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Hi everyone! My names Eliza. I'm 18 and I have a beauty and lifestyle blog. I decided to start my blog just over a year ago to share my thoughts on the latest beauty products and share makeup tutorials. I have since then expanded into lifestyle posts as well as the odd DIY post. I am soon to be expanding my content to include food and fashion posts too although I currently post outfit posts on my Instagram regularly. 

Don't be shy to come and say hi! I always love hearing from others online wether it be bloggers themselves or readers.

Hi everyone! My name is Kari, the writer and owner of TheBeautyHoarder beauty blog. This is a creative space where I discuss my thoughts on the latest beauty products and trends, providing reviews, hauls, makeup tutorials, tips, and also a bit of fashion, health, and lifestyle. I do discussion post, allowing us to get us to know each other better as fellow beauty lovers. I hope to see you there!

Hello my lovelies, my name is Anne-Marie and i'm a early twenty something law grad. and actress. I started the the Twenty Sumtin' Sumtin as an outlet to talk about my other passion - Fashion & Beauty. I'm a sucker for all things make up and fashion related and working for an online Fashion brand made me even more determined to start the Twenty Something.

On my blog I talk about all things beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle related. From finding the perfect Foundation to fab OOTD's and Healthy Recipes, you'll find everything on my blog. 

The Twenty Sumtin' is a place for everyone and I'd love for you to stop by :) x 

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The Twenty Sumtin' is a place for everyone and I'd love for you to stop by :) x

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You may have heard of Rule1 before! We are a clothing boutique that sells gorgeous items & are LOVED by celebrities & bloggers! With small beginnings just over 2 years ago, Rule1 has grown and widened our range to include footwear, bags, jackets and items that are 'every day glam'. Everything we hand pick has that 'something' about it - easy to wear but eye-catching, like our over the knee boots & pencil dresses spotted on ITV2!

If you've visited our website before, then thank you so much for stopping by, & if you're a Rule1 virgin then take a look I'm certain you'll find something you NEED!

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Rule1 xo

I hope you like these sites guys!

My Favourite Instagram Photo Editing Apps & How I Use Them

Hey everyone! So, I haven't gone over a week without blogging for as long as I can remember and whilst I know you guys don't mind, I still feel bad about it. I love updating my blog and I don't want you to think I'm neglecting it. The reason things have been a bit quiet around these parts is because I've just moved flat and my life has been nothing short of hectic. Not to mention having no internet in the new place for a few days. A bloggers nightmare, I know! Anyway, I'm back now and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things ...

If you follow me over on my Instagram account (follow me here if you don't already!), then I'm sure you all know I'm a bit obsessed with it and update it daily. I've always been a very creative person and I love photography so Instagram is the perfect app for me as it allows me to share my passions (beauty, fashion, food and interior design usually) in a creative way. I love styling beauty products in a pretty flat lay, sharing snaps of my latest recipe or taking a quick outfit selfie to share my new favourite piece of clothing. Pair this with the occasional sneak peek inside my flat and trips away and that pretty much sums my Instagram account up. 

I often get asked on my Instagram photos themselves or in emails how I edit my photos and the apps I use so I thought it would be useful to put a post together with all the info. I'm not saying my account looks amazing or anything and it might not be to your particular taste but I'm often changing up how I edit my photos and as I like to get creative and play around, I have tried a good share of photo editing apps. I personally prefer following accounts that have a consistent 'theme' or look to them and that's where the apps I'm going to talk about come in handy. I thought it would be easiest to list them below with a little brief overview of each one and how I use it. All of them can be downloaded in the app store for free of a small cost! :)

This has to be one of my favourite apps as it's the one I use for filters. As well as being able to edit the standard things like brightness, contrast and shadows - VSCO cam also has a huge range of filters to choose from (some free and some you need to buy) so it's really easy to find a style you like. I tend to use either A5 or S2 at the moment as I feel the both make my images really bright and white. I don't like yellow toned images so that's why these filters are my preference!

Another favourite app and one I use a LOT alongside VSCO cam is Afterlight. This app again can be used to edit standard things such as brightness and cropping as well as adding filters. I do like some of the filters on Afterlight (Magnolia is a nice one) but the main reason I've been using it lately is to add borders to my images. I really like the effect of a slightly larger white border on Instagram and this app makes it so easy to do!

This app was originally known as 'Mirrorgram' and it's the one I use when I want to 'mirror' my images. For example - if I've taken an outfit photo - sometimes it's nice to flip that image and make it into a more square shape. This might not be to everyones taste but it's something I like to do from time to time. Here's some examples:

Pimple Eraser
So this sounds a bit suspicious but I don't use it for its intended purpose which is to remove spots! The reason I downloaded this app is because I took a picture of a product and there was a black splodge on my dressing table that ruined the overall look of the image. I decided this app might help to remove the 'blemish' from the image and it worked a treat. I now use this if anything unexpected crops up in my photos that I want to remove. Of course it can be used for editing skin imperfections too if you feel it's necessary but I say it's best to go au natural ladies!

I don't use this app a great deal anymore but it's one I used to use all the time so I thought I'd include it anyway. This one can be used to add cute light effects to your images like the ones on the examples below. There's some nice filters on there too!

Frametastic / Frames
As well as mirroring images, it's sometimes nice to create a collage to show off different details of an outfit or beauty product. These two apps are the ones I use as they allow you to create a whole range of different collages so the possibilities are endless depending on the look you're going for! Again, here's some examples of this app in use:

This app is really handy for making images that aren't square fit into a square shape. For example, if you had a full length outfit image that wasn't square, this app would make it square by compressing it and adding white borders to the top and bottom (for landscape images) or at either side for portrait images. I don't tend to use this that much as I like all of my images to have the same size border around them but if you aren't as fussy as me, it might be a good one to try!

A Beautiful Mess
Again, this is one I don't use all that much anymore but it can be used to add a cute font, sayings or doodles to your images. This is quite handy if you're announcing some big news, a blog milestone or a giveaway!

You may have noticed a new trend on Instagram recently where lots of blogger are adding blurred borders to the sides of their images and I spent ages trying to work out how to do this until my friend Anne-Marie came to the rescue and told me about Instazz. It's pretty self explanitary once it's been downloaded - simply upload an image and if it isn't a square, it will allow you to make the image look wider by blurring the borders.

As well as these apps, I also like to use Instagram's built in editing tools such as brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights. I usually always have a play around with those before I upload to make sure everything looks just right! I'm such a massive perfectionist!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully it's introduced you to some apps you didn't know about previously or it has answered your questions about how I edit my images. At the moment I tend to use VSCO cam and Afterlight the most but as I said earlier, I'm always changing my mind so I like to have lots of options, just in case!

What's your favourite app for Instagram editing?!!

Charlotte Tilbury Penelope Pink Lipstick and Pillow Talk Lip Liner

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand I've heard SO much about but one I hadn't tried for myself until very recently. As much as the products look beautiful, I think it was a combination of the price tag and the fact I already own so many beauty products stopping me from making the splurge and buying some of her products. If you don't know who Charlotte Tilbury is, she's a famous makeup artist who makes up the likes of Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian. She also has an amazing Youtube channel where she shares all of her top beauty tips! I think this is why her beauty range which she released back in 2013 has become such a huge success and loved by the beauty industry and us beauty bloggers.

I was very kindly sent some of her products to try out recently and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try them out, share my thoughts with you guys and let you know if I'd splurge on buying them for myself. Well, after trying them out for a couple of weeks now, I can officially say I love them and can now see what all the hype is about. Oh and yes, I would buy them with my own money. Infact, I now have a wish list as long as my arm - I need that sculpt and glow palette in my life!

First things first, I've got to talk about the packaging. I mean, it's rose gold. Anything rose gold has me sold instantly and these products are no exception - they're SO beautiful. They also feel so luxurious and I really think you get what you pay for when it comes to the packaging as nothing on the high street even compares to it. However, it's not just the exterior I love as the products themselves are amazing too. I have the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in the shade 'Penelope Pink' which is a beautiful pinky nude and 'Pillow Talk' Lip Cheat lip liner which is one of Charlotte's most loved products. Again, it's a gorgeous pinky nude shade. I'm not usually keen on nude lips as I feel they can wash me out but due to the pink tone, these two work together perfectly to create the perfect 'my lips but better' every day lip.

The quality of the products is of a really high standard too. The lipstick is pigmented yet glossy and really long lasting. The lip liner is probably my favourite of the two as it's super creamy and long lasting and it can be worn on its own or paired with a lipstick. I find it really plumps up my lips too and gives them some more definition - very Kylie Jenner!

Overall I haven't got a bad word to say about these products and I'll 100% be adding more of them to my collection, despite the price tag. The lipstick costs £23.00 and is available to buy here and the lip liner is available here for £16.00 which isn't too bad as it's something that will last a long time. Definitely worth buying if you fancy treating yourself!

Do you like the look of these products? Is there any other Charlotte Tilbury products you'd recommend?

Home Decor Inspo with Homify

For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with home decor and interior design. I actually dreamed of being an interior designer when I was younger as TV shows like 'Changing Rooms' were always my favourite. My career might not have planned out as I expected but my love for home decor and interior design remains! All you need to do is take one look at my Pinterest boards to see that home decor board is up there as one of the ones with the most pins. I just can't get enough of looking at pretty homes and it really inspires me to work hard so I can own my own swoon worthy home in the future. 

At the moment I live in a flat which means I do need to improvise slightly. I can't go knocking walls down or stick anything on the walls as the landlord just won't allow it. However, I'm completely obsessed with accessories as they can totally transform a room, much like fashion accessories can transform a look. I'm actually moving flats soon (home decor blog posts will be coming very soon) and I'm so excited to buy lots of new bits for the new place and looking at pretty pictures online is definitely giving me a lot of inspo. 

A website I was recently introduced to called Homify is an amazing source of home decor inspiration and I've thoroughly enjoyed flicking through all of the amazing images on the site to get some ideas for my new place. You can select specific rooms and styles which is really cool as it then gives you thousands of images and a lot of inspiration. I'm particularly interested in living room inspiration at the moment as the living room in my new place is super cool and its the one room I'm most looking forward to getting creative with. All of the images in this post have been taken from Homify and as you can see, I've definitely got a style when it comes to home decor.

I absolutely love grey and neutral tones in living rooms as you can see and I also love a mix of modern and old - my dream house is one with exposed beams and brick walls but really modern fixtures and comfortable furnishings with lots of cushions and throws to add texture. As I said earlier, I'm also big on accessories so flowers, candles and lights are a must have. If my home could look half as good as these images, I'd be more than happy. That's goals right there.

Make sure you check out the Homify website for all of your home decor inspiration and let me know what you think. I know where I'll be heading for ideas from now on. I hope you guys love it too!

*Sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Holiday to Mykonos; Myconian Villa Collection, Mykonos Town & Elia Beach

So if you follow me over on Instagram (@kayleighjcouture), I'm sure you'll know that I recently went on holiday to Mykonos in Greece. I got SO many questions on my photos about the place we stayed  at so I thought it would make sense to pop it all in a blog post with some photos of my trip. I'm actually so excited to share it with you as I can confidently say that it's my favourite holiday to date. Everything about it was perfect from start to finish. Here's the low down ...

So, first things first, why Mykonos? Well, I'm not going to lie - it was the lovely Zoe from Zoella who initially sparked my interest in the place. I remember reading her blog post about her visit and she completely sold it to me. Her photos were stunning and all of the cute white streets and picturesque views looked like a bloggers dream. I instantly knew it was somewhere I had to visit. I then did a LOT of research on the island itself and the various accommodation on offer. I always check Trip Advisor reviews before going away anywhere as it gives you a great insight into a place so you know exactly what to expect before booking.

We ended up booking 'Myconian Villa Collection' which is a five star accommodation and ranks really highly on Trip Advisor with 5 out of 5 reviews. We were completely sold on it after reading all of the rave reviews and seeing other holiday goers beautiful images. It almost looked too good to be true. We wanted a week of pure luxury so we decided to book a room with a jacuzzi on the balcony which is something I've never had on a holiday before so I was very excited! The Villas are part of a group of hotels (all of which are beautiful) which are all situated in Elia, around 20 minutes from Mykonos Town. At first I was a little concerned this would be too far out but when I read reviews saying the accommodation offered free buses to and from the town centre every night, it quashed any of my initial concerns.

We booked the accommodation through a travel boutique called Boutixury and I'd highly recommend them. The service they provided was excellent and they were more than happy to help with any questions we had. We also managed to book for such a good price. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't cheap, but compared to other offers advertised online, we got a great discount. As we went at the end of May/beginning of June, that also made the price a bit cheaper. Had we gone in July or August, the price would have been almost double and well out of our price range so just bare that in mind if you're interested in booking.

When we arrived at the airport, the hotel had arranged a transfer for us and there was someone waiting for us at arrivals which was lovely. There was no problems at all and we were on our way to the villas within minutes of collecting our luggage. When we arrived the villa staff came out to meet us and our bags were taken up to our room. We were given a refreshing cold drink and face cloth to enjoy and then given all the details we needed for our stay. I was blown away by the reception area - it was modern and bright white with amazing artwork on the walls. We were then shown to our room and once again, it didn't disappoint.


As you can see from the photos, the room was stunning - it was bright and white with modern features, much like the reception area. The headboard was filled with white stones behind a metal 'cage' which was a super cool feature and the room was very open plan with the bathroom only being separated by a curtain. We also had two balconies, one of them being very spacious with a table and chairs, the huge jacuzzi and an extremely comfortable sun lounger. The views from the balcony were incredible and it was such a sun trap up there, I loved it!

As for the rest of the hotel/villas - where do I even begin. I've tried to include as many photos as I can to show you all how beautiful it was but I don't think they do it justice. My favourite part of the whole place has to be the pool area - when I first saw it I was completely blown away. There was a huge infinity pool looking out to the gorgeous Elia beach and two smaller jacuzzi pools as well as the comfiest sun loungers, bean bag style double beds (this was such a novelty, I love them!) and amazing sheltered four poster beds if you wanted to get some shade. There was also a poolside bar and restaurant area as well as a DJ playing great music all day and night. It was just perfect and we spent many days feeling completely relaxed on the sun loungers looking out at the beautiful views.

The staff at the villas really made our holiday too as they just couldn't do enough for us. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty. They waited on us hand and foot by the pool and would often come over to take food and drink orders - we didn't need to lift a finger all day. The food and drink menus were amazing too and we indulged in some yummy cocktails and poolside lunches. My favourite was the Elderflower and Prosecco cocktail called 'Hugo Fritz' whilst Matt enjoyed an array of Greek beers! I also ate the most amazing foods - I'm missing it already. We were also given complementary smoothies / ice lollies by the pool and each day they'd come round with cold face cloths soaked in lavender which were so refreshing and relaxing after hours in the sun. The girls from the spa would also come round during the day and offer face spritz, tanning oil or SPF from some amazing brands like Elemis. Talking of the spa, it was a little cloudy on one of the days we were there so we decided to book a Thalasso spa therapy as well as a neck, back and shoulder massage in the spa. Again, the staff were amazing and we felt so relaxed! I want to do it all over again. We were also given a fair share of drinks 'on the house' for no reason at all throughout our stay. They just went above and beyond all of our expectations.

The breakfast staff in the hotel really made our stay special too. I wish we'd got their names but there was a few guys at the breakfast service who were so friendly and really made us laugh. The breakfast was amazing - there was a mixture of both hot and cold choices as well as fruit, breads and cold meats. However, what really made breakfast special for us was when they brought us crepes with Nutella and strawberries. Oh my gosh, they were so good. They would bring them over to us every morning without us even needing to ask and if we wanted anything else (omelettes etc), they would make it for us with no hesitation. Perfection!

So, now you've had a fairly lengthy (sorry guys!) overview of where we stayed, let me tell you about Mykonos itself. As I said, we stayed at Elia which is a little bit out from Mykonos town but an equally beautiful location. The beach there was beautiful and our accommodation had a private part of the beach for us to enjoy with extra comfy sun loungers. The waters were super blue and the sand bright and white - it was like something you see on postcards. They also had a great beach bar for food and drinks which is always handy. We only spent one day at the beach as it was hard to drag ourselves always from the beautiful pool area but it was fun splashing around in the sea and next time we go, we want to get involved in all the water sports they have to offer too!

As it was a relaxing holiday, other than sunbathing, eating and drinking, we didn't do much else during the day which we thoroughly enjoyed. Had we been there longer we'd have done more day trips etc but this time, we just wanted to totally chill. You just can't beat that feeling of having nothing to do but relax in luxurious surroundings all day. However, in the evenings, we went out each night to explore and eat at some delicious restaurants. We split our evenings between Elia and Mykonos Town as the hotel we stayed at as well as the other hotels in the group, all had restaurants we could use and our hotel arranged a driver to take us to them in the evenings if we wished. We really enjoyed this as it meant we didn't need to get the bus into the town every night if we didn't want to and the restaurants nearby were all of a high standard.

However, I have to say, Mykonos Town was my favourite place to visit in the evenings as it has an amazing atmosphere and is full of so many quaint bars and restaurants. There was so many that we probably didn't even see half of them during our visit which is a great excuse to go back. Our bus dropped us off at the port which is just a short walk from the main hustle and bustle of the town. There were the most amazing yachts I've ever seen parked up at the post and everyone was taking pictures of them along with the beautiful sunset. 

The pretty white cobbled streets in the town centre are like a maze and we did get lost a few times whilst looking for restaurant recommendations our hotel kindly gave us. However, we didn't mind as it's such a beautiful place and we loved exploring the winding streets as there was places to eat and drink hidden away around every corner. We ate some delicious meals throughout our stay and I'd have loved time to try more of the restaurants out! We also enjoyed watching the sunset at 'Little Venice' and getting ice cream from 'Gerlatos' which is famed for its amazing flavoured ice creams - hello Foreo Rocher and Oreo ice cream!

On our final day the hotel brought us champagne with our breakfast and gave us the most lovely farewell. I was so sad to be leaving I almost shed a tear. I could go on and on about how amazing Mykonos and the Myconian Villa Collection is but I think I'll stop here as this post has gone on for long enough. However, what I will say is that I cannot recommend visiting Mykonos and the Myconian Villa Collection enough. I enjoyed every minute of it and felt like royalty from the moment I arrived. If you want to escape to pure luxury, comfort and relaxation, this is the place to go! It was amazing and it's going to take a lot for anywhere else to beat it! It's somewhere that will now always be a special place for me and my boyfriend and we can't wait to go back.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys! I do apologise that the photos aren't the best quality - they were taken on my iPhone 6. I find my DSLR too big and bulky to take travelling but I'm getting a compact camera for my birthday next month and I cannot wait. Any of my future travel photos will be of a much higher quality!

Have you ever been to Mykonos? Is it somewhere you'd like to visit?
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