Is A Career In Fashion Right For You?

Most people think working in the fashion industry is uber glamorous and whilst there are elements of it that can be, there's also a few down sides. I worked in fashion for two years before recently deciding to take the plunge into full time blogging so I've seen everything there is to see - the highs, the lows, the daily stresses. As I said most people think it's a super fun job that comes with lots of perks and in one sense it is. My favourite thing about it would be that no day is the same - there's always something new going on and its a role that is great for creative people like me as it really allows you to get imaginative and come up with ideas to make the business the best it can be. However, it also comes with a lot of pressure, stress and deadlines. I'd say it requires bags of confidence, creativity and dedication to make it in the fashion industry and without them traits, you'll soon get lost in a sea of competitors all trying to compete for that number one spot. 

It's a very fast paced industry so if you're someone who prefers to go into the office, know what you're doing each day and like to be left alone to get things done, fashion probably isn't for you as there'll always be someone asking you to do something, there'll always be things that crop up at the last minute and you may be required to work outside of the standard 9-5 hours to get things done! I personally worked in the PR, Marketing and blogger outreach department which I thoroughly enjoyed as it's something I have an interest in and being a blogger myself, I felt I had an advantage as I almost know what bloggers want to see and how they prefer to be contacted. If you're wanting to get into the fashion or beauty industry for that matter, having a blog can be a real advantage! It was always a big talking point in interviews I attended and it shows dedication and passion to the industry.

However, as well as the marketing team, there's many other roles within the fashion industry including buyers, designers, merchandisers, e-commerce executives, graphic designers, creative managers, models, makeup artists, stylists and a whole team managing those social media sites you see constantly updated. There's a LOT of people that go into the successful running of a fashion brand and it can be very full on which is something people often forget. You need to be on the ball with everything - important dates, celebrity gossip, new trends and up and coming bloggers just to name a few. There can be very tight deadlines to meet and every role often involves targets. So I guess one thing I'd say is you must be organised, focused and prepared to work under pressure. I personally work better under pressure as it gives you the incentive to get things done that bit quicker and to the best of your ability but I know it's not for everyone.

It's always best to get some experience in your chosen industry before committing to it as your chosen career and that's where internships come in really handy. I actually used to manage interns in one of my previous roles and the majority of girls I had working with me were really willing to get stuck in and learn as much as possible. That's the attitude to have in the fashion industry and it won't go un-noticed. Many interns I worked with were actually hired as full time employees when the internship was up to it just shows, hard work will usually pay off! However, as there's such a huge number of people wanting to work in fashion and only a few internships up for grabs, securing yourself one isn't easy. However, there's always other things you can do to give yourself an insight into the fashion work - there's loads of info online from people in the industry so a big tip would be to make sure you do your research before applying for any jobs! 

A new discovery of mine that isn't too serious but gives you a great insight into the world of fashion is Nintendo's new game for their 3DS console, 'New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward'. The game allows you to run your very own fashion boutique and take on various roles to make it a success! How cool?! I used to be addicted to playing them when I was younger but as I've got older and life responsibilities have got in the way, my time for playing games has gone out of the window. Not good! However, no I have the 3DS (which is sooo cool by the way - 3D games? Yes!), I imagine   a lot of my free time is going to be spent on it. 

The idea behind New Style Boutique is that you can manage your own successful boutique in the city and take on various roles within the boutique. Fancy yourself as a designer, model, make-up artist or stylist? This game allows you to take on all of those roles, giving your customers makeovers and bringing new stock to the shop! As a fashion lover like myself, I've had so much fun doing this and I'm not going to lie, it kind of makes me want to open a boutique! I also have to point out how amazing the graphics are - I'm seriously impressed! The game is available across Europe from today so if you own a Nintendo 3DS and are interested in the world of fashion, you need to get your hands on it!

Have you considered working in fashion? Which role do you think you'd be best suited for?

 *I worked with Nintendo on this post. However, as always, all views are my own!


  1. Great post! I'm aiming to work in the fashion industry as soon as possible and this really helped, thank you so much! x

  2. I don't think I could ever survive in the world of fashion. To much stress and deadlines as you say. But some people are really made for that job. :)

    Lisa's World

  3. Work in this sphere is sooooo not easy! I was working in magazine and my friends rhought that I drank champagne and painting my nails)))) But it was soooo nt true)

  4. Great insight! I know that I don't want to but I can imagine people want to just for the glamorous life xx

  5. Thank you for sharing this information!! It really opened my eyes!!

  6. Being a lover of fashion and gaming, this game was a must have for me haha~ I still haven't bought it yet though!! I'll have to get one asap x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  7. I always wanted a career in the fashion industry, this post was really helpful :) ♥

    Jessie Glam ♥

  8. I love being in the fashion industry, I'm currently training to be a fashion designer (doing an internship at a dressmakers as part of my degree) and although it is very stressful I love it! I actually did a placement at AX Paris, it's such a shame you left a few months ago, I would have loved to have worked with you!



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