Amazing Advertisers | May

Hi guys! So it's time to share my amazing advertisers once again! I'm pretty sure the months are going by quicker as the year goes on - it's total madness! This lovely lot have been advertising with me throughout the month of May and they're all fab so I'd recommend checking them out. I'm actually going to be in Greece as this post goes live so I just wanted to say bare with me as blog posts might be few and far between for the next couple of weeks. I've managed to get a couple scheduled in but there's only so much one woman can do on top of a full time job! However, if you want to see what I get up to in Mykonos, be sure to head over to my Instagram @kayleighjcouture for lots of picture updates! I can't wait!

Hi , everyone! My name is Kari, the writer and owner of TheBeautyHoarder beauty blog. This is a creative space where I discuss my thoughts on the latest beauty products and trends, providing reviews, hauls, makeup tutorials, tips, and also a bit of fashion, health, and lifestyle. I do discussion post, allowing us to get us to know each other better as fellow beauty lovers. I hope to see you there!

Hello my lovelies, my name is Anne-Marie and i'm a early twenty something law grad. and actress. I started the the Twenty Sumtin' Sumtin as an outlet to talk about my other passion - Fashion & Beauty. I'm a sucker for all things make up and fashion related and working for an online Fashion brand made me even more determined to start the Twenty Something.

On my blog I talk about all things beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle related. From finding the perfect Foundation to fab OOTD's and Healthy Recipes, you'll find everything on my blog. 

The Twenty Sumtin' is a place for everyone and I'd love for you to stop by :) x 

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I hope you find some new sites to enjoy guys!

#DoItWithPaypal Challenge | Shopping at Coronation Street

Yep, I know you're probably very confused by the title of this blog post right now. However, bare with me on this one. I was recently contacted by Paypal and asked if I'd like to be part of their #DoItWithPaypal campaign to which I immediately said yes! I'm a huge fan of Paypal and have been using their services for years now - I use both the desktop site and app regularly to receive and send payment as it's just sooo easy to use! I've definitely used it a lot more since becoming a blogger too  - so much so that I couldn't be without it now.

When Paypal contacted me, they offered me the challenge to go and spend £200 via Paypal in an unusual location. The idea behind the challenge was to send me somewhere I would never normally be / shop and see how easy it would be to log in to Paypal, treat myself online and carry on about my day as normal. We spent some time deciding on where I could go for the challenge and finally decided on the Coronation Street Tour. After all, it's one of Manchester's biggest tourist attractions and having been once before when I was younger, I knew it's something I'd enjoy! I'm always fascinated by anything 'behind the scenes' so it was great to get a glimpse into how the show is made and what the sets look like. If you're an avid Corro fan, I'd highly recommend it!

So, back to Paypal, how easy did I find shopping whilst at the Coronation Street tour? Well, even though I'm normally sat at home on my sofa when I do my online shopping, being the massive shopaholic that I am - I didn't the change of scenery too challenging. I did have to be quite sneaky about it so our tour guide didn't think I was being rude but I managed to pop to two of my favourite online stores and places orders - MAC, Miss Selfridge and Missguided. I must admit, I did have a look at the sites the night before the tour just so I could get a feel for what I wanted to buy but or I could have been there all day umming and ahhing over what I wanted to buy! I'm going away to Greece on Saturday so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to treat myself to some new makeup and holiday clothes! I bought Studio Fix Fluid (an old favourite!) and Pro Longwear Concealer from MAC and some new dresses from Miss Selfridge and Missguided for my holiday which I'm sure you'll be seeing in my holiday snaps!

As far as paying for the items goes - it was SO easy! What I love about Paypal is that when you're all set up, the only thing you need to do when shopping online is go to the checkout, select 'pay with Paypal' and enter your Paypal password to complete the payment. If you have an IPhone 6, you don't even need to do that thanks to the Touch ID which is another bonus! I just love that there's no messing around entering long card numbers, addresses or security passwords - it's all done in the click of a button as Paypal also stores your address and delivery details. I have to be honest, even before I was set this challenge, I paid for everything online using Paypal - it just makes more sense. I also feel it's more secure, especially if I'm shopping on a new website or somewhere like Ebay!  

I'd like to thank Paypal for setting me this challenge - I had a great day out and can't wait to dive into the goodies I bought!

Are you a fan of Paypal?

Five Years of Topshop Beauty

If you've been reading my blog for a while, I'm sure you'll know that I'm a big fan of Topshop Beauty product. I particularly love their lipsticks and would definitely say they're comparable to MAC in terms of pigmentation, formula and longevity. I remember buying my first Topshop lipstick just after the brand launched their beauty range (in the shade 'Rio Rio' I believe) so when I recently discovered they're currently celebrating five years of their beauty line, I couldn't quite believe it. It's scary how quickly time passes by!

Topshop beauty products have always been recognised for their statement stripey and spotty packaging but in honour of their fifth birthday, Topshop have released some of their bestselling products in a beautiful limited edition rose gold packaging. Like most girls, I'm obsessed with anything rose gold so when two lipsticks and two nail polishes landed at my door, I was pretty damn excited! The new limited edition collection consists of five lipsticks, five nail polishes, a cream blush, a glow pot and a liquid liner, all of which have been their bestselling products and shades over the past five years.

I wasn't at all surprised to see the lipsticks in there as they're definitely my favourite product from Topshop's line. The two shades I have are Innocent which is a lovely mauve pink and Beguiled, a deep red wine shade. The other bestselling shades available include Rio Rio which is a bright orange toned red, Ohh La La which is a bright coral and Nevada, a pinky nude shade. I can see why all of these shades are Topshop's most popular as I already own most of them myself and they're beautiful!

 Nail polish is another of Topshop's most popular items - the cute bottles with spotty lids are adorable and their shade range is huge, not to mention the polish itself is great quality considering the affordable price. The two shades photographed here are Pool Party which is a bright turquoise green and Heart of Gold, a shimmery metallic gold. Other shades available include Adrenalin which is a pale pink glitter, Parma Violet which is a pale pastel lilac and finally Boy Next Door, a soft pale blue.

There's also Head Over Heels cream blush, magic liner liquid liner and a glow pot highlighter up for grabs with the limited edition packaging! I imagine it's all going to sell out pretty quickly so if one of your favourite shades is here, make sure you treat yourself! Or, if you haven't tried any Topshop Beauty products before, now is the perfect time to! You can grab them all here with prices ranging from £5-£9.

Are you a fan of Topshop beauty?

My Catherine Boden Hair Makeover

For the longest time I've been totally unhappy with my hair. I've always been a blonde since a very young age but the problem with being blonde and getting highlights is that very few hairdressers can get the colour just right. It's a lot more difficult to perfect blonde hair than it is darker tones so I've always been wary about who I get my hair done with. I used to get it done with my cousin Sophie and I was always happy with the results but when she gave up hairdressing I was at a bit of a loss as to where to go and get it done. That's when I asked you guys on Twitter if you could recommend anyone in the Manchester area. I'd been to a very well known chain in Manchester just before Christmas and they completely ruined my hair so I was very wary of going somewhere new and the having the same thing happen again. However, after being recommended Catherine Boden on Twitter, I had a look at her website and instantly knew this was someone I could trust with my hair.

Catherine is a well establish hairdresser based in Manchester who is known for the special 'Hollywood Colour Blend' technique. She's worked with celebrities all over the world and has regular clients coming back to her time and time again. Do any of you remember when Tulisa made her come back and went from jet black to amazing multi-toned ombre hair? Well that was Catherine's amazing work! She's also worked with soap stars and the wives of famous sports stars. After learning all of this I though 'Hey, if she's good enough for them, she's certainly good enough for me' and I dropped her an email to enquire about an appointment. Catherine tends to have a relatively long waiting list and when I got in touch at the end of April, I was told she was fully booked until June. However, when I spoke to her lovely assistant Debbie and told her I'd love to get it done before my holiday at the end of May, they managed to squeeze me in. I went for a consultation a few weeks later so Catherine could check the condition of my hair and see if it could withstand the treatment. She told me my hair is damaged from bleach over-use due to hairdressers I've been to in the past overlapping bleach around my roots. She was slightly wary about doing it as her number one priority is to ensure no damage is caused to her clients hair but because it was only one area of my hair that was damaged, she told me she could work around that and not add any more bleach to the affected areas. I was chuffed to bits and couldn't wait for my appointment!

My actual appointment was on Thursday and I took the day off work as the treatment can take up to five hours due to all the different stages and techniques. As I mentioned earlier, Catherine is known for her 'Hollywood Colour Blend' technique which involves using various different tones in the hair to give it beautiful dimension as well as shading around the roots with a natural colour so it looks more natural. One of my biggest pet hates about being a blonde is dark roots - they look so unsightly when they come through and it means having to make appointments to get my hair bleached every 8-12 weeks. This isn't good for my hair at all and was just causing more damage so I told Catherine I'd love the top section of my hair to be my natural colour and then get lighter towards the ends - a bit like the balyage effect that's so popular at the moment. She told me this was easy enough to achieve and got to work!

As you can see from my before and after photo, my hair was pretty much all one colour so the first step was to add some lowlights to break it up and give my hair some dimension. Catherine said she'd normally add more to make it blonder on the ends but because mine is damaged, she only put a few pieces through to brighten it up. When my hair is in better condition, I'll be able to get more. After washing those out, she then shaded my roots with a colour close to my natural hair colour to give it a more natural look and that soft balyage effect. This also means that when my roots come through, they'll blend in with my new style and I won't need to keep getting my hair covered in bleach and causing further damage. The final step was to tone it all and get rid of any brassy tones so she added an ash toner and as you can see, it's definitely helped remove all of that nasty brassiness. I then had a good few inches cut off the ends as it had gotten way too long and the ends were frazzled with split ends.

As you can see, the final result is a pretty big difference! Before, my hair had no dimension , it was brassy and the ends were frizzy with split ends. Now it has lots of dimension, looks way more natural and ten times healthier. I can't thank Catherine enough for doing such a great job. If you're interested in having Catherine work wonders on your hair too, you can check out her website for all the details, prices and some amazing before and after images. I have to say that this is a pricey treatment and definitely more expensive that your standard highlights at a hair solon but I truly think it's worth the cost as no hairdresser has been able to do this to my hair before. Plus, with this treatment you only need to get your hair done twice a year, sometimes only once, depending on how well your hair keeps colour. That means a huge saving over time - especially if you're like me and usually get your hair done every 8 weeks to cover unsightly roots! Also, as the salon is in Catherine's home, it has a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Keeping up with the Kardashians was playing on the TV (ideal!) whilst I was there and I was offered drinks and food throughout the whole day. They even made me a lovely lunch which was a very unexpected treat! 

I'm so happy with my new hair and I can't thank Catherine enough for listening to what I wanted and achieving it so easily. I'm also looking forward to getting my hair back in to a good condition now I don't need to keep having it bleached! Bring on healthy long locks!

What do you think of my new hair?

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Review

When the new Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream* (wow, what a mouthful) landed at my door, I was SO excited to try it! I'm a big fan of base products and am constantly on the hunt for 'the one' so I wanted to see how this would compare with other products in my collection. Now as you can probably tell by the name, this isn't a foundation but instead a tinted gel cream so its a lot lighter than a classic foundation and the coverage is lighter than the full coverage liquid foundations I'm used to. Bare Minerals class is as a BB, CC and tinted moisturiser all rolled into one. I initially thought this would be a problem for me as I typically like to use full coverage products to get a flawless finish but this product has proven me wrong.

What I love about this cream is that it gives the skin such a healthy dewy finish. The problem I find with some of my full coverage foundations is that they can leave my skin looking too matte and whilst that's all well and good when I'm going somewhere special or on a night out when I need my makeup to last, it isn't always great for day to day wear when I want something more natural looking. That's where the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue comes in as it has just the right amount of coverage to cover any redness on my skin without looking like I'm wearing any makeup. Instead it gives me a more radiant, even and dewy version of my own skin. I do find it needs a dab of powder on top to stop me looking on the sweaty side of dewy but other than that, a dab of concealer under the eyes is all I need for a quick and fresh base! 

As well as being a great base product, it also doubles up as skincare. It contains marine botanicals to boost hydration, electrolytes to energise the skin and an antioxidant to help protect against environmental stressors. As if that wasn't enough it's been formulated without any nasties and it also contains SPF 30. I can definitely feel this doing my skin some good when I wear it - it feels silky smooth and gives me a boost of hydration as soon as I've applied it. I think its going to be an essential for me on my holiday to Greece at the end of the month as it will let my natural holiday glow shine through as well as protecting my skin from the sun. What a gem!

I believe there's ten shades available so there should be one to suit everyone! I have 'Buttercream' which is fairly yellow toned and it's a great match for my skin. You can buy it here for £26.00!

Does this sound like something you'd like to try?

MAC Twig Lipstick & Spice Lip Liner

As I'm sure you all know by now, I'm a big fan of MAC lip products and every now and then, I find myself giving into the hype after I've seen lots of people talking about certain shades. My two most recent purchases are a lipstick and a lip liner that I didn't really need but obviously had to buy anyway. I picked up a lipstick in the shade 'Twig' after hearing it was a great every day shade and a lip liner in the shade 'Spice' after hearing it was one of Kylie Jenner's fave shades for that famous nineties nude look. 

I've been using them for a couple of weeks now so I thought it was about time to share my thoughts. Firstly, the classic MAC packaging has to be up there with my favourite makeup packaging ever. There's something so sleek about those black lipstick bullets and I love that the lip liner has the colour at the end of the pencil - especially handy if you're a lip product junkie like me and have a pretty big collection to rummage through.

The lipstick is described on the MAC website as a 'Soft muted brownish-pink' and whilst I'd agree, it has more pink tones than brown. It's definitely a muted dusky pink and a 'my lips but better' kind of shade. It's also a Satin finish meaning it's very soft on the lips and has the slightest sheen without being too glossy or too matte. I really like this as I hate anything that feels too dry on my lips! 

The lip liner is one I've been wanting to try for such a long time as I've heard so much about it and seen it look amazing on lots of different people. However, for me personally - I'm not so sure. I feel it's a little too brown for my liking and I find the formula very drying to the point I feel it's tugging at my lips when I apply it. I'm not sure if it's just the one I got as my Soar lip liner from MAC is lovely and creamy. Spice is definitely not one I would wear on its own but with the Twig lipstick over the top, it makes for a nice combo and doesn't feel quite as drying. I do much prefer Soar though as I feel it suits my complexion better.

Overall I'd say I do like these two but they aren't my favourite MAC lip products! The brown tones don't suit my skin tone as well as I'd hoped they would and  I'd say these shades are better suited for Winter makeup looks so perhaps this wasn't the right time of year to buy them!

Do you like the look of these MAC products? What's your favourite lipstick and lip liner?

Simply Beach Wishlist & £100 Voucher Giveaway

Now Summer is fast approaching, the weather is warming up and I go on holiday in just over two weeks time, I'm becoming a bit obsessed with Swimwear and beach accessories. You only need to be following me on Pinterest to know that - I have a whole board dedicated to pretty bikinis and swimsuits and another dedicated to all things Summery. It's safe to say I'm pining for the hot weather, trips to the beach and a nice golden tan!

With this being said, sites like Simply Beach are my go-to shopping destination at the moment. Simply Beach is a brand which focuses on high quality swim / beach wear, beach accessories and underwear from a range of premium brands including Ted Baker, Sea Folly and Calvin Klein. I absolutely love their clean looking website and there's SO many pieces I love on there that would be perfect for my holiday. I've compiled a little wishlist above featuring some of my favourite pieces from their website so you can get an idea of the kind of things they stock.

First up is the swimwear and I'm completely obsessed with this Ted Baker plunge front swimsuit. I absolutely adore the tropical palm tree print and the shape is super flattering. The plunging front is really sexy and womanly but because it's a one-piece, its a bit less revealing and great for those of you who might not feel confident to rock a two piece. However, if bikinis are more up your street, I think this multi-coloured Sea Folly bandeau bikini and matching bikini bottoms are totally stunning. I actually have this on the way to me as I just love it so much and think it will look amazing on my holiday with a tan. I love the cut out detail on the front of the bikini and the colours are so vibrant, fun and summery! 

As well as the swimwear, Simply Beach also offer a lovely range of beach wear that can be popped on over your bikini or swimsuit when you're at the beach! I really like this Seafolly Splendour dress as it's loose fitting and the ombre colour effect and tassles hanging around the hem give it that real boho vibe! This would look great with messy beach hair and some over sized sunnies! Another cover up I really love is this Ted Baker dress. Whilst it's plain and a simple shape, I love the neckline and the sheer mesh fabric and because it's plain black, it will match any beach bag or accessories!

Talking of accessories, there's a few I'm loving on the Simply Beach website. First up is this striped straw clutch bag which has a cute nautical look. I think this would look great for a more dressed up day time occasion as it's big enough for all the essentials without being too big and bulky. Another bag I'm loving is this woven brown beach bag which is big enough to fit everything you could need for the beach, including towels. I really love big beach bags so I can throw everything in there and this one is perfect. I love the natural woven fabric too - very beachy indeed!

Finally, a beach look wouldn't be complete without sandals, a hat and sunglasses! I'm totally in love with these neon yellow sandals - I love the multi straps that go across the foot and that they tie around the ankle. Also, how amazing would these look with a tan? I'm also a big fan of oversized floppy hats and this Gottex hat will look fabulous whilst also protecting my head from the sun! I'm also a big fan of these cat eye tortoise shell sunglasses. I'm not sure I can pull them off but I've seen other people wearing this style and I think they look fab!

Now for the exciting part - Simply Beach are very kindly giving you guys the chance to win a £100 voucher to spend on their website! All you need to do is enter by the Rafflecopter entry below which is super easy to do and there's only one compulsory entry to tell me your favourite item from this post or from their website in the comments below. I'd love to know what you'd buy if you won the voucher! There's also a few other things you can do to up your chances of winning such as following Simply Beach and mysefl on social media. The giveaway is going to be open for 2 weeks and it's international.

Good luck guys!

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Real Techniques Sculpting Set Review

As I'm sure you all probably know by now, I'm a big fan of Real Techniques. I wasn't keen on their Bold Metals collection but when it comes to their original line, I can't get enough. With this being said, when I heard they'd released a new set of brushes called the 'Sculpting Set', I knew they had to be mine.

The set includes three brushes and they all have a pretty Pink metallic finish, just like the Stippling, Blush and Setting brushes from the original line. As the name 'sculpting' states, these brushes have been designed with the intention to help define the face and most of them can be used with contour and highlighting products which is the main way we give our face some definition. The three brushes include the Sculpting brush, the fan brush and the setting brush. 

The Sculpting brush has a wide angled shape and dense bristles. It can be used to contour the cheekbones and create a defined line or it can be used with a liquid foundation to buff the prod it's in to the skin. I haven't used it for the latter yet but I think that's how I'm most likely to use it as I feel it's a little dense and too chunky to create a precise contour. Nonetheless it's s lovely brush and one I'll get a lot of use out of.

The Fan brush is exclusive to this set and although I've never really understood the need for these kinds of brushes in the past, since using this, my opinion has changed completely. I've been using it to lightly dust highlighter over the tops of my cheekbones and because the bristles are light and wispy, it applies just the right amount of product to the skin. It could also be used for sweeping fallen eyeshadow from under the eyes or even for a very light contour as the thin shape allows you to add product with precision to specific areas.

Finally, the Setting brush is one I already own but one I really, really really love. As you would imagine from the name, this brush is amazing at setting products on the skin, especially under eye concealer and highlighter. I like to use it with a MAC brightening powder under my eyes after using my concealer as the small size and shape of the brush allows me to get into all the hard to reach areas. It's also great for any precision work needed around the nose and again, it can also be used to contour with.

Overall I think this is a brilliant little set from Real Techniques as there isn't one brush I won't get a lot of use from. I love how they can all be used for different reasons too so you can really play around and see what works best for you. 

If you love contouring and highlighting your face like I do, these brushes are definitely worth trying out and they're available to buy here for £20.99 which works at just less than £7 per brush!

Do you like the look of these brushes?

Not Your Standard Toothbrush | Nano B

When I was younger, I had terrible teeth. After losing my baby teeth, my adult teeth came through all over the place which resulted in me needing four of my teeth removed and a full fitted brace on both my top and bottom teeth for two and a half years. Yep, full of 'train tracks' as people like to call them. As you can imagine, since having my brace removed and finally having straight teeth that I'm happy with, looking after them is very important to me. With this being said, I was very intrigued when Nano-b contacted me to tell me all about their innovative and antibacterial toothbrushes. I realise a toothbrush isn't the most exciting or glamorous of beauty products but it is something we use every day and its essential to our health that we're using a good one!

Nano-b have shared some pretty shocking facts with me - facts that lead them to years of hard work and research to create their brand. I'm sure you'll all be pretty shocked to know that researchers at the University of Manchester found that the average toothbrush is home to more than ten million bacteria including E.coli, staphylococci and even fecal germs. I know, how gross?! This accumulation of bacteria on our toothbrushes can lead to both disease and infection which is the last thing we want when trying to care for our health by brushing our teeth.

Something else I was shocked to learn is that 95% of all toothbrushes available on the market have bristles that are cut straight during the manufacturing process. This means that the bristles are too sharp and they can actually cut and damage the enamel on our teeth and our gums during the brushing process. This actually made a lot of sense to me as I've used toothbrushes in the past only to be left with sore or bleeding gums are the bristles were so harsh. This is actually really bad as if the bacteria from the toothbrush gets into these small cuts made by the toothbrush, we're once again opening ourselves up to infection. I was recently told by my dentist that the enamel on my two front teeth is worn and it does make me wonder if my old toothbrushes had a part to play in this. Enamel is something that can't rebuild itself after its been worn so it's important to do everything you can to try and protect it. I certainly wish I'd known this sooner as my teeth will likely need some work on them in the future to keep them protected.

So, you're probably wondering how Nano-b can avoid these issues and how they're different to any other toothbrush out there? Well, firstly, the bristles of every Nano-b toothbrush are combined with silver or gold as well as bamboo charcoal nano particles. The reason behind this is because Silver and Gold are known to kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria whilst the natural absorbing properties of the bamboo charcoal nano particles help to effectively clean and whiten the teeth making them all great additions to your toothbrush!

Secondly, to combat the issue of straight harsh bristles, Nano-b have used a special manufacturing process that cuts their bristles in a way that rounds the edges. This means they are much softer than a standard toothbrush and therefore more gentle on the teeth and gums. However, they haven't compromised on the main purpose of a toothbrush which is to clean the teeth efficiently. They've designed their toothbrushes with double layered bristles which means the long thin bristles clean hard to reach areas of the mouth whilst the shorter and more oval bristles gently polish and clean the surface of the teeth.

As if all this wasn't enough, these toothbrushes also look super pretty! Unlike a standard plastic and boring looking item, these toothbrushes have a transparent crystal style design and are available in clear, pink or blue. Nano-b describe the design as 'A kind of jewel of its own, not a jewel you wear, but a jewel that makes you happier and healthier'. How cute?

I have to say I'm super impressed by these toothbrushes. They feel so gentle on my teeth and they look really pretty in my bathroom. They definitely outweigh any other toothbrushes I've ever used and if they're helping my health at the same time then I'm all for it. They're available to buy here and cost £7.99 for one or £13.99 for a pack of two. I think this is so reasonable considering the research,    time and effort that has gone in to designing them and what's even better is that you can get 20% off with my discount code KAY20. Just pop it in at the checkout.

Would you like to try a Nano-b toothbrush?

I worked with Nano-b on this post. However, all thoughts are my own!*

Monthly Favourites | April

Hi guys! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend for the bank holiday - I spent it chilling out with family and eating waayyy too much food! One too many ice creams were consumed! I can't believe its May already - I know everyone says this but it really does feel like this year is just whizzing by. I'm pretty excited about this month as I've got lots of exciting plans and I go on holiday to Mykonos in Greece at the end of the month. I can't contain my excitement to jet away to the sun and a week of complete luxury and relaxation. I've not been using too many new skin or hair care products this past month but I have found myself reaching for some new makeup bits on a daily basis and I've been using some old favourites more regularly too!

A few new products I've been introduced to and have been using all the time include the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel cream*, the Rodial Glamstick* and the Crown Brush Ultra Skinny Eye Marker*. I plan to do full reviews on all of these bits soon but I've been loving the Bare Minerals cream as a light base or worn underneath my foundation as a primer to create a radiant and dewy complexion. I think this is the perfect Spring / Summer base and when I'm on holiday I image it's all I'll use. I love that it has skincare benefits too! I've also been obsessed with the new Ultra Skinny Eye Marker from Crown Brush as it's so easy to use. I always wear winged liquid liner on my upper lash line so I need a product that allows me to create a neat winged effect without too much effort. This product does the job perfectly and creates perfect flicks every time thanks to the felt tip style applicator! I also love that its super pigmented.

The Rodial 'Just Daisy' Glamstick has been favourite every day lip product at the moment and if you love that Kylie Jenner nineties nude look, this is definitely one to look at. It's a lovely pinky brown 'my lips but better' kind of shade and I love how moisturising and glossy it is too. It contains Hyaluronic Acid Spheres meaning it provides the lips with instant hydration and a plumping effect whilst Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter soften and nourish the lips. Its almost like a lipstick but with all the benefits of a great lip butter which is why I love it so much! Even if my lips are dry, this products makes them look great!

I've also been reaching for a few of my old favourites this month - the Urban Decay NAKED 2 Basics palette*, the Soap & Glory Solar Powder and my Tanya Burr lip gloss in the shade 'Picnic in the Park'. I've been using the Urban Decay palette a lot as I like to use the shade 'Primal' (second from the right) on my brows and its also a great little palette to create a neutral every day eye look with. I like to use one of the lighter shades all over my lid with one of the darker shades blended into my crease.

The Soap & Glory powder has been a bit of a rediscovery for me this month. I really loved it when I first bought it for adding a bit of a bronzed glow to my skin but after using it for a while, it goes put in my drawer and forgotten out. I like to make sure I'm getting use from all of the products I own (even though it's near impossible) so I switched my makeup bag up a little recently and brought this powder back out. I really like that its got two side - a slightly darker matte brown and a slightly shimmery light brown shade. They look lovely mixed together to create a sun kissed glow and the darker shade woks well as a contour too as it isn't orange in the slightest. I wouldn't say the pigmentation is amazing but sometimes I don't want anything too strong so this is perfect as you can't really go overboard with it. It's definitely worth checking out if you're a pale skinned gal like me!

I've also been using Tanya's lip gloss in 'Picnic in the Park' a lot this past month over lipstick or on its own. It's a beautiful vibrant bubblegum pink shade and although I don't typically go for those kind of colours, this one instantly brightens up my face and gives my makeup a fresh Spring look. I also love how easy these lip glosses are to wear - they aren't sticky in the slightest, they look super glossy on the lips and the pigmentation is amazing. I've actually just bought 'Chic' so I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on with that as I know its a lot of people's favourites.

Finally, I've been absolutely loving my adorable My Little Chloe perfume* in the scent Roses de Chloe. I'd never smelt this particular Chloe perfume until receiving the mini version but I've completely fallen in love with it and much prefer it to the original Chloe scent. I'm awful when it comes to describing scents but it's fresh, feminine and perfect for this time of year. I can't recommend it enough!

Have you tried any of these products? What have you been loving lately?

Spa Day With Mum at North Lakes Spa

Last week my mum and I headed to North Lakes Spa and Hotel which is part of the Shire Hotels group for a day of total relaxation and pampering. My mum had never been to a spa before so I was very excited to share the experience with her as I knew she was going to love it! The spa we visited was in Penrith which is about an hours drive from my home town in the Lake District so it was really convenient for us to get there. I travelled home from Manchester the night before and mum drove us to the spa the following morning. It only took us about an hour to drive and we enjoyed the journey having a catch up and listening to some of our favourite songs at full volume! We were told we could arrive any time after 9am and that our treatments would begin at 2:30pm so we decided we'd get there between 10 and 11 giving us a couple of hours to chill out and use the spa facilities before we had lunch and our treatments.

When we arrived we parked up in the car park and made our way into the spa. As soon as we saw the building we thought it looked quaint and welcoming so we couldn't wait to see what was inside. We walked into the most gorgeous reception area with comfy sofas and an open log fire and were shown to the spa reception area where we were then checked in and shown around by one of the lovely staff members. Mum and I were pretty blown away by the facilities they have - it has everything you could want including a huge pool, a spa jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. On top of this there was huge changing rooms that were comfortable and clean, a gym (which we didn't go near), a private and comfortable dining area to eat lunch and a chill out area that we could use to relax when we weren't using the spa. Mum and I looked around oohing and ahhing at how lovely everything was before we finally got changed and headed to the jacuzzi!

We spent the first 30 minutes of our day chilling in the most gorgeous jacuzzi and then moved into the pool to have a little swim! We attempted the steam room and sauna too but realised they weren't really for us (we couldn't handle the heat) so back to the jacuzzi we headed - that was definitely our favourite part of the spa although we were so impressed by how blue to pool was - as you can see from the photos, it was beautiful! After a bit more chilling and chatting, we headed back to our private changing room to pop on our complimentary robes and slippers before lunch. We then headed down to the dining area which again was so comfortable and welcoming - they had the most beautiful wooden mirrors hanging from the walls - I need one of those for my future home! We were given a lunch menu and consultation form when we first arrived and I loved how there was a few options for lunch, all of them being very healthy! I opted for the asparagus and prosciutto whilst mum has the salmon and new potatoes. They were both served with a lovely salad and we also got a berry smoothie each and a dessert. I went for the yoghurt, berries and granola and mum went for the slightly naughtier creme brulee! We also had unlimited tea, coffee and still or sparkling water to enjoy so we were well looked after and had everything we could have wanted.

After lunch we headed back to the jacuzzi (can you tell we loved it in there) and chilled for 30 minutes before our treatments began. We then headed to our changing room to get ourselves ready for the two treatments included in our Taste of Relaxation package. There was various treatments available including body polishes, body scrubs and manicures but mum and I both chose the ESPA taster facial and the back, neck and shoulder massage as we thought they'd be the most relaxing. I've had facials and massages in the past but because it was mum's first time, she did feel a little apprehensive as she didn't know what to expect. I assured her she'd love it and were then shown to separate treatment rooms by the two ladies who would be doing our treatments. The atmosphere in the treatments room was relaxed with soothing music playing and an aromatherapy scent filling the room.

I was really impressed by how thorough my therapist was - she asked me questions about my skint type and what I currently use and also talked me through everything both treatments were going to involve so I knew exactly what to expect. She also dabbed different oils and lotions onto my hands so I could choose my favourite scent. The products she used for the treatments were from ESPA and I've heard really great things about the brand and know that they're very luxurious products. She also asked how firm I wanted the massage and if there was any areas I wanted her to work on. I loved that she asked this as I've had massages in the past where they haven't been firm enough for my personal preference. I told her I suffer with lower back pain on my left side and that my shoulders get very tense so she said she'd concentrate on those areas.

After we'd been through everything, she left me to get myself undressed and lay on the bed ready for the massage to begin. The massage itself was lovely - she was really firm in the areas I've asked her to be and the oils she used were very relaxing. When she'd finished the massage, she began with the facial and informed me that this would also include a scalp massage. I was super excited about this as I love when hairdressers do head massages - its so relaxing! The facial itself was amazing - my skin was thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated and she then added a face mask and left this to work its magic whilst giving me the most amazing scalp massage with a deep conditioner. She then removed the face mask and applied toner, eye cream, a face oil and a moisturiser. Its safe to say she gave my skin a right good pampering!

When the treatments were over (around 1 hour in total) she left me to get dressed and then came back in the treatment room to give me some aftercare advice. I've never experienced this at a massage / facial before - they typically do the treatment, leave you to get dressed and that's that. However, she told me that she noticed the left hand side of my back was extremely tight and that would be the reason I'm suffering with lower back pain. She advised me to go and see a physio and to also get regular massage to help it. This was really great to hear as I've been suffering with back pain for years now and for her to notice that my muscles are tight was almost a relief as I've always wondered what's been causing it. She also told me my skin type was combination (like I'd thought) and that my skin was lovely and soft but I was dehydrated around my eyes. She recommended I start using an eye cream morning and night and told me how to apply it. She said I should apply it just above my cheekbone and around in a circle above my brow bone instead of applying it directly under my eye. I didn't know this was the correct way to do it so this was a really useful tip. She also told me that using an eye cream would help with the darkness under my eyes so I'm definitely going to take her advice and start using one.

I then left the treatment room and went to meet mum in the chill out area. We discussed how our treatments went and enjoyed some of the yummy complimentary nibbles and a cup of tea. Mum said she LOVED her treatments and couldn't believe she'd never experienced it before. She said she was so relaxed she almost fell asleep! After chilling for a while we decided to get a shower as our hair was covered in conditioner from the scalp massage and we then got dressed and headed home.

All in all we had the most fantastic day! The spa had everything we wanted and more and we felt like pampered princesses for the whole day. We'd 100% return for another spa day at North Lakes Spa and I'd recommend it to everyone wanting a day of relaxation. It would be the perfect place to visit for a special occassion. If Penrith isn't near you, there's other spas within the Shire Hotels group and you can find where they're located here as there's plenty of other locations.

Have you ever been for a spa day? Do you like the look of this one?
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