start off the day cranky if I'm hungry...
    Emily xx
    Emily May Designs

  13. Such a fab post! Balancing full time work and blogging can be such a challenge, all be it a rewarding one. I'm currently trying to get up half an hour earlier x


  14. Love these tips - especially the one about doing things in bulk! It makes posting a lot easier x

  15. Great advice! Thank you!:)


  16. I love this post! These are very simple, but effective tips :)


  17. I love bulking up on posts when Im feeling inspired. It stops me from feeling under pressure when Im super busy or have writers block :) x

    Caitriona | Blog

  18. this is such a good post! I don't know how you do it I struggle to fit in university and a blog!xx


  19. Great tips! X


  20. Love the tips, they are all so useful for blogging with other commitments!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Win a Luxury Beauty Item of your Choice

  21. These are some really good tips. I wish I was better at getting up and eating breakfast x


  22. really good and useful points!

  23. Great tips, I will be using these thank you.


  24. These are great tips! I'm feeling so unproductive lately because I've been too ill to do much but when I'm better I'm definitely going to be taking note of these! x

    Josie’s Journal

  25. I've had a stressful week and the blog disorganisation is high, so I really appreciate these tips haha. It's a great post! x

  26. very nice tips for me,I think I will plan my day in detail


  27. These are some awesome tips! I definitely need to be more productive with my blogging!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  28. I love making lists everywhere so I totally agree with that point! My diary is my saviour hahah x


  29. Great tips!

    Kirsty | www.kirsty.ws

  30. Great tips Kayleigh. Really helpful post.

    Leanne x
    My new blog post... 1 pair of jeans, 3 ways to style.

  31. Thank you for writing such an insightful post full of positivity. I really needed to read this today. I have been feeling overwhelmed this past week, and the more overwhelm I become, the more pressure I put on myself, the more I feel like a failure. Lol it is a viscous cycle. I am glad to know I am not the only one like this. I will definitely keep your advice in mind!


  32. Such a good post, and I do agree with taking notes. I live by mine!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  33. Great tips, I'll definitely be taking these on board! I find that taking a break from screens and working with paper helps a lot as well!


  34. This is a great post. As a blogger these kinds of things can be very overwelming at times. I agree that planning is everything.

  35. Some fab ideas here. I am really struggling to blog and write my dissertation at the moment, as well as having to work part time, see friends and my boyfriend and work out - it's so crazy! These tips are really useful.. I agree that planning is so important! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  36. I feel exactly the same when my house is messy Kayleigh. It's so strange but it stresses me out too. A nice vaccumed carpet and the smell of bleach makes me a happy girl! L xx

  37. Honestly pre-uploading the photos and brainstorming the title is a huge help when you are publishing posts during the week! I do this too, and having it all ready to go along with my SEO, etc. makes just typing up ideas and hitting publish so much easier :)


  38. Great tips Kayleigh, I think these can be applied in general every day too without even having to be blogging specific :) xx

  39. Tidy home tidy mind is a good one! I just cleaned my room last night and I woke up this morning feeling so motivated! Love a clean room!


  40. A lot of these are just great life tips in general, especially the getting up early one!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  41. thank you for those great tips! xx



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