NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder & The Multiples

When it comes to high end beauty brands, NARS is definitely up there with my favourites. I'm obsessed with their Sheer Glow foundation, Laguna bronzer and lip pencils - all must haves in my makeup bag. With this being said, I was excited to recently be given the chance to try a few more products from their range. I was very kindly sent their high reflecting setting powder and two of their multiples. I'd heard so many good things about all of these products so was excited to give them a try. I've been using them for a while now so it's time to share my thoughts!

First up is the Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder and this is a really lovely product. Whenever I do my makeup, setting my foundation with powder is an essential part of my routine. I have combination skin so if I don't set my foundation, my t-zone tends to get a bit shiny during the day and makeup literally melts off my face. Not a cute look. The powder is translucent so it won't provide the skin with any colour so if you like your skin to look the same colour as it does when you've just applied your foundation, this won't effect that. 

It's a really fine powder that blends into the skin with total ease and I feel it really smooths the skin out and creates a flawless finish. I tend to use this all over my face to set my base but I know a lot of people use it just underneath their eyes as the light reflecting properties do really brighten the face. The only down side with this product is the packaging - I'm not the biggest fan of loose powders just because they're so messy! Whenever I use this product, it goes everywhere! I find my brush picks up way too much product and then when I tap it off, there's white powder everywhere. Overall I'd say it's a fantastic product that does exactly what you'd expect it to do but you do have to be patient with it due to the packaging and it's not something I'd use every day due to this inconvenience.

Next up is The Multiples and I have two shades - G-spot and South Beach. The multiples would probably be one of NARS most popular products - especially the shade 'Copacabana' which is a gorgeous champagne highlight and one that I definitely need to try at some point. I think the reason they're such a poplar product is because of their convenience. As they're a stick, you can literally just swipe it on the cheeks straight from the packaging and then blend with your fingers or a brush. These two shades are absolutely gorgeous - G-Spot (not sure about the name of this one haha!) is a beautiful dusky Pink shade with a matte finish and South Beach is a bronze shade and this one has a gorgeous metallic finish. I'd say G-Spot is a perfect Winter blush shade and South Beach is amazing for Summer to enhance a natural tan. I also think that shade is perfect to use on the collar bone and down the shins etc to give the skin a gorgeous glow.

Are you a fan of NARS? Do you like the look of these products?


  1. Not sure about that name either haha, but it's a lovely dusty pink colour!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. The products seem nice :p
    Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Have to say I hated the multiples. The formula felt overly creamy and almost oily (probably because of the hot Australian climate melting them), they didn't blend well and had a tendency to shift base makeup around. I was given the orgasm one and I didn't like the colour either. Big fail for me! A real shame because they're so cute and I usually love nars

  4. These look really nice. i've always wanted to try out nars. X

  5. Ooo I definitely need to try the Multiples! Sounds like they'll be perfect for summer x

  6. The Multiples look gorgeous! I would love to try more products from Nars, these are definitely going on my wish list!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  7. The multiples are very nice I like using them on clients :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  8. I like Nars! But some of thier products are so overpriced! I tend to find other more affordable options. I do have thier concealer, blush and all day luminious foundation! I had thier setting powder(review on my blog) but returned it because it wasn't worth the price. I had both the pressed and loose! You should try Sacha buttercup powder( affordable option) or Laura mercier translucent setting powder!

  9. I love the look of South Beach, I'm never disappointed when I try Nars products, everything from the packaging to the shade range and how they apply just scream luxury! x

  10. I love the look of south beach, I have always wanted to try these they look really useful and easy to use x

    Zoe Mountford x

  11. The setting powder sounds so good. I am planning to get used to using a setting powder instead of powder foundation to set my face. South Beach Multiple is so great for summer x

  12. Never tried any NARS products but so many people rave about them that I would love to try them. The loose powder looks great - I love translucent powders. I have the Laura Mercier and I love it. The only down side like you say is that they are pretty messy!
    The Multiples look so , so pretty!

  13. I love the look of these, those two colours are gorgeous!
    Maddy, xo

  14. Omgggg I love it ! They are soooo pretty, I really need to try these !! Also very nice post, love your blog ! <3

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog :

  15. I love NARS products - i've heard lots of good things about The Multiples!

    Caz | This is Caz

  16. I soooo need to get some multiples now! xx

  17. Great post, i love nars and like the look of these products :)
    Robyn xx

  18. Can always count on NARS to have X-rated names haha! So going to get some Multiples now they seem lovely!


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