Zombie Cheerleader Halloween Makeup | Step by Step

So tomorrow is Halloween and that means scary nights in watching horror movies or parties where you get dressed up in your best spooky outfits! I'm going to be having a night in with friends tonight watching scary movies and eating Halloween treats but I do love a bit of fancy dress and loved dressing up as a skeleton to the Gleam As Darkness Falls party last week. This got me thinking about what else I could dress up as this Halloween and I decided to spend an afternoon playing around with products I already had to see if I could create a really cheap and more importantly easy Halloween makeup look. I decided to go for a 'Zombie Cheerleader' look and I love the mix of girly and scary so if you're still struggling for ideas, here's how you can recreate this look at home. The only thing you'll need to buy is some fake blood!

So the first thing I did was my base and I just did this as I normally would - foundation, concealer and set with a powder. I've been loving the Too Faced Born This Way foundation recently (full review coming soon) so I applied that all over my skin and then popped my favourite Maybelline Eraser concealer to cover dark circles and brighten my under eye area. I then dusted my MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural all over my face to set the foundation and concealer.

Next, I moved onto my eyes. I started by filling in my brows with the Illamasqua eyebrow cake and simply darkened them up a touch. I decided to go for quite a smokey look on the eyes so I started by deepening the crease with one of the contour shades from my Anastasia Beverley Hills contour palette (bottom row, middle shade). This creates a really lovely depth to the eye and is something I'd use when doing my makeup for a night out, not just for Halloween. To smoke things up, I added a black MAC eyeshadow with beautiful purple glitter running through it (I believe this was a limited edition shade) all over the lid and then blended it into the contour colour. I then added a black glitter eyeshadow underneath my eyes and again, blended it out. You can use any black eyeshadow to re-create this look - these are just two I found it my collection!

To finish off the eyes, I added some of my NARS Copacabana illuminator to the tear ducts and brow bone as well as lots of liquid liner and pencil liner in my water line. I also did bigger cat flicks that I normally would with my liquid liner and also brought the line past my tear duct which I actually really like. Again, I might actually do that for my next big night out! I also added some Backstage Beauty 'Chealsea' lashes and they're so perfect for this kind of look - big, fluttery and dramatic. I really love this brand of lashes so I'd recommend you check them out ladies!

Next up is the lips and I wanted them to be bright pink and girly with a scary twist to vamp things up a bit. I began by lining and filling my lips with KIKO's Ace of Diamond lip liner (limited edition I'm afraid) and then added MAC 'Candy Yum Yum' lipstick to the centre of my lips for a really vibrant pop of colour. I then created an ombre look by using a Beauty UK black lipstick around the edges and blending it in. I always thought ombre lips would be really difficult to create but it was actually super simple so don't be scared to give it a try. All you need it a darker colour than the one you've used all over the lips. For example, you could do a light pink lips with a darker pink, red or berry shade on the edges if you don't have a black lipstick! The possibilities are endless really.

After doing the eyes and lips, I went a little bit contour crazy. I started by adding my normal contour colour from the Anastasia Beverley Hills contour kit (same colour I used on the eyes) but I then added some of the black eyeshadow on top to really hollow out my cheekbones and create that zombie look I was going for. I also added some on the sides of my forehead, on my nose and along my jaw line too. I made sure I blended it all in nicely so there wasn't any harsh lines and I really loved the effect.

To finish everything off, it was time to add the fake blood! This is where you can really go to town and make everything that bit more creepy looking! I added it to the corner of my mouth, in both tearducts, my nose and blended some into the black contouring on my forehead to make it look bruised. I also added some to my neck along with black eyeshadow to make it look like my neck had been slit - ew!!

When the makeup was done, I tied my hair up in high pigtails and added some cute little bows for that cute cheerleader look and wore a little sports jersey top. If I was actually going out wearing this I'd have worn the top with a little skater skirt, knee high socks, trainers and some pom poms. Zombie cheerleader, done!!

Overall I really like this look for Halloween and as I said, it was so cheap and easy to create. I know what I'll be going as next year!! I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration and if you do try this out, be sure to let me know!! You can tweet me @k_leexjx or tag me on Instagram @kayleighjcouture. Happy Halloween everyone!!

Meeting Michelle Keegan, Pizza Dates & An Illamasqua Makeover

I recently headed down to London for a few fun filled days with my friend Em so I thought I'd give you a brief overview of what we got up to! I can't fit everything in the one post but here's the most exciting things we got up to.

On the first day of our trip, I arrived in London at lunch time and jumped on the tube to Knightsbridge to visit Tracie Giles salon. If you haven't heard of Tracie Giles, she specialises in semi-permanent makeup and is a go-to for many celebrities! I went to get my eyebrows tattooed (not as scary as it sounds - promise) and am returning next week for the final stage of the treatment. I won't say much more as I'll be doing a full blog post about this so keep your eyes peeled for that!

After my brow appointment, I went to meet Em at our apartment which was situated 5 minutes from Covent Garden. We booked it through City Marque apartments and it was such a bargain - I'd definitely book there again for trips to London. That evening, Em and I headed to the gorgeous Rosewood hotel for the Lipsy X Michelle Keegan event. Michelle has just launched her new A/W collection and as a big fan, I couldn't wait to meet her and have a look at her new range. The venue was absolutely stunning - there was beautiful flower displays scattered around the room and the prosecco and canapés were constantly flowing. A bloggers dream. Michelle's new collection is gorgeous and perfect for the upcoming party season.

Unfortunately I only managed to get a photo of one dress as the room was dark and my camera just wasn't having it but you can check out her lovely new range online here - there's a few bits I definitely need to get my hands on. I also have to say how stunningly beautiful Michelle is and such a lovely down to earth girl as well - is she even real? I must admit, I was fan girling hard! Overall we have a great night and it was lovely catching up with fellow bloggers Hayleigh and Danielle too - love those girls! After the event, we headed to get some dinner at Pizza Express - a fave of ours. We couldn't really decide what we wanted so we just went all out and ordered a huge selection of different things - pizza, dough balls, salad, olives - you name it, we probably had it. All washed down with a nice glass of wine!

The following day we got up early and headed for a breakfast meeting at Balthazaar with the lovely ladies from Bare Minerals. We had girly chats over tea and avocado on toast and discussed all the new and exciting Bare Minerals products launching very soon. Their Christmas gifts are amazing so keep your eye out for those coming to the blog very soon!

After our meeting with bare minerals, we went for a stroll around Covent Garden and stocked up on essential sweet treats - Goddiva chocolate strawberries and Laudree macaroons. Yum! We then went and shot some outfit photos on the pretty London streets which again, I'll be blogging very soon. After a busy day, we grabbed some food then jumped in an Uber to the Illamasqua store on Beak street to get our makeup done for the Gleam Halloween As Darkness Falls party. We decided to go as skeletons so we had an idea in mind about how we wanted our makeup but figured we'd leave it to the experts and let Illamasqua, who are famous for their amazing theatrical makeup, work their magic. 

It was lovely to have a girly makeover together and the makeup artists were so lovely and crazy talented. They did everything we asked for and we were both so happy with the results. We went for dark eyes, bold brows, lots of contouring, black lips and a bit of glitter for good measure! If you need your makeup doing, Illamasqua is the place to go - their products are amazing!! We then changed into our cute little Ebay skeleton dresses and headed to the Gleam party. It was an amazing event and it was so lovely to see so many familiar faces! If you want to see my outfit, head over to my Instagram @kayleighjcouture!

All in all, I had the best couple of days in London and can't wait for my next trip! Hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to!

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette Review

One of the most hyped beauty brands of the moment would definitely have to be Anastasia Beverley Hills. They're famous for eyebrows with their most talked about products being their 'Dip Brow Pomade' and 'Brow Wizz' eyebrow pencil. There probably isn't many beauty blogs or Youtube channels that haven't featured something from the brand and their social media channels are a huge source of beauty inspiration for many. With this being said, I was very excited when my boyfriend recently brought me the contour palette, another one of Anastasia Bevelery Hills most famous products, back from his trip to America. I'm always interested in trying any products that can help to give my face more definition as I unfortunately wasn't blessed with naturally amazing cheekbones!

As I said, the contour kit is one of ABH's most hyped products so it was something I'd seen reviews of on other blogs and Youtube channels before receiving it myself. I always thought it looked great and the selection of colours in the 'Light to Medium' palette looked perfect for my skin tone so I was really excited to give it a try. I've been using it most days for the past couple of weeks now so I feel I can now review it fully and let you know whether I think its worthy of all the hype surrounding it!

The first thing I have to mention is that the palette is cardboard and doesn't have a mirror which is quite surprising considering it isn't the cheapest palette in the world. I expected something a little more sturdier and expensive looking but I guess that's only a small complaint as the packaging fortunately doesn't affect the contents or the quality of the products inside. As I mentioned, I've got the Light to Medium palette but there is two darker shades available too. The palette contains six shades in total - three lighter shades to highlight with and three darker shades for the contouring and bronzing. 

My favourite shades would have to be the middle and right hand shades on the top row and the middle shade on the bottom row. I love using the yellow toned shade (middle of the top row) over my under eye concealer as it brightens as well as counteracting dark circles. I have the Ben Nye banana powder and this is similar but a lot easier to use as it's a pressed powder rather than loose. The shade on the right had side of the top row is the only shade of the six to have a slight shimmer in it, the rest are completely matte. I really like using this one for a subtle highlight on the tops of my cheekbones and down the centre of my nose. I'd probably use something a bit more shimmery for a night out but for a day to day look, it adds a lovely subtle glow.

The contour shade in the middle of the bottom row is absolutely perfect for my skin tone. It's a mid-toned brown shade and because it has no Orange tones in it, it creates the illusion of a natural shadow which is perfect when creating those chiselled looking cheekbones. I also like to use it down the sides of my nose, around the sides of my face and along my jaw line. When blended, it provides a very natural looking contour. However, although the other shades are more Orange toned, I still like to use them to add some warmth to my skin and often use them as I would with a bronzer and dust them all over my face. The powders are really easy to blend too which is important when contouring as the last thing you want is any harsh and unnatural looking lines on your face.

Overall, I'd say this is a really lovely product and one I'd highly recommend trying. If you can get your hands on one in America or get someone to grab one for you, you can get it for a really reasonable price (around £26 I believe) but if you order it online here, it will cost £39.00 which is quite a big difference but I do still think it's worth it as its something I'll get a lot of use out of and I imagine it will last a long time too.

Is this a product you'd like to try?!

Limited Edition LUSH Halloween Products

Whether its Easter, Halloween or Christmas, you can always rely on LUSH to release an awesome range of limited edition seasonal products. You know these events are getting closer when LUSH stores are filled with their limited edition products and I'm always so excited to give them a try! With this being said, I was super excited when their new Halloween products landed at my door. 

I received four of their new products including the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, the Lord of Misrule shower cream and the Nightwing shower jelly.

I have to say, when I first opened the box, my eyes were immediately drawn to the Sparkly Pumpkin thanks to its vivid Orange shade and lots of gold glitter. These kind of bath products aren't something I'd use regularly as they are a little messy but for a special occasion, a bit of glitter never hurt anybody! It smells citrusy too which is my favourite kind of scent as I find it uplifting and revitalising! This one will turn your bath bright Orange so it's a really fun one to use on Halloween!

The two 'Lord of Misrule' products are Green which is very fitting with Halloween and again, they smell fabulous! The LUSH bath bombs are my favourite product to buy from LUSH as they're just so fun to watch fizzing away and this one has a red centre so it will turn your bath red and green which is very fitting for this time of year! If that wasn't enough, it also contains popping candy eeekk! I'm also a big fan of the limited edition shower creams as they're the perfect size for travelling with and froth up on the skin really nicely.

Finally, the Nightwing shower jelly. I have to be honest when I say the LUSH shower jelly are probably my least favourite kind of LUSH product purely because I think they're quite difficult to use and feel a bit strange. This one is shaped like a bat, hence the 'Nightwing' name and is black so will turn into a dark grey froth when combined with water. I can't say it's the most appealing thing to clean myself with but if you like things that are a little bit unusual, maybe give this one a try! It's certainly very fitting for Halloween anyway.

All of these products cost less than £5.00 so they're very reasonably priced and a fun little Halloween treat. My favourite would have to be the Sparkly Pumpkin just because it's really fun and I love citrus scents. You can visit the LUSH website to shop these products and the rest of the Halloween range.

Do you like the look of these products? Will you be treating yourself to any of them?

Autumn Style | Jumper Dresses & Knee High Boots

As  I mentioned in my previous post, I LOVE Autumn and one of my favourite things about it is the fashion. I love get cosy and wearing oversized knitwear, coats and scarves. With this being said, I want to share one of my current favourite Aumtum looks.

I recently got this amazing burgundy jumper dress from In The Style and I'm so in love with it! It's super warm and cosy, I love the chunky roll neck style and because it's oversized, it's so comfortable! I love items like this that I can throw on without the need to make any effort but it still looks like a really well put together outfit. If you like this jumper dress, you can get one for yourself here and if you use my code 'KAYLEIGH10' at the checkout, you'll get 10% off.

I decided to pair the dress with my La Moda nude over the knee boots and I think they go with it perfectly. I've been wearing these boots a lot recently - they go with so much and because they have a more chunky heel, they can be worn during the day without looking over the top. In The Style also have these boots here so if you wanted to order the whole outfit, you can do so here!

To finish the look, I wore my new Yes Style rose gold sunnies and my Michael Kors mini Selma bag. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of both the jumper and the boots this A/W and I can't wait to style them in different ways. The dress will look great with some wooly tights and ankle boots too!

I hope you like this look guys!! What are your favourite outfits to wear in Autumn?!

My Favourite Things About Autumn

Autumn is well and truly underway now and I have to say, I'm welcoming it with open arms. A lot of people don't like this time of year as the weather starts to get a little cooler but for me, it's actually my favourite seasons and here's a few reasons why...

Cosy nights in
This is probably my favourite thing about the Autumn season. I love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa, lighting some candles, watching a movie and having a cosy night in while the weather is horrible outside. I definitely prefer having more nights in than nights out at this time of year as who wants to walk around outside in a dress going from bar to bar?! That may make me sound like a total grandma but sometimes, nights in can be just as fun as going out - and, much less expensive!

Now I'm a huge candle fan all year round but I don't tend to light them as much during the Spring/Summer months as the evenings are light and I don't feel they make my flat as cosy as they do in the Autumn/Winter months. However, now Autumn is here, the candles are out in full force and I'm enjoying lighting them every night at the moment. My current fave is Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir - it makes my flat smell amazing! I'm going to be gutted when it runs out though as it's a bit of a luxury and not something I can afford to burn all the time. Can you recommend any Autumn candles I need to try out?

Pumpkin spiced lattes
Yep, that's right - Starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes are back. I love grabbing myself one of these on a cold morning or for a long train journey. I also love the Autumn cups - they're so cute.

I much prefer A/W fashion to S/S as I love layering knitwear, scarves and cosy winter coats. I also love wearing thick black tights with ankle or over the knee boots. I just find it's a lot easier to look stylish at this time of year for some reason. At the moment my favourite things to wear are roll neck jumpers, anything suede and little button front skirts with tights and boots. I also love finding my perfect A/W coat - I buy a new one every year. 

Snuggling up on the sofa underneath a cosy blanket is one of my favourite past times and Autumn is the perfect time of year to do it every single night. When it's cold outside, there's nothing better than feeling all warm and cosy inside. Add some fleece pyjamas, fluffy slippers and an oversized dressing gown and I'm set for the night.

Fairy lights
Don't you just love when it get to Autumn and fairly lights start popping up all over the place? I find they suddenly start to appear on the streets and in shop windows at this time of year and it always looks so magical. I usually like to have them somewhere in my flat too as there's something so relaxing about them twinkling away on a Autumn night.

Dark lips and nails
I'm sure you all know the drill by now - as soon as Autumn arrives, out come the berry/plum lipsticks and nail polishes. Mac 'Rebel' is probably my A/W favourite and I can't wait to start wearing it again. I also love dark nails - there's something really chic about them.

All those reality shows
The X Factor? Strictly Come Dancing? I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here? Check, check, check. I love when all of these TV shows are back on our screens as it means there's always something to watch in the evenings. I must admit I get way too involved in these reality style competitions and spend my evenings live tweeting my reactions but hey, it's good fun! I'm loving some of the talent on The X Factor this year too so I'm excited for the live shows to start!

Chrismtas is cominggg
As if I couldn't include Christmas in this list. As soon as Autumn is here and the nights get darker, my first thought is 'Christmas is cominnggg' and I get super excited. Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year and I love the whole build up to it - putting up the decorations, christmas market and christmas shopping are just a few things that will soon be here and I'm so so so excited! I'm such a big kid.

What are your favourite things about Autumn?

Halloween Outfit Inspiration

October is here and that means it's the month of Halloween. As much as I hate horror movies or anything scary (yes, I'm a big baby) I do love a bit of fancy dress and Halloween is the perfect excuse to go all out with a costume! I'm actually going to a Halloween party next week and that's had me thinking a lot about what I can wear! I did a bit of searching around online and came across lots of cool bits and pieces so I thought I'd share them here in case you're looking for some outfit inspo yourself!

When it comes to dressing up on Halloween, I much prefer to go all out with makeup and accessories and keep the outfit itself fairly simple so the three I've featured here are absolutely perfect. If you want to go for a sexy look, this ASOS cat dress is super glam. Simply pair it with some cat ears, whiskers and a slick of black lipstick and you're good to go. I also love these Eylure 'Cat Face' eyelashes for that added glamour! You could also go all out in a mask like this one which would be especially perfect if you're going to a masquerade party!

A couple more cute dresses I came across are this Boohoo pumpkin dress and this ASOS skeleton number. I love them both and again, they can be very easily dressed up with the right accessories. I love this 'Face Lace' skeleton design too - if you're not great at face painting (I'm definitely not), this is a really cool alternative and will be just as effective.

If going all out isn't you're thing but you still want to wear something fun, there's SO many great slogan tees online and one of my faves is this 'Witch better have my candy' vest top. Pair this with some spooky accessories, big hair and dark makeup and you've got yourself a fuss free but fun outfit. You could also pair is with these ASOS 'Night Mare' shoes - how cute?!

A couple more essentials are fake blood and halloween inspired nails. Fake blood is great as it's so cheap and you can literally make a complete outfit with just this alone. Pop some rips in a plain white t-shirt or dress, cover yourself in the fake blood and there we have it. Alternatively, why not add it round your mouth or in slashes across your chest for that added gore! I also love these spider false nails and these 'Vampire Kiss' blood splashed nails - they're the perfect finishing touch to any Halloween fancy dress outfit!

I hope this gave you some inspo guys - what will you be wearing this Halloween?

What You’ll Need At A Wedding & The Cost Of Being A Wedding Guest

Let me just start by saying – I love weddings. I love everything about them – the gorgeous outfits and hats, the stunning piles of gifts, the delectable food and drinks and of course, the outpouring of love between two people that I care about during the ceremony. That all said, as a recent journalism graduate my salary is not exactly where I one day want it to be (and that is putting it lightly!) and weddings are bloody expensive!

Attending a wedding is a blast, but remember – you’ll need:

· a lovely new dress

· a new matching pair of shoes (obvs)

· new hosiery and maybe even new knickers (yes please!)

· train travel to and from the destination, potentially including hotel accommodation

· a gift (and I do love to shop, so I love to spend a little more than I should on this)

· pocket money, potentially for a cash bar

All together, this can easily rack up to over a thousand pounds, and not everyone can afford to drop that kind of cash without a second thought. I have to plan for these events up to 6 months in advance, and so lately I have been setting money aside up to a year ahead of time. This way, I find that I am not caught unprepared at the last minute, and I can set money aside at the same time that I am saving money for holidays and other more practical (and less fun) endeavours.

In order to make sure that I am in good shape to start saving for a friend or family member’s wedding I check my credit report annually. This may seem like a strange and/ or unnecessary thing to do before planning to attend what is essentially a glorified party, but you can see from above that these events can get really spendy! I don’t want to have to scrimp and pinch when it comes to a celebration of love, and I also don’t want to get caught off guard by finding out that I have an old unpaid debt that I didn’t even know about. Checking your credit report regularly is just a smart thing to do, and it’s a great habit to get into while you are still young.

Once that is all sorted out, here are some other easy ways to save money for an upcoming wedding:

· You can set aside your pocket change every day (this racks up to over 100 pounds a month for me if I am diligent and don’t steal pound coins back out of the change jar to buy a cheeky flat white).

· By your new dress at the end of the season – the nice thing about weddings is that you usually know about them a year or so in advance. Shop at the end of the corresponding season, and that’s your pretty new dress sorted at a bargain.

· Split wedding accommodation and travel arrangements with friends – sharing a car rental with other wedding guests (even if you do not know them in advance!) can be a lot cheaper than a train ticket, and sharing an Air BnB flat rather than a hotel room will be a lot less expensive – and a lot more fun.

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Monthly Favourites | September

Ahh it's so good to be back posting about my monthly favourites! For the past couple of months I haven't done one of these posts as I've been so busy and even trying to think about what I'd been loving and using over the past month, let alone writing about it seemed like hard work. However, I'm now a full time blogger (YAY!) so that means I have a lot more time on my hands and I can make sure these are a regular monthly feature again.

I've switched up my makeup routine recently and started experimenting a bit more with new colours and formulas and whilst doing this, I've found some total gems! Firstly, my go-to base for the past couple of months now has been the Rodial Skin Tint+* in the shade 'St.Barths'. It's a little bit darker than my natural skin tone but I actually really like that as it tans up my complexion without looking orange or too obvious. It's also the perfect match when I'm wearing fake tan. I'm also in love with the formula of this product - it's not often I find a base that I completely love but I really can't fault this one. It has a lovely dewy finish and the coverage is great without being too heavy. It just makes my skin look 10x more radiant than it does when I'm not wearing it and I also find it smooths out any imperfections and covers redness really nicely. It's a little bit pricey at £ but it's definitely worth it as I haven't felt the need to use any other products on my skin since I got this.

Another thing I've been embracing more recently is the 'my lips but better' look. I usually go for bold lipsticks but I've been trying to tone it down for a day to day look and have really been enjoying using my MAC Twig lipstick. It's a beautiful pinky brown shade which I find enhances my natural lip colour perfectly. I also love the Satin finish as it's really pigmented but still feels moisturising on the lips.

A couple more makeup bits I've been using on a daily basis for the past couple of months are the Bare Minerals Lash Domination mascara* and the Bourjois 'Gold Bronzing Powder'. These are both items I've had in my beauty collection for a while but I was using other products and they got a bit neglected. However, after switching things up, they made their way into my makeup bag and I'm so glad they did as I love them both. The mascara is amazing - the wand is twisted meaning it curves around all of the lashes and ensures they're all coated with the product. It really thickens and lengthens both my top and bottom lashes which is exactly what I want from a mascara.

Finally, Calvin Klein's new 'Eternity Now' perfume* has been my go-to scent for the past few weeks. I have so many different fragrances that I've collected over the years but I have to say, this one has already become one of my favourite scents ever. It's sweet and fruity with top notes of juicy nectarine, lychee and quince sorbet but it isn't sickly or overpowering. I'd describe it as fresh, vibrant and feminine. Well worth a sniff if you get the chance!!

So there we have it, the products I've been loving lately! What have you been loving recently?!
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