The Best Invention | Eylure Express Pre-Glued Lashes

I'm a huge fan of false eyelashes and although they're not to everyone's taste, they're an essential part of my night out beauty routine as I feel they're the perfect finishing touch and give me a more glam look. To be honest, I'd wear them every day if I could as I do feel they improve my appearance but if you wear them yourself, I'm sure you know how fiddly they can be to apply and let's face it, who has time for that first thing in the morning? However, Eylure may well have the answer as their new Express Pre-Glued eyelashes are an absolute game changer for all us lash lovers.

They very generously sent me a box of the lashes to try and I haven't used anything else since I received them. I've already gone through four pairs so I feel like I've used them enough to give you guys a thorough review! I have to be honest, when I first received them, I did question if they'd be any good as I just couldn't imagine applying lashes without putting glue on them first - surely they wouldn't stay on?

However, after using them on a recent night out, I can confirm that any worries I had about them were totally unnecessary as they felt really secure and stayed on all night. Eylure promise they'll stay on for 15+ hours and while I haven't personally had to wear them for that long - I don't find it hard to believe that they would last for that length of time.

To apply them, you simply remove them from the lash holder and apply to the lash line. The pre-glued strip runs along the lash and is clear which is another bonus as lash glue is usually white which means waiting around for it to dry clear and it can often interfere with the rest of my eye makeup. I also found that not applying glue made them way more comfortable to wear. They feel so light on the eyes and there's none of that horrible tacky feeling from lash glue or those moments where you blink and your top and bottom lashes get stuck together. Yep, we've all been there.

As I mentioned, I've used these lashes a good few times now and I've loved every style I've tried so far but my favourite pair would have to be 117 texture which isn't photographed here as I used them before taking these photos but oh my goodness, they're the most beautiful lashes! They have a gorgeous fluttery effect and look so natural which I like as I don't like my false eyelashes to look too fake/drag queen-esque! I'll definitely be stocking up on those as they're perfect for both day and night.

I'd highly recommend these lashes to anyone who wears false lashes, no matter how often. Who doesn't want to add something to their beauty routine which saves time and hassle? Eylure, I salute you for this fabulous invention.

They're available to buy here from Superdrug and cost £4.95 which is slightly cheaper than traditional lashes too!! 

Do you like the sound of these lashes? 

Five Tips For A Brighter, Whiter Instagram Feed

Recently I've been trying to stick with a 'theme' on my Instagram account (follow me here) and I much prefer how it looks since ensuring all of my images are light, bright and consistent. I've done this by trying to stick with White backgrounds on every image and also using certain techniques to make my images as bright and light as they can be. With Instagram it all comes down to personal preference and some people may not like this style of feed but for me personally, I prefer my feed to look quite simple and not have too much going on in every picture as this can end up looking quite busy and cluttered. I've decided to do a post sharing some tips for how I achieve bright white Instagram images as it's one question I'm always getting DM's about. I hope you can take something away from this post to maybe apply to your own feed!

Take photos in natural light; This is a pretty obvious one but taking your Instagram photos in natural light whenever possible will give you bright images that don't need a great deal of editing. Editing photos with various filters and effects can diminish the quality so taking them in natural daylight is always a good option. I must admit the weather has been so dull lately that it's really affected my blog photography and Instagram images. Roll on Summer - brighter days & light nights. The bloggers dream.

Use a white base; If you want to create a white, light and bright Instagram feed, you'll need to take your images on a light base. This doesn't mean you need a house that's all white (although that would be ideal) as there's so many things you can buy to take your pictures on. For example, I recently bought some white floorboards and laid them over my carpet to create a nice bright look on my Instagram feed. It may seem a bit extreme but for £50, it's made the biggest difference. I also use a white rug, my white dressing table or even white bed sheets to get that nice bright theme. I picked most of my 'props' up on Amazon for really cheap so it doesn't need to cost a lot of money but can make a big difference to the overall look of your account.

Add a filter; Adding a filter and sticking with the same or a similar one throughout your whole feed can really help create that consistent theme that so many blogger have these days. Long gone are the days of sharing your dinner on Instagram (unless it looks pretty and is on a white table - obvs!) but now people are all about the matching images and this can be achieved with a filter. I used VSCO cam mainly and love the filters A5 and HB1 as these really brighten my images and get rid of yellow tones which I personally don't like. I don't use the filters at full strength (which is 12 on VSCO) as I feel this looks a little harsh so I usually take it down to around 7 which creates a nice subtle effect. I then use VSCO to up the brightness too! I sometimes use Afterlight for brightening too which is also a great app with some lovely filters.

Brighten and whiten; If you really want to brighten your images or in some cases, change the colour of a background completely, you can use Facetune or Snapseed to change colours and brightness on certain parts or all of your photo. FaceTune is supposed to be for editing faces but I don't use it for that - I like to use the whiten tool (which is supposed to be for teeth whitening) to brighten up my images and remove any yellow tones. This is honestly so good as it means if you take an image in artificial light which gives that horrible yellow tone, it can be whitened to make the image appear brighter and also make the image your photographing stand out more. As for Snapseed, this is something I like to use if I only want to brighten certain areas on a picture. For example, sometimes I'll want the background to be nice and bright but don't want the item I'm photographing to look too over-exposed. You can use the brush tool on this app to literally paint where you want to add brighteness. Genius!

Remove the warmth; One thing I always do before uploading a photo to my Instagram is remove the warmth from the image. I'm really not keen on yellow tones so I always drop the warmth slightly to make it really white and cool toned. Sometimes this adds a slight blue tone to my images too but I don't mind that too much and feel it adds to the overall look I'm going for.

So there's my top five tips to create a white and bright Instagram feed! I apologise if you already knew all of this but if not, I hope you picked up a couple of tips! I'd love to know what little tricks you use on your own Instagram feeds too so let me know in the comments below. 

You can also follow me here if you want to keep up with my posts!

Roll Necks, Statement Skirts & My New Bag

Hey guys! So I haven't done an outfit post in a little while and that's because of this awful weather! Seriously, I tried to shoot photos of this outfit a good three times and rain or snow kept getting in my way. How annoying?! Total blogger problems. Anyway, I got there in the end and whilst I'm still not entierly happy with these images (the wind was beyond a joke) at least I can finally share this cute outfit with you guys.

I was recently sent some items from Missy Empire which is a really affordable UK brand who sell a while range of cute and on trend pieces - I've loved everything I've ever been sent from them and the pieces are always of a high quality. I'm a big fan of a roll neck style top, especially when the weather is bad as it keeps me nice and toasty and this burgundy one is perfect - not to mention a steal at only £12.00 too. I love everything about it - the colour, the fabric and the fit are all amazing and I've been wearing it non-stop as it goes with so many items in my wardrobe. It's definitely one of my Winter must-haves.

I paired the top with a another Missy Empire item - this gorgeous statement skirt that has a tie front and beautiful laser cut detailing around the hem. Obviously I've worn it as quite a Wintery look here with the knee high boots but I also think this will be stunning in the Summer paid with little vests or crop tops. It's one of those items that can be worn with so many different tops so I know I'm going to get so much wear out of it throughout the whole year. It's only £23.00 too so really affordable.

I also wanted to quickly mention my new bag as I'm so in love with it! It's the Zara Office City bag and as soon as I saw it on their website, it had to be mine. I have another one of their city messenger bags in a tan colour from a couple of years ago but it's slightly too big for day to day use so although this one is still big, I think it's more wearable for every day and the perfect size to fit all my essentials in. It also has a zip compartment in the middle which is the perfect size for my macbook so it's perfect for travelling with too. I'm actually about to invest in a designer handbag but that won't stop me buying amazing high street bags too - you just cannot go wrong with a Zara bag in my opinion. They're fabulous quality and so chic - the perfect alternative to a designer piece.

I hope you guys liked this post - I've linked all items above so if you like anything, just click those and it'll take you directly to the item! You can get the top and skirt for only £45.00 which is such amazing value.

I can't wait to shoot more outfit photos soon as I love sharing them with you guys - I just hope the weather gets its act together very soon.

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder & The Multiples

When it comes to high end beauty brands, NARS is definitely up there with my favourites. I'm obsessed with their Sheer Glow foundation, Laguna bronzer and lip pencils - all must haves in my makeup bag. With this being said, I was excited to recently be given the chance to try a few more products from their range. I was very kindly sent their high reflecting setting powder and two of their multiples. I'd heard so many good things about all of these products so was excited to give them a try. I've been using them for a while now so it's time to share my thoughts!

First up is the Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder and this is a really lovely product. Whenever I do my makeup, setting my foundation with powder is an essential part of my routine. I have combination skin so if I don't set my foundation, my t-zone tends to get a bit shiny during the day and makeup literally melts off my face. Not a cute look. The powder is translucent so it won't provide the skin with any colour so if you like your skin to look the same colour as it does when you've just applied your foundation, this won't effect that. 

It's a really fine powder that blends into the skin with total ease and I feel it really smooths the skin out and creates a flawless finish. I tend to use this all over my face to set my base but I know a lot of people use it just underneath their eyes as the light reflecting properties do really brighten the face. The only down side with this product is the packaging - I'm not the biggest fan of loose powders just because they're so messy! Whenever I use this product, it goes everywhere! I find my brush picks up way too much product and then when I tap it off, there's white powder everywhere. Overall I'd say it's a fantastic product that does exactly what you'd expect it to do but you do have to be patient with it due to the packaging and it's not something I'd use every day due to this inconvenience.

Next up is The Multiples and I have two shades - G-spot and South Beach. The multiples would probably be one of NARS most popular products - especially the shade 'Copacabana' which is a gorgeous champagne highlight and one that I definitely need to try at some point. I think the reason they're such a poplar product is because of their convenience. As they're a stick, you can literally just swipe it on the cheeks straight from the packaging and then blend with your fingers or a brush. These two shades are absolutely gorgeous - G-Spot (not sure about the name of this one haha!) is a beautiful dusky Pink shade with a matte finish and South Beach is a bronze shade and this one has a gorgeous metallic finish. I'd say G-Spot is a perfect Winter blush shade and South Beach is amazing for Summer to enhance a natural tan. I also think that shade is perfect to use on the collar bone and down the shins etc to give the skin a gorgeous glow.

Are you a fan of NARS? Do you like the look of these products?

Insta Style | Australian Fashion Brands

Hi guys! So I've been meaning to do another one of these 'Insta Style' posts for ages now where I share outfits recently posted to my Instagram in a bit more detail. I'm always sharing new clothes over there as its so much easier to take a quick snap for Instagram than get it is to get outside and take more professional looking shots for the blog. That is something I want to start doing more of (I've actually just got a photographer who will be helping me out, yay!) but I also want to share my Instagram outfits too so I can post links and make it easier for you guys to shop my posts.

Today I wanted to talk about four items I've recently shared for two of my favourite Australian fashion brands; Mura Boutique and Tiger Mist. I don't know what it is about the Aussies but their fashion boutiques always sell the most beautiful clothes and these two brands are no exception. I could spend hours looking through their websites - beautiful models with tanned skin, beach pictures and just a general summery vibe. Oh to lead the Australian life in constant sunshine. As I'm sure some of my know, my dad, step mum and two little brothers actually live out in Australia so it's one of my favourite places and this makes me want to support Australian brands even more!

The first dress is this gorgeous little Mura Boutique plunge front number! I love the neutral brown/camel colour of the dress and the wrap and assymetric detailing on the skirt is a nice touch. It's completely open at the back and quite short too so it is quite a skimpy number and definitely not one for this cold Winter weather but I think this will be so gorgeous on holiday this Summer. Especially with a good tan. I can't wait to wear it! Get it here for $49.00.

Next is this absolutely stunning Tiger Mist two piece. I just can't get over how beautiful this is and it's unlike anything else I own. I love the open sleeves, tie front top and the split leg on the trouser. It almost looks like a top with matching maxi skirt but there's no risk of flashing as its actually little shorts with a long overlay. I also love the print - I'm very into all things monochrome and the floral design is perfect for Summer. This will definitely be coming away with me on holiday this year and it would also be perfect for festivals! Love, love, love! You can get the top here for $69.95 and the trousers here for .$79.95.

This top is another Tiger Mist number and oh my goodness, love is not the word. I have this cute crop top in both nude and white and I'm officially obsessed with it. It's one of them tops that will go with so many different bottom balsa (especially high waisted skirts / shorts) and the shape is so flattering too. I love the high neck style which seems to be everywhere at the moment and the cut out plunge front. As it's a crop, it sits on the smallest part of my waist as is just really complimentary to my figure! I cannot wait to wear this - I'm going out on Friday and am planning to wear the White one with a little leather skirt. You can get it here for $59.95.

Finally, we have another cute Mura Boutique dress. Once again this is a gorgeous camel colour dress which I love - so perfect for Summer season! This one has a high neck with a cut out plunge front (I'm sensing a theme - I love a plunge front apparently!) and again have the lovely asymmetric hem. This is another item that is really flattering as the wrap style at the front of the dress emphasises my best bits. Basically I love clothing that emphasises my waist as that's the smallest part of my body. You can get this one here for $29.00.

I really love all of these pieces and you'll be pleased to know both of these sites ship to the UK - yay! Both sites charge around £10-13 for express shipping to the UK which isn't too bad if you're making a big order! They're the perfect sites to shop at for a fabulous Summer wardrobe!

I hope you enjoyed this post - do let me know if you'd like to see more and be sure to follow me on Instagram here to keep up to date with all my latest fashion finds and outfits!

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day yesterday and felt well and truly loved! Whether you spent the day with your partner, family or best friends - I hope you had a good one! My boyfriend and I went out for dinner at one of our favourite places in Newcastle to celebrate and we had the best time ever! You just can't beat a cute little date night eating good food and drinking lots of Prosecco and cocktails.

Anyway, today I want to review the new Chocolate Bon Bons palette from Too Faced which is all love themed and totally appropriate for this time of year when everyone is feeling all loved up! I'm a massive fan of Too Faced and love all of their products, especially the eye shadows, so I was really excited to give this new palette a try as most of the shades look right up my street. I say most as there are a couple I probably wouldn't use but more on that in a moment.

As you can see, the packaging is adorable. It's pink, covered in love hearts and the perfect palette for a girly girl like myself. It's also made from metal and clasps shut securely meaning it's a good one to travel with as it feels pretty sturdy and well made. Not to mention it has a huge mirror making it perfect for on the go touch-ups. Inside the palette there's 16 eye shadows, 14 of them being heart shaped (again, too cute!) and the remaining two being rectangular shaped and slightly larger. The two larger shadows are two of Too Faced's cult favourites while the other 14 are all brand new shades.

From left to right the shades are named Almond Truffle, Satin Sheets, Sprinkles, Molasses Chip, Malted, Cashew Chew, Cotton Candy, CafĂ© Au Lait, Bordeaux, Mocha, Black Currant, Dark Truffle, Pecan Praline, Totally Fetch, Earl Grey and Divinity. The two permanent shades are Satin Sheets and Divinity which I've personally not tried before so they're all new shades for me! As I mentioned earlier, most of the shades are very me and what I'd typically go for but there are a couple I can't see myself wearing and as I'm sure you can imagine, it's the two Pink shades. Pink isn't really a colour I associate with eyeshadow as I feel it would make me look like I have bruised eyes or some sort of infection haha! I'm sure some people can make it work though!

As for the rest of the shades, they're all gorgeous. Most of them are fairly neutral with a variety of beige, brown and gold shades. However, there's also a Silver, Teal and Purple which are really wearable and are nice to have in the palette for those times I fancy doing something a little different with my makeup. I also love that there's a mixture of both shimmery and matte shades as it means I only need this one palette to create a whole array of different looks. I'd say it's one of those palettes that has something for everyone. As always, the formula of the shadows are buttery soft, pigmented and easy to blend. Did I mention they smell like chocolate too?!

I'd highly recommend this palette as it really does have something for everyone and the mixture of shades and finishes means you can create so many different looks!

Do you like the look of this palette? It's available to buy here for £39.00 which I think is fairly reasonable considering the amount of shadows you get.

A Beauty Lovers Best Friend | Pro Hygiene Collection

If you're a bit useless (like me!) when it comes to keeping your brushes clean and makeup hygienic, then I may have the answer. I was recently sent this Pro Hygiene Collection set which includes five handy products for any makeup lover. It probably doesn't seem like the most exciting of products but they come in so useful and are pretty essential if you wear makeup and use makeup brushes every single day. Or, if you're like me and love to do other people's makeup, this handy kit will ensure you're doing it hygienically.

The set includes a Antibacterial makeup spray, makeup brush cleaner, all in one makeup remover and my favourite, a makeup brush and sponge sanitizing wash. Seriously, what more could you need to keep your makeup and brushes clean?! I love that it's all in one handy kit too - it keeps everything I'll need in the one place and is great for travelling. I'd say this is definitely an essential kit for any makeup artists looking to keep their brushes and makeup germ free! I love the packaging too - it's really sleek.

As I said, my favourite from the kit would have to be the makeup brush and sponge sanitising wash as well as the makeup brush cleaner (basically the same thing) as they're the ones I will personally get the most use out of. I washed all my brushes with the brush and sponge sanitising wash recently and it left them squeaky clean and a little bit goes a long way. I also think the makeup spray is a really handy product to have. This can be sprayed onto makeup after use (especially if using it on someone else) to get rid of any germs. The last thing you want to do is spread germs from someone else's face to your own. We've all been there - lent someone an eye product only to end up with conjunctivitis! No, just me?! Also, once it's been used, it inhibits regrowth of bacteria on the surface of makeup products between uses.

I'll also get use from the hand sanitiser as I always like to carry one of these around with me (life saver if you go somewhere that doesn't have hand wash in the bathroom - pet hate!) and it's great to have on hand before doing someone else's makeup to ensure your hands are totally clean before touching their face. I guess that's more important for people who do makeup professionally though - my nearest and dearest don't mind sharing my germs haha!!

So that just leaves the all in one makeup remover which is probably the only one of the five I won't get much use out of. The only reason for that is because I already have my favourite makeup removers (Elemis cleansing balm I'm talking about you) and wouldn't choose to use this over those. However, I'll definitely be using this when I next do friends or family's makeup as I can just pop a bit on a cotton pad and remove any makeup they might already be wearing before I begin. Handy!!

I'd 100% recommend this kit to anyone who wears a lot of makeup or uses their makeup on other people. I'd also say it's essential for all you makeup artists out there. You can get it online here and it currently has 20% off so now is the time to buy!

Would you find this kit handy?

30 Hours In London With Clarins

Last week I was invited to spend 30 hours in London with one of my favourite skincare and beauty brands, Clarins. Clarins was actually one of the first brands I ever used and I love so many of their products so I was over the moon to be invited to their fabulous event to celebrate the launch of their re-invented multi-active moisturisers and their new Summer collection.

I headed down to London on Thursday afternoon and had a car waiting for me at Euston to take me to the Mondrian hotel where myself and lots of other bloggers were staying for the event. I was checked in by the lovely Clarins PR girls and given my room key. My room was absolutely beautiful - it had a huge double bed, flat screen TV on the wall, amazing views of London and the best shower ever. Seriously, I need a huge waterfall shower at home - they're the best! There was also a little goodie bag full of Clarins minis for me waiting on the bed. I thought that was a lovely touch and I always love having mini products for travelling.

After settling into the room, I got ready to meet the other bloggers (including my fave gal Em) before heading to Sketch for dinner. I've only ever been to Sketch once for afternoon tea but have always wanted to eat in the 'pink room' so when we arrived and realised Clarins had booked out the WHOLE room, we were pretty blown away. It was decorated with beautiful flowers and the Pink champagne was well and truly flowing from the moment we stepped into the room.

We had the best night eating yummy food and it was so nice to see so many of my favourite bloggers all in one room. Claris had even invited international bloggers who had flown from all over the world to be there which was pretty amazing! The evening was so relaxed which I really loved - we all chatted the night away eating yummy food and sipping champagne - perfect! When I got back to the room, the Clarins night time multi-active was waiting for me ready to use before bed. It's such a gorgeous thick cream and smells amazing - it sunk into my skin straight away and make my skin look really glow. On first impressions, I love it!!

After a great nights sleep in the Mondrian's super comfy beds, we had a fairly early start to head to the Shard to do yoga - how cool is that? I have to say, after a few too many champagnes the night before, I did have a bit of a sore head but having Clarins new morning multi active delivered to my room at 7:30 soon perked me up and the yoga session definitely had me feeling more awake. Damn, some of those poses burn!! Unfortunately it wasn't the best weather in London so the views weren't as great as we'd hoped but it was still amazing regardless. I'd never been up the Shard before so at least I can tick that one off my list now. We then headed back to our rooms to order some room service (I went for the vegetarian full english and it was yummy!) before heading to the rooftop to hear more about the new multi active products. You can read all about them here and I'll be sure to do a full review when I've used them for a bit long but so far, I'm in love!!

After the talk, we headed back to our rooms, packed up our things and met in the lobby to check out. I was so sad to be leaving such a beautiful hotel and I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for somewhere to stay in London. After checking out we jumper in taxis (which were personalised with Clarins logos by the way - talk about attention to detail!) to Bourne & Hollingworth, the prettiest little restaurant. We were treated to nibbles and some of Clarins new high Summer collection was a laid out for us to look at. Everything is so beautiful and I can't wait until they're released - especially those summery Instant Light Lip Perfectors. I love those things!

I had the best 30 hours in London with Clarins and can't thank them enough for hosting such a fabulous event!

Will you be trying their multi active creams?!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide & New Beauty Launches

Valentine's Day is fast approaching so I thought I'd put together a little gift guide to give your other half some ideas or even just some ideas for things you can treat yourself too as there's so many gorgeous Valentine's themed beauty releases around at the moment. To be honest, I'm not a massive Valentine's fan as I don't think we need a specific day to tell our loved ones how much we love them but I do like the fact it gives my boyfriend and I an excuse the go out for a romantic evening. We don't usually buy each other presents but if he were to buy me something, I'd be more than happy with any of these lovely goodies!! Here's a little overview of them all;

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne; The is one of Jo Malone's latest releases and obviously being named 'red roses', it's the perfect scent for Valentine's day. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's a very strong floral scent and smells just like a bunch of fresh roses which I personally love. However, if floral scents aren't for you, this is probably one to avoid. For me, you just cannot go wrong with a bottle of Jo Malone - I don't think any girl would turn her nose up at one of these so if any guys are reading, this is a safe choice and something I'm sure your girlfriend would love to recieve.

Calvin Klein Bra; Beautiful underwear and Valentine's Day definitely go hand in hand so what better gift for your partner to buy you than some really special underwear you can wear on date night. Ooh, cheeky I know. However, Valentine's does seem to be one of those days us ladies go that extra mile to look our best for a romantic evening and pretty underwear will ensure you feel your best and ooze confidence on your date!! This bra is from Calvin Klein and I'm completely in love with it. You can't go wrong with black lace underwear can you?!

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon's palette; Most girls love makeup so the new Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon's palette is a winner for any makeup lover this Valentine's day. Not to mention the eyeshadows are heart shaped and it smells like chocolate - even more perfect?! What girl doesn't love makeup, pretty packaging and chocolate?! I'm planning on doing a full review of this soon but on first impressions it's a gorgeous palette and other than the two Pink shades, the colours are all really wearable. Too Faced is always such amazing quality too so I'm excited to give this a try!

LVNDR jewllery; One of my best friends Em, who I'm sure you all know, owns her own jewellery brand LVNDR and I'm just so obsessed with their stuff so I had to include them in this post. They have the cutest range of jewellery including lots of heart rings which would be perfect as a Valentine's day gift. The rings look so amazing when they're stacked together and I also love their bracelets - especially the two I've photographed for this post which you can find here and here. I also love how LVNDR jewellery always arrives so beautifully packaged so if you want to unwrap a cute little parcel full of pretty jewellery, you need to send your partner on over to the LVNDR website. You can also get 10% off your order with my code KJC10 and considering their prices are so reasonable anyway, you need to grab yourselves a bargain!!

Lush Gift Sets; Most of us ladies love to have a pamper in the bath so LUSH is always a great gift to receive. They always do the cutest gift sets and their Valentine's collection is super cute. The products include lots of pink and red shades, heart shaped bath bombs and super sweet and girly scents. I know I'll be having a pamper with them before my Valentine's day date night. Also, they come so beautifully wrapped that if you're not the worlds best gift wrapper, it's already done for you!!

Kiko Best Friends Forever collection; I love Kiko so when a parcel arrived with products from their new best friends forever collection, I totally swooned. The packaging is red with hearts and nothing says Valentine's more than that combo, does it? The lipstick itself is even heart shaped. Seriously, the cutest thing ever. I'm going to do a full review of these products soon so I'll share more photos then but on first impressions, they're stunning and would make the most lovely gift!

I hope you enjoyed this post - feel free to send the link to your significant other to drop a few hints, hehe!! Or if you're a single gal, all the products above are linked so why not go and treat yourself?!

What will you be doing this Valentine's Day?!
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