YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks

As I'm sure you all know by now, lipstick is my weakness. Especially beautiful packaged lipsticks like the YSL Rouge Volupte's. I still remember buying my first one and cherishing it like it was the crown jewels. The gold packaging and the beautiful logo wrapped around a band of colour which represents the colour of the lipstick inside is just so beautiful. Basically, it's what makeup packaging dreams are made of and in my opinion, one that can't be beaten. With this being, you can imagine my excitement when five of YSL's brand spanking new Rouge Volupte lipsticks arrived at my door. Such a dream!

I already owned three YSL lipsticks prior to receiving this lovely lot but until now, I'd never tried one of the shine formulas. I think the reason for that is because I'm not usually a fan of sheer lipsticks as they don't tend to be all that pigmented and if I'm spending a lot of money on makeup, I want it to be something that will actually show up on me. However, since trying these lipsticks, I may have been converted as they're so beautiful to wear!

The texture of them is amazing - they feel so moisturising on the lips and provide a nice wash of colour without being too heavy for day wear. They also have the most lovely glossy finish which I personally love as I'm not keen on matte lips. I also have to mention the scent as they smell like watermelon - seriously, they're good enough to eat. 

L-R: #41 Corail A Porter, #43 Rose Rive Gauche, #45 Rouge Tuxedo, #46 Orange Perfecto & #47 Beige Blouse

In terms of shades, due to their more sheer finish, they're all so wearable and would suit all skin tones. As you can see from my swatches, they're all beautiful shades for S/S and there isn't one I wouldn't wear. At the moment my favourite is Beige Blouse which is a beautiful dusky pink and the perfect 'my lips but better' shade. It's been coming everywhere with me recently and even made an appearance on my Snapchat as my current fave lipstick so if you follow me on there (@kayljcouture) you may have seen it. I think the other shades will be perfect for the Summer months as they all fall into the peach/orange and pink colour family. 

Overall I'd say these lipsticks are beautiful and would recommend anyone to try them, especially if you like lip products that also moisturise your lips and have a glossy finish. Not to mention look beautiful sat on your dressing table!

You can buy them here for £26.00 each here and from YSL counters nationwide.


  1. I dont own any YSL lipstick but I want it so bad just for the packaging. Goals! ahah


  2. Beige Blouse is beautiful shade! I actually prefer bold shades to be more on the sheer shade. I feel more comfortable wearing them. And i really want to add some colour in my makeup collection for spring / summer, so these sound perfect :) xx

    LPage Beauty 

  3. These look so pretty and I love the middle one. The packaging of these lipsticks are so pretty and I should have added one to my wish list for my birthday.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  4. Are these new shades? I love beige blouse it looks like the perfect everyday colour!! I absolutely love the formula and packaging of these lipsticks too, definitely will be checking these out!

    Rhiannon x

  5. Sheer and tad bit glossy lips are making a come back after a long matte madness period. I absolutely adore Beige Blouse! <3

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  6. I own one YSL lipstick and LOVE it!! I think the quality is amazing and so worth the money, these all look so pretty and perfect for Spring and Summer! Xx


  7. The packaging and shades are just to die for! I'd be over the moon to o2n one of these lovely lipsticks! YSL are so amazing!


  8. These are stunning! <3 They seem like perfect quality too :)


  9. 43 and 47 look really lovely :)


  10. Oh my gosh I want a YSL lipstick so badly, the packaging is just so beautiful. I'd totally buy one just to put it on display hahaha. Good to hear they're moisturising, I can't stand the feel of a drying lipstick. x

    Sally - DiagonSally

  11. YSL lippies are so gorgeous! I have the shade 13 Pink in Paris, but that Beige Blouse is going on my wish list right away! xx

  12. Oh, these really are gorgeous!!
    Nice daytime option.


  13. #47 looks lovely, I do like the sheer buildability of the YSL lipsticks.

  14. These really are gorgeous lipsticks and I would love to get my hands on them, but intill I can get a better wage packet these will have to stay a dream for now.

    Meme xx

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    A Day In The Life Of London

  15. The packaging is so gorgeous!!!

  16. These lipsticks truly are my fave and I've picked up a few similar colours recently! Such pretty photography as always Kayleigh!

    Grace xo

  17. The packaging is gorgeous, #43 looks so nice!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  18. I've been dying to try this lipstick!! The packaging alone is stunning!!

    Mel | www.thegossipdarling.com

  19. Theses look gorgeous! I adore the packaging and how luxurious they look. I think a YSL lipstick may have to be my next purchase this payday.

    Hannah | hannahbetx.blogspot.co.uk


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