Style | Oversized Jumper Dresses & Cosy Coats

At this time of year when the weather is awful, I'm all about comfort. That includes baggy jumpers, warm coats and boots! I have to be honest, I'm a very 'cosy' kind of person and would always prefer to be wearing some joggers than a dress so I do love Winter for the fact I can throw lots of layers on and be totally comfortable! With this being said, I wanted to share one of my current favourite comfy 'throw on' items which has been my go-to for those days where I want to look like I've made a bit of an effort but still want to feel comfortable. 

I love an oversized jumper dress so this one from Billie Faiers In The Style collection is right up my street. I love the burgundy colour (one of my faves in Winter) and then baggy off the shoulder style makes it effortlessly chic. You can actually get 10% off the whole In The Style website with my code KAYLEIGH10 too so make sure you pop that in at the checkout if you decide to treat yourself! They've got some gorgeous bits in at the moment!

I decided to pair the dress with my trusty Linzi Shoes black knee high boots. As you've probably noticed from my blog posts and Instagram (follow me here), I wear these ALL the time. They're just so easy to wear as they go with most things and make an outfit look 10x more stylish. Not to mention they keep my legs nice and warm too!!

To finish the look and keep me extra toasty, I wore my favourite Winter coat which is from Fashion Union via Brand Attic (currently a bargain in the sale here). I love anything Khaki and the style of this coat is so easy to wear. I throw it on over most things and it always keeps me warm whilst looking stylish at the same time. I also took my new In The Style bag for its first outfit and I think it's so cute. It has a definite YSL look about it and I can see myself using this a lot over the Summer months. It'll look so cute paired with a little dress and a tan, yay!!

I hope you guys like this look! I'm really enjoying doing more fashion posts at the moment so let me know if you like them and want to see more!!

What's your go-to Winter item?!

Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector

Okay, so it seems every man and his dog is talking about this highlighter at the moment. Yet again, I’ve been swept up in the hype. I first heard about this product from Instagram and then my little sister (who is sixteen and completely obsessed with Youbtube makeup tutorials) told me that I needed the Becca ‘Champagne Pop’ highlighter as it’s been created by Youtube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. I’ve watched a few of Jaclyn’s videos in the past and really enjoy them but it wasn’t necessarily her endorsement that made me want this product – I’m just a little bit obsessed with highlighters and this one looked way too pretty to ignore.

Unlike most highlighters I own which are silver or gold toned, Champagne Pop is very much a pinky peach highlighter and quite unique as it has multiple shades running through it. I’ve not seen any other highlighters quite like it before which obviously justifies yet another unnecessary beauty purchase. It’s also insanely pigmented – trust me when I say you only need the lightest dab for the product to be transferred from the pan onto the brush you’re using. I really like this about it as it makes it effortless to apply and I know it’s going to last me a long time. It’s also so finely milled – there are no chunky glitter particles in it and instead it had the most beautiful metallic finish which really does make cheekbones ‘pop’ as the name would suggest. It blends like a dream too and is really buttery soft to the touch.

My only concern about this product is that because it’s SO buttery, I feel it could crumble at any moment so I do worry about taking it out and about with me in my handbag. I did own the Becca Opal highlighter and that completely crumbled and fell from the pan whilst I was using it (no idea what caused that as I didn’t drop it) and I have heard reports that people have had the same thing happen to them with Champagne Pop too. Definitely not ideal!!

\If you’re based in the US you can ger it here from Sephora or here from Space NK if you’re based in the UK. It costs £32 so it’s definitely on the more luxurious and high end side but if you’re a big fan of highlighters and want one that’s great quality, it just might be worth the splurge!

Do you like the look of Champagne Pop? What’s your favourite highlighter?

Outift | Boohoo Pinafore & New Fave Boots

I recently ordered some bits and pieces from Boohoo and this pinafore was one of them. At first, I wasn't sure. I'd seen people wearing them and liked how they looked but I wasn't sure they were very 'me' or if I was able to pull them off. However, I have to say, since I received this pinafore, my opinion has changed. Paired with my plain Topshop roll neck, it makes a super cute outfit!!

I always thought pinafore's were for children but apparently not as they're ALL over the place at the minute and I'm embracing the trend with open arms. I often struggle with creating stylish every day outfits as I'm very much a jeans and tee kinda girl but a pinafore is something a bit different and something I feel everyone can wear, no matter what your shape and size. I also own this one from Missy Empire so I'm clearly a pinafore fan.

I decided to team the outfit with my Public Desire knee high boots which I've been wearing non-stop over the past few weeks. Seriously, these things haven't left my feet. Comfy is an understatement. I think knee high boots are a bit of a weird one as lots of people see them as a 'sexy' style of footwear but I personally think they're great as they go with everything and they keep my legs warm when I'm wearing tights. I think I can get away with wearing flat ones every day too as I do feel quite dressed up when I wear my heeled version!!

To finish the look, I paired it with my favourite Fiorelli hangbag which I've been using every single day for the past few months. It's the perfect size for me as it fits all my essentials in, including my laptop, when I'm on the go. It's also a really nice quality and I think it looks so much more expensive than it actually is - I've received so many compliments since I started using it. I do still want my Givenchy or YSL bag but I guess this will do for now! Hehe!!

I hope you guys like this outfit! Are you a fan of pinafores?!

My Top 5 High End Foundations

I’d have to say that foundation is probably my favourite beauty product to buy (well, other than lipstick of course) because I feel it’s the most important part of my makeup routine – it makes my skin look better which then makes everything else look better too. I think it’s so important to have a good foundation in my makeup bag so it’s one product I’m willing to spend that little bit more money on. I do love some cheaper foundations too (maybe I’ll do a post about those soon?) but the majority of base products I love all fall into the high end category so I thought I’d do a little round up of my top five. It would have actually been my top six as I’m also a big fan of NARS Sheer Glow (read my full review here) but unfortunately I’ve ran out and haven’t got round to buying myself another bottle yet. So, here’s my current top five and the reasons why I love them ..

I picked this up late last year at a World Duty Free beauty event and I’m so glad I added it to my basket as I just LOVE it. Apparently this is the foundation Michelle Keegan and other celebs like Kim Kardashian wear so that obviously made me want to try it as they always look flawless. It’s also been recommended to me by makeup artists on various shoots I’ve done so despite its high price tag, it went to the top of my list. I have to say, all the rave reviews about this product are totally justified. It’s got amazing coverage without feeling to heavy on the skin and also provides a nice glow but not so much that you look shiny. I got the shade 6.5 which is a little too dark for me and one I can only wear when I’m wearing tan but for a night out, it’s perfect. It also doesn’t contain SPF so you don’t get the awful flashback on photos – fab for all those selfies on nights out with the girls! ;) I also find it lasts really well too which is a big plus for me when it comes to foundation. Overall it’s just a beautiful product and one I’d recommend anyone to try.

This is another product that Kim Kardashian supposedly uses so you know, I obviously had to have it. God damn you Kim and your amazingly flawless face. Yes, I’m a sucker for celebrity endorsements. My boyfriends brother actually picked this up for me when he was living out in America but it’s now available to buy from Debenhams which is great news for all us UK based beauty lovers. What I love about this foundation is the coverage – it is amazing! It’s one of those foundations that you apply and it instantly makes your face look flawless. I’m definitely a full coverage foundation kinda girl so this is perfect for me. The shade I have is Soft Beige which has a lovely yellow tone meaning it cancels out any redness in my skin. I find the finish of this foundation quite matte but not too matte that it clings to dry patches. However, I don’t feel like it needs a powder to set it as it has great lasting power on its own.

This was one of those ‘I need to try it’ products after hearing so many good reviews from other bloggers. So off I went to the Debenhams website and popped it in my basket. I often find myself ordering foundation online as I now know what shade I tend to be and the internet is so full of swatches that it makes it easy to match myself to a shade. I ended up going for 'Light Beige' as that seems to be my shade in a lot of different foundations - I'm definitely a light beige gal haha!! This foundation actually reminds me of the Giorgio Armani one as I find they have a similar texture. They're both quite runny when they come out of the bottle but the coverage is medium to full. I'd say this one has slightly less coverage when first applied than the Giorgio Armani but it's definitely buildable so you can go for a lighter or heavier coverage depending on the occassion.

This is another product that I’ve heard so much about from makeup artists and when it was used on me at a recent shoot, I just had to have it. The coverage of this stuff is insane – it covers everything and it lasts too. Perfect for nights out of special occasions when you need your makeup to last all day. I have the shade SB 09 which is a perfect match for me and because it's yellow toned, it's great for covering redness. I actually only wear Yellow toned foundations so all the products in this post are yellow toned. I was once told I should wear Pink toned foundation but I tried it and it made my face look ashy and grey - not a good look. I actually think most people look better wearing Yellow toned foundations.

When I first received this product in the post, there’s no way I expected to love it as much as I do purely because of the name ‘skin tint’. As I mentioned earlier, I’m definitely more of a full coverage foundation fan so that name immediately made me think it would be really sheer and more of a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong as the coverage is absolutely amazing. It has quite a thick consistency when squeezed out of the bottle but when applied to the skin it had a lovely texture that covers imperfections without feeling heavy. If you’ve not already noticed throughout this post, I HATE heavy foundations (Estee Lauder Double Wear I’m looking at you) so all of these products feel lovely and light to wear. I have the shade 'St.Barts' which is classed as 'Medium' and it is quite a bit darker than my natural skin tone so I can only wear it when I've fake tanned or when I have a natural tan so I'd definitely say this is more my Summer foundation of choice. However, if I had my natural skin shade too, I'd be wearing it all year round.

I'd highly recommend all of these foundations so if you're looking for a new one, give one of these a go! 

What's your favourite high end foundation?! 

San Carlo Lunch Date & My Boohoo Style

I recently went to catch up with my girl Em in Leeds so I thought I'd do a post sharing what we got up to as well as showing you one of my fave new outfits! Em and I often arrange regular meet ups in Leeds or Manchester to catch up and also shoot photos for our blogs - if you're a fashion blogger, I'm sure you'll know how hard it is to take photos without help so it's great that Em and I are in the same position and can help each other out as well as having a catch up in the process. 

I travelled to Leeds and met Em at her flat before heading to a yummy thai restaurant for some food. We got a little bit greedy and ordered way too much so we left feeling a little bit sick - not ideal. However, when we got back to Em's house, we soon felt better after her lovely mum made us cups of tea and cute snacks. We chatted the night away watching Body Shockers (anyone else love that show?!) and then headed to bed ready for a day of shooting the next day.

When we got up the next day, we were very surprised to see it was snowing outside. This kind of ruined our plans for the day but we didn't let it bother us too much and ate a yummy breakfast and took our time getting ready in the hope it would clear up by the afternoon. Luckily it did stop snowing but the weather itself was shocking (-3 to be precise) so it's safe to say we were super speedy with our blog photos as we couldn't handle the cold. If you follow me on snapchat (kayljcouture), I'm sure you saw all the action including getting changed in a car - the glamorous life of bloggers. Hehe!!

One of my favourite outfits from the day would have to be this jumper dress I recently picked up from Boohoo. I'm a huge fan of wearing jumper dresses at this time of year as they're comfy and keep me warm but look stylish at the same time. I love the roll neck and cut out shoulder detailing as it adds a little something different to a standard jumper dress. I decided to pair it with my Fashion Union coat (now only £22.50 in the sale) from Brand Attic which is one of my favourite coats of the moment. It's so big and warm but again, really stylish and goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. To finish the look I wore my trusty Linzi Shoes knee high boots and my favourite Fiorelli Hennesy handbag which looks so much more expensive than it actually is.

After shooting, we decided we deserved a treat for baring the minus temperatures so we headed to yummy italian restaurant San Carlo. It was actually my second time visiting a San Carlo restaurant in the space of a week so it's quite safe to say I'm a big fan! The restaurant has the most stunning decor including beautiful marble tables - yes, a blogger dream. We found a nice quiet corner so we could take pictures without being judged (yes when you're photographing every little detail, it can look a little order) and browsed the huge menu to choose what we were going to eat. 

We decided to start with a tomato garlic bread and it was absolutely divine. Crispy, fresh and super garlicy - yum! For mains, Em went for a tomato based pasta with extra veg and I chose the butternut squash risotto which was so tasty. As you can see from the images, it came with a whole squash and the risotto was stuffed inside and on the top. I've never seen a risotto presented like that before but it looked really impressive! We also enjoyed a cheeky glass of wine before heading back to Em's house to chill.

All in all I had a super lovely couple of days and can't wait to do it all over again!!

Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks & Lip Perfecting Base

Clarins are definitely one of my favourite brands - I've tried a lot of their products over the years including their skincare and makeup and have to say, I've been so impressed by everything I've tried. Their moisturisers are amazing, their face tanner is a must-have in Summer and their lipsticks are stunning. The lipsticks would probably be my all time favourite Clarins product - especially the Joli Rouge range which I'm sharing today! I first tried this range of lipsticks a few months back and the shade 'Orange Red' became a staple for me over the Christmas period - if you like orange toned reds  with amazing pigmentation and a moisturising formula, that's a must-have! Unfortunately I never got chance to review them before Christmas as everything was so hectic but I can tell you I've been using them a lot and they've gone straight to the top of my 'favourite lipsticks'  list. Clarins have now released a new S/S range of the lipsticks naming them 'Joli Rouge Brilliant' which has the addition of a new Shine Booster+ complex which makes them even glossier than the original Joli Rouge range so I wanted to share them with you as a post about these lipsticks is well over-due!

Firstly, I have to talk about the packaging as I'm a self confessed makeup packaging addict. I'm just drawn to pretty packaging, what can I say. The Joli Rouge's come in sleek gold tubes and feel really expensive and luxurious. The lid also clicks into place in a very satisfying way and the curved tip of the lipstick makes application more precise. Is it just me who loves little touches like that? The name of each lipstick is also on he bottom of the tube so it's easy enough to find the one you're look for if you have quite the collection - guilty!! They all have cute but self explanatory names too which I like. Sometimes brands go way too far with their product names to the point that they don't even make sense! You go Clarins and your 'Watermelon' and 'Hot Fuchsia' naming.

Now my favourite thing about these lipsticks is definitely the formula. They're classed as a 'moisturising perfect shine sheer lipstick' and I 100% agree on the moisturising and shiny parts but not so much on the sheer. Considering they have such a moisturising formula, you'd expect them to be very sheer and more like a tinted gloss but as you can see from my swatches, they've got great pigmentation and I find you can really build the colour up so it looks exactly on the lips as it does in the tube. Some of the more neutral tones are slightly more sheer but I don't mind this as they're perfect for day to day wear when I only want a hint of colour on my lips. 

I find they make for the perfect Winter lipstick as when my lips are feeling dry, the last thing I want to wear on them is something heavy and matte as those kind of lipsticks cling and generally don't look all that nice. However, I also think they'll be perfect in the Summer months and on holidays when you want a natural and fresh faced look. I'm a big fan of glossy lips and usually always add a gloss over lipsticks but with these ones, a gloss isn't required as they're so lovely and shiny anyway.

In terms of lasting power, they last for a couple of hours before the need for a touch up which is understandable with the formula being moisturising and glossy. However, Clarins have also released a new lip base product to help make their lipsticks last even longer. The Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base is a primer for the lips which creates a smooth base to ensure lipstick lasts and also looks its best. It's transparent so can't be seen on the lips but much like a face primer, it preps the lips and smooths out any imperfections as well as nourishing the lips. It also smells like sweet and sugary Vanilla - almost good enough to eat!! 

This product probably isn't a necessity, especially as the Joli Rouge lipsticks are already so hydrating but if you want a product to prime your lips before wearing matte lipsticks, this could be the answer. I'm not sure if it does make lipstick last any longer but it definitely hydrates the lips. Then again, so does Vaseline so considering this is priced at £18.00, I do feel like its an overpriced lip balm and not something I necessarily need in my collection.

L-R: Coral Tulip, Guava, Raspberry, Watermelon, Rose Blossom, Tea Rose & Hot Fuchsia

My favourite shades from the ones I own would have to be Tea Rose as its the perfect every day neutral shade, Raspberry as I find these kind of berry shades really flattering and also Hot Fuchsia as I love wearing bold fuchsia shades for a glam look - I find the blue undertones make my teeth look whiter. However, I honestly do love them all and there isn't one I wouldn't wear!!

Priced at £19.50 these lipsticks definitely aren't cheap but they're totally worth the price in my opinion as they're everything I could want from a lipstick and more. If you're more of a matte lover, these probably won't be for you but if you want a beautiful glossy lip colour that will keep your lips feeling hydrated throughout the day, the Clarins Joli Rouge range is for you.

Do you like the look of these products?!

Outfit | Suede Skirt & Knee High Boots

I haven't done an outfit post for a while so I thought I'd share one I've been wearing a lot recently! As I'm sure you all know if you follow my Instagram (@kayleighjcouture), I'm always wearing knee high boots! I'm so happy the came back into fashion as they just go with everything - dresses, skirts, jeans - you name it! I also love that you can wear them day or night - they're that perfect shoe to wear if you want to look like you've made an effort but don't want to go all out in a pair of strappy high heels.

I own about six or seven pairs of knee highs now but my faves would definitely be these ones I'm wearing in this post from Linzi Shoes. They're plain black so go with everything and have a chunky heels meaning I can get away with wearing them during the day. I do have a pair with a stiletto style heel too but they're definitely more of an evening shoe.

As I said, I wear my knee highs with all sorts of different outfits and the one in this post is one I've really been loving. The top and skirt are both from Binky Felstead's collection at In The Style which I absolutely love - everything is right up my street and so easy to wear. The top is just a basic black roll neck but definitely an essential in my wardrobe and the skirt is just SO cute. It's a lovely berry colour which is a fave of mine at this time of year and has lace up detailing down each side which adds a nice touch. It also means it can be dressed up or down which I like! It's made of a faux suede fabric and is SO comfortable - it's one of those pieces in my wardrobe I can just throw on and know I'll be comfortable wearing it all day. They also do a tan version which I definitely need to get my hands on! 

You can get 10% off anything from In The Style using my code KAYLEIGH10 too (they also stock those boots!) so if you like the look of these items or anything else on their site, make sure you use it at the checkout!

Are you a fan of this look?
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