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I'm a huge fan of false eyelashes and although they're not to everyone's taste, they're an essential part of my night out beauty routine as I feel they're the perfect finishing touch and give me a more glam look. To be honest, I'd wear them every day if I could as I do feel they improve my appearance but if you wear them yourself, I'm sure you know how fiddly they can be to apply and let's face it, who has time for that first thing in the morning? However, Eylure may well have the answer as their new Express Pre-Glued eyelashes are an absolute game changer for all us lash lovers.

They very generously sent me a box of the lashes to try and I haven't used anything else since I received them. I've already gone through four pairs so I feel like I've used them enough to give you guys a thorough review! I have to be honest, when I first received them, I did question if they'd be any good as I just couldn't imagine applying lashes without putting glue on them first - surely they wouldn't stay on?

However, after using them on a recent night out, I can confirm that any worries I had about them were totally unnecessary as they felt really secure and stayed on all night. Eylure promise they'll stay on for 15+ hours and while I haven't personally had to wear them for that long - I don't find it hard to believe that they would last for that length of time.

To apply them, you simply remove them from the lash holder and apply to the lash line. The pre-glued strip runs along the lash and is clear which is another bonus as lash glue is usually white which means waiting around for it to dry clear and it can often interfere with the rest of my eye makeup. I also found that not applying glue made them way more comfortable to wear. They feel so light on the eyes and there's none of that horrible tacky feeling from lash glue or those moments where you blink and your top and bottom lashes get stuck together. Yep, we've all been there.

As I mentioned, I've used these lashes a good few times now and I've loved every style I've tried so far but my favourite pair would have to be 117 texture which isn't photographed here as I used them before taking these photos but oh my goodness, they're the most beautiful lashes! They have a gorgeous fluttery effect and look so natural which I like as I don't like my false eyelashes to look too fake/drag queen-esque! I'll definitely be stocking up on those as they're perfect for both day and night.

I'd highly recommend these lashes to anyone who wears false lashes, no matter how often. Who doesn't want to add something to their beauty routine which saves time and hassle? Eylure, I salute you for this fabulous invention.

They're available to buy here from Superdrug and cost £4.95 which is slightly cheaper than traditional lashes too!! 

Do you like the sound of these lashes? 


  1. Ah no more glue disasters! These look amazing, I will definitely need to try these :) x

  2. I love Eylure lashes so i will definitely try these out! It sounds to good to be true haha
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  3. I love the sound of these anything to make false lash application easier! :)

  4. I absolutely love Eyelure anyway so these are definitely going to be added to my shopping basket next time I'm in the beauty aisle! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  5. I suck at falsies I can't get it right so I decided to buy one of these to try! I got the 070 and can't wait for a time to wear them, they sound amazing! xx

    Sara |

  6. Interesting concept, but can you wear them a second time? I like the fuss free of not having to fiddle about with wet glue!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  7. THE BEST INVENTION EVER! <3 I can finally add these to my make-up routine! Thanks for sharing <3

  8. These sound perfect, I don't wear lashes much because I don't have the patience to mess about with glue. These would be ideal for me!

    Love, Siobhan

  9. I'm definitely going to buy some of these- I can never get the glue right on normal ones so these would be so much easier and I love all the different styles too!

    Caz | This is Caz

  10. For someone who ends up having eyelashes glued to her fingers these would be perfect!

    Meme xx

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  11. Ooo I'll need to give these a go! I'm definitely a false lashes lover x

  12. My goodness these lashes sound spot on! I love Eyelure lashes anyway, so can't wait to try these! X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

  13. I'm rubbish at applying false lashes but I think the gluing bit is half my problem! I definitely am going to try these in the hope it'll be easier and I can start wearing them more regularly :-) xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog


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