Things to Know About Being A Blogger

You might be interested in starting a blog or you may be a blogger already but I thought it'd be fun to share a few things about being a blogger as the longer I do it, the more I notice the funny things I do or the misconceptions bloggers face. I hope you enjoy and do let me know if I've missed anything ...

- It will take a lot of your free time, hard work and dedication.
- It's a 24/7 thing - bloggers don't get the weekends off.
- You might get criticised - don't let it get you down, you can't please everyone. 
- You'll never go into a shop and come out with a clean hand/arm again - swatches are a must.
- Everywhere you go, you'll be looking for photo opportunities. In a restaurant - make sure you snap that food before you tuck in!
- Words like haul, pigmented and swatch will become part of your daily vocabulary.
- Your room will look like a beauty store - be prepared to buy extra storage.
- Things like camera lenses, tripods or lighting will be on your Christmas / birthday lists, despite everyone else thinking they're as dull as dishwater.
- Your phone will be glued to your hand and your family/friends/boyfriend will wonder why you're on it so much.
- You'll realise just how precious natural daylight is.
- Weekends aren't time for lazing around anymore. Its the perfect time to get your blog on - photography sessions usually take place on the weekends too.
- People will ask a lot of questions about what a blog is and you'll get bored of repeating yourself.
- Your postman will think you're a crazy shopping addict due to all the packages you receive.
- Oh and those 'sorry we missed you' post office slips will become the bain of your life.
- If you're moving flat / house, a room with 'good natural lighting' or enough space for your beauty stash/overflowing wardrobe becomes a top selling point.
- You'll start to call people you speak to online 'friends' despite never meeting them in real life.
- You'll have a mini celebration every time you reach a new milestone on bloglovin. Heck, you might even get the champagne out.
- You'll find it hard to switch off, even when you're on holiday.
- When meeting someone new, you'll have to explain blogging / being a blogger as they probably won't get it.
- You'll never have any memory on your phone thanks to all those attempts to take the perfect Instagram shot.
- Muji acrylic storage is likely to be purchased multiple times.
- Oh and don't forget the classic Ikea furniture - Malm for the win.
- You will buy things for the sole purpose of blogging - flowers / candles / flooring an d wallpaper samples all become essential 'blogging props'.
- You may even buy a new mirror just for those outfit selfies (guilty!).
- You will rope any of your nearest and dearest into taking outfit photos and will get funny looks when posing in the middle of the street.
- Eventually you'll stop caring though 
- You'll use the old "I can feature it on the blog" excuse for all unnecessary purchases.
- You prefer to go to bars / restaurants and hotels that are 'instagrammable'.
- Yes, 'Instagrammable' will become a word you most likely say on a daily basis.
- Most importantly, you'll meet lots of like-minded people with similar interests.
- You might even make some of your best friends for life!!
- Oh and not to forget something that you've created, worked hard on and are extremely proud of.


Can you think of any other funny things us bloggers do?!


  1. Love this 'instagramable' just makes me think of Saturday night!! Haha Lauren xx

  2. Ahhh all of this is true, especially consently repeating what blogging is! Love this post!
    Laura x

  3. Absolutely love this! All so true my post lady things I'm crazy & also the stares you get in public hahaha! Great post Kayleigh! X

  4. I can relate to literally every single one of these and I've only been blogging for like 7 months haha!

    Just Little Things xo

  5. Love every single one of these, I am forever thinking about photo opportunities, props and natural lighting for my blog haha. Such a fun post, love it xx

  6. Brilliant.. I am looking forward to using the excuses and 'Instagrammable' my new word of the day lol!!

  7. This is all so relatable it is unbelievable haha xx Zara

    || ||

  8. Loved this post, funny and inspired me to work harder on my blog!

  9. I love this post! I agree with everything you've said haha! Especially the 'sorry we missed you' PLEASE GOD NO.


  10. The one about taking pictures everytime you have an opportunity is so true! I cannot recall how many times my cousin had to do a little "photoshoot" of me in a outfit or when I go in a restaurant, I have to take a million photos of the food before anyone can start eating. Oops! Also, when it's 2pm and you know it's time for a blogger chat, there's a lot of chance I will be on my phone!

    Xo, Sitara | Desiphora

  11. This is so true! I recently just came back to blogging after a long break away from it, and I already sort of giving up on my sleep (almost) hahaha.

    Boonya of the arty wardrobe

  12. Omg the sorry we missed you slips are the actual worst!! I'm always out when the mailman comes XD This post was hilarious, so accurate! xx

  13. Absolutely love this post, such a good fun idea :) made me giggle too! :)

    Elle du Jour xx


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  15. I can relate to so much of this!

  16. I always say 'Instagrammable' my mom looks at me like I'm insane! When we go to a cute cafe it's "So instagrammable"! I also really agree with the swatches one, I can't resist turning my arm/wrist into a canvas for lipstick!

  17. All of this is true abd don't forget Pinterestworthy! Have to say I think your blog is so beautifully presented!

  18. Every point just hits the nail on the head, everything is so true!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  19. Such a funny and original post, I loved reading it! :) xo

    Klaudia //

  20. I've noticed so many of these things! Instagrammable has definitely become part of my vocabulary x
    Eleanor Frances // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  21. This just made me think of Saturday night, like I said on Twitter, we'll also be doing this when we're on holiday - is it instagramable!?

    Love you x

    Lauren xx bylaurenjane

  22. I don't really think people understand just how much time it takes to run a blog. People often forget about the behind the scenes work such as taking the photographs etc x Great post doll x

    Caitriona | Blog

  23. Haha these are so true! Glad I'm not alone, fab post :)

  24. Everyone one of those are so bliming true!! x

  25. "I can feature it on the blog" OR "I can use it in the background of my pictures" are regularly used when making purchases haha. This post is spot on! xx

  26. If somewhere isn't instagrammable I don't want to know! 😂 I can feature it on the blog is a phrase I use all the time, haha

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  27. Hahaha all I want for Christmas & other holidays are camera equipment! That's so great x

  28. I love this post! I've been on and off blogging for a few years now and your reasons are why I've fallen back in love with it so much! x

    Gabbi | Bloglovin |

  29. Love that word 'Instagrammable' and it's true, my birthday and Christmas list is mainly based on cameras, lenses etc.

    Lee |

  30. I love this! My blog has definitely made me realise just how precious natural light is, it's so annoying when you come up with a blog post idea but it's dark!#
    -Oh, and you'll start to wake up in the night with blog post ideas on a regular basis.

  31. Will probably get a horrible headache tomorrow from nodding so much XD have to agree on nearly all of them!

  32. This is so true! My phone is stuck to my hand everyday!!!!! My family think I am mad :)

  33. aww love it haha

  34. Totally agree with this post! Especially the point about not having the weekends off! Blogging is definitely 24/7, whether it's a hobby or a job.

  35. YEESSSS to all of these!!! I'm actually look right now into investing in a new full length mirror for outfit photos!! Kisses,

  36. Love this post, my mail man knows me for sure lol :)

  37. Those 'Sorry we missed you' cards are the bain of my life haha! Agree with this so much! Really is so time consuming. My boyfriend always says I've sat around and done nothing all day, doesn't realise the effort x

  38. Definitely relate to a lot of these. Great idea for a post!

    Emma at

  39. The more I blog, the more relevant all of these become. Love it!

  40. wow i am guilty of many of those things already and I just started getting into blogging! lol

    Great post Kayleigh! So very true...sad but true! :P


  41. Even though I do a pretty basic everyday/ramblings/some lifestyle blogging, I think a lot of this still seriously applies. Most of it just applies to me anyway because I've been in and out of love with photography for years, so even if the only lens on me at the time is my iPhone's, you bet I've got an angle and perspective to capture. And it'll probably show up on my blog later, too. ;)

  42. This is so accurate! Nailed it! Love it!
    Ivy xo

  43. Really great post and funny as well;-).Absolutely so true.

  44. I got macaroons today solely for my instagram feed. Happy blogging!

  45. This is so relatable! Absolutely brilliant!

  46. Haha they're so true!!
    I'm always looking for new blogging friends, they have similar interested and understand all things to do with blogging!

    Jo xx

  47. Ha ha. This is a brilliant post. I totally relate to most of these. x

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

  48. Haha! This is fab and on point!

    Emily x

  49. I can completely relate to most of theses! Also, you will forget to charge your camera, especially on days when you need it the most! hehe <3

  50. Haha everything is so true! That's what I like about reading other blogs, founding dozen of other girls sharing the same thoughts!

  51. This is a great post. I am doing a lot of these things at the moment...would love it to turn into an actual job though, i treat it as one anyway, would just be goof to ONLY focus on this :-)

  52. Love this post! Totally agree with everything. Blogging has definitely been used to excuse many a purchase in the past! Xx Sophie /

  53. Hahaha I totally agree with these! Especially buying things for the sole purpose of 'blogging props'. I need to get a draw for these things haha xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  54. Great post! You actually got me to smile. I agree with most things, but I (sadly) did not get to experience some of them. I suck at taking photos :( Need to work on that.

    Good luck in your blogging career!

    S @

  55. This is so true. I love the whole list but the whole natural light, unwanted questions and looking for somewhere to live that accommodates the blogger life are all just too true hehe! Gx

  56. I love this post! Blogging has become a huge part of my life ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  57. This is great! Love how honest it is, and so true - 'instagrammable' has become part of my everyday vocabulary! Another thing I would add to the list is always having a notebook and pen for jotting down post ideas that come to me at random times! And yes, said notebooks are instagrammable ;)
    Kirsty x

  58. This is all so true!



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