YSL Rouge Volupte Summer Lipsticks

I'm a massive fan of YSL's Rouge Volupte lipsticks so when a bag full of them with 'Kayleigh's Summer lipsticks' wrote on it turned up at my door, I was chuffed to bits! I love when brands personalise their blogger gifts - it's such a lovely touch. Well done YSL!

When it comes to lipsticks, the YSL rouge volupte's have got to be up there as one of (if not the most) beautiful in terms of packaging. I remember wanting one of them so badly when I first got into makeup but MAC was about as expensive as I could go back then so YSL was totally out of my budget. However, I then got bought one as a gift by my boyfriends lovely mum and the obsession has continued ever since as trust me when I say, despite their expensive price tag, every girl needs at least one of these lipsticks in her collection.

The main reason I love this particular range of YSL lipsticks is because of the amazing formula. I'm not one for wearing a lot of matte lipsticks as I don't think they suit me and I also hate the feeling of dry lips. Not to mention glossy finishes make my lips look bigger too so it's a definite winner for me.. I also love how moisturising they feel on my lips - I'm prone to dry lips all year round which means some lipsticks look awful if they don't have the right texture. They also smell like watermelon so what's not to love?!

Front row L-R; #42,#45,#47, #50 | Back row L-R; #51, #41, #49, #19

As you can see from my photos, these new YSL lipstick finishes are insane. They're bright without being overpowering thanks to the glossy finish and would all look amazing on a warm Summer night or on holiday with a tan! I'm not going to go through every single shade as I'll be here all day and I think the photos speak for themselves but I'd have to say my favourites are #47 which is a lovely pinky nude, #50 which is a bright fuchsia and finally #45 which is a beautiful warm toned red. They're all right up my street and I just know I'll be wearing them none stop for the next few months!

L-R; #47, #41,#51, #49, #50, #19, #45

Are you a fan of YSL lipstick? What's your favourite shade?

P.S - I'm so proud of the photos in this post. I shot them on manual for the first time ever and I just love how they've turned out. It's inspired me to get back to taking lots of beauty photography so expect more posts from me soon!

Suede Skirt Stylin'

Hi guys! Just a quick post from me today showing you an outfit I wore recently. I've been so busy working away on content behind the scenes that I haven't actually had much chance to update my blog as regularly as I'd like to. Last week was one of the busy weeks in a long time and I just didm't have a minute to sit down and write. However, it was busy for good reasons - I did a shoot with Quiz clothing which was super fun and have been working away on various campaigns that I'll be sharing with you all very soon!

Anyway, back to this outfit. I'm obsessed with all things suede at the moment so when I spotted this suede skirt with lace up detailing on the Miss Pap website, it had to be mine. It comes in a few different colours so it was a struggle deciding which one to get but I figured black would go with everything and also see me through the A/W season paired with tights and boots. However, I have since got the nude version (follow my Instagram @kayleighjcouture to see that one) and may even have to get the Khaki one too. It's seriously one of the comfiest pieces of clothing I own and also one of those that can be dressed up or down so I just know I'll get so much wear out of it. The only thing I will say is that I found I did find it slightly too big on my waist despite it being my usual size small so I'd definitely advise going a size down if you buy it - I got the extra small in the nude version and it fits perfectly. Don't forget you can get 10% off Miss Pap when you use my code KAYLEIGHJ10 at the checkout which makes this skirt only £18.00, such a bargain.

I paired the skirt with my new Missguided tie back crop top and again, I'm obsessed with this piece. I actually bought this to go with a pair of trousers I'm planning to wear on my holiday to Mallorca next month but it also goes perfectly with this skirt - I love pairing black and white items together. I think this will be so perfect on holiday as it's really lightweight and will amazing with a tan. I also love the tie back detailing - it almost feels like I'm wearing a bikini, it's so comfortable!!

To finish the look, I wore my fave Missguided strappy sandals, my new rose gold 'Vivienne' Quay sunglasses from White Fox Boutique and of course, my beloved Chloe Faye bag. I love that this bag goes with so many of my outfits - it's such a perfect neutral colour!

Are you a fan of this look?! I promise I'll be back with lots of posts soon - bare with me!!

The New Fragrance From DKNY - Be Tempted

One of the first fragrances I ever owned as a teenager was DKNY 'Be Delicious' - that iconic green apple bottle would always be sat on my dressing table and I can't even tell you how many bottles I must have gone through, with it always being on my birthday or Christmas wish list. I'm sure a lot of you will have owned this perfume at some point in your life as it's been around for over ten years now and the brand continue to release new apple designs every year!

With this being said, I was really excited when DKNY recently invited me on board their amazing double decker bus to celebrate the launch of their brand new fragrance, Be Tempted. As you can see by the images, the bus was kitted out with the iconic Be Delicious scent on the bottom floor and Be Tempted on the top floor, in a naughty vs nice style theme. The bottom floor was green and fresh to represent the original fragrance,  and was the 'nice' half, whilst the top floor was red and accessorised with snakes (which looked very realistic might I add) to represent the new scent and the 'naughty' side. I have to say I was loving all of the sweets on offer and may have taken a small (okay, large) goodie bag away with me to scoff on my way home - the jelly snakes were a personal fave. Don't you just love when brands have such great attention to detail at their events? I could tell all of the team were really excited about the new launch too!

The packaging for 'Be Tempted' is still the classic apple shaped bottle, but this time it's luxurious red glass with a pretty metallic lid and snake embellishment. I love the whole concept of the packaging and the naughty vs nice theme - the lovely ladies from DKNY told me that it plays on the story of Adam and Eve and the 'forbidden apple' which is such a cool idea and definitely represented in the scent itself. It has a sensual, seductive and sophisticated vibe about it - it's a very grown up scent and the first one like it from Be Delicious. It would be perfect for date night as it's definitely a scent to wear when you want to impress and feel confident. It's crazy how certain fragrances can make you feel so much better about yourself but this is definitely one of those. I've been wearing it all day today and it lasts so well. I can't normally smell perfumes on myself but I keep getting a whiff of this which is delightful, if I do say so myself.

I'm not the best at summarising a fragrance and obviously it all comes down to personal preference so I'd highly recommend you go and give it a sniff for yourself but what I will say is that it's SO lovely - I think I might even prefer it over the original scent, and that's saying something as I love the original a lot. It's notes include blackcurrant bud, red fruit accord, orange flower, vanilla and myhrr, just to name a few. It's sweet and fruity but also musky and sensual - it's a hard one to explain but it has the perfect mixture of femininity and sassiness (yes, I just used the word sassiness - why not?!).

If you like the look of this brand new offering from DKNY, you'll be pleased to know that it's available to buy from The Fragrance Shop tomorrow and I just know it's going to be a huge success. It's priced at £37.00 for 30ml, £50.00 for 50ml and £69 for £100ml - add it to your wish list ladies!!

Are you a fan of DKNY fragrances? Are you excited for this new launch?

*This is a sponsored post. However, as always, all opinions are my own.

Stila 'Perfect Me, Perfect Hue' Palette Review & Swatches

I recently posted this beautiful new Stila palette on my Instagram (come follow me @kayleighjcouture if you don't already) and lots of you were loving it so I thought I'd do a review on my blog in full so you can see it in a bit more detail along with some swatches. I haven't actually tried too many Stila products before but it's a brand I always hear great things about so I was really excited to give this a try.

When I received this in the post, my first thought was 'wow, this is so pretty!' as the gold leopard print packaging is really lovely - I usually prefer more simple packaging but this is still really understated and classy looking, despite it being a bold print. I also love how compact the palette is - it isn't very big but that's great in my opinion as it makes it easier to travel with. There's four variations of the palette, each designed with a different skin tone in mind. The one I was sent is for Medium/Tan skin tones but there's also palettes for Fair/Light, Light/Medium and Tan/Deep available. If I was to pick one myself, I'd have probably gone for Light/Medium as that's how I'd describe my skin tone but the palette I have still suits me, so I don't think you have to stick to your skin tone - just go for the one you like the look of best I guess!

The palette contains five eyeshadows and two blushers, with a mixture of matte and shimmery finishes. I like that it  has a mixture as it means you can create lots of different looks for both day and night. The shades in the palette I have are all beautiful and very wearable. The back of the palette states how each shade should be used which is useful, especially if you're not the best at applying eyeshadow and need a bit of guidance. The shades are as follows;

Curious - a matte beige to be used all over the lid as a base, 
Captivating - a soft champagne shade with a slight shimmer to use as a highlight
Daring - a shimmery copper/rose gold to use all over the lid
Fiesty - a deep chocolate brown to use in the crease.

Finally, the two blush shades are 'Inspiring', a beautiful Coral shade with a slight shimmer and 'Mysterious', a pretty matte rosy Pink. I'm not usually a blush wearer but these shades are so beautiful and I've actually really enjoyed wearing them - especially Inspiring. 

I've been using the palette virtually every day since I received it in the post as I love every single shade and as I said earlier, the size makes it great for travelling so it's always in my handbag for one the go touch ups. The quality of the shadows is absolutely amazing - they're so pigmented and buttery, making them so easy to apply and blend. My favourite shade in the palette would have to be Daring as I'm obsessed with anything rose gold and it's also a great shade 

L-R - Curious, Captivating, Daring, Fiesty, Inspiring and Mysterious.

It's available to buy here from Cult Beauty and costs £28.00. Do you like the look of this palette? Are you a fan of Stila cosmetics?

Testing the Hyundai Tucson, Visiting Our New House & A Trip to Alton Towers

Hi guys! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was pretty hectic but also super fun so I wanted to share what I got up to with you all! If you're following me on social media, you might have seen that Vantage Motor Group kindly lent me a lovely Hyundai Tuscon to use for the weekend and as I don't actually have a car at the moment (we couldn't have one whilst our mortgage offer was going through as it affected our affordability too much) I couldn't wait to have the freedom to go wherever I wanted without needing to rely on public transport.

My boyfriend and I picked the car up from Hyundai on Saturday morning and were greeted by the lovely manager Steve who gave us some details about Hyundai and the car we'd be taking away with us, the Tucson. We decided to go for the automatic over the manual as I personally find automatic cars so much easier to drive, especially when driving in the city centre where you constantly need to stop and start. We were really surprised to hear that Hydunai is mostly popular with the older generations (he said 64 was the average age people buy, eek) as they have some really lovely cars and super cool features perfect for those of us in our twenties! Steve showed us all the features on the inside of the car such as the lane assist function which basically drives the car for you as it keeps you within the white lines on roads with lanes and will beep if you're getting too close to the edge. My boyfriend and I had so much fun testing this feature - if you take your hands off the wheel, it actually steers the car for you - madness! Obviously it's not recommended you take your hands off the wheel but it's great to know it's there for extra safety if anything happened that prevented you from handling the car properly.

Another feature I loved was the parking assist to help with parallel and reverse parking. As someone who is completely useless at parking, being able to see exactly where you're going on a screen in the car and also have the car actually park for you is absolutely brilliant. I also loved the built in sat-nav, the sunroof and the fact the seats can be heated up or cooled down. It was a really sunny weekend so we used the cool seats the whole time and absolutely loved them. There's nothing worse than feeling too hot and stuffy in a car or too cold so this is a really cool feature as it means you can tailor the car to your own needs!

So after we'd had an overview of the car, it was time to get going! We were absolutely starving so we asked Steve if he'd recommend anywhere for brunch in the local area and he recommended Unico, a gorgeous little cafe in Wilmslow. We'd never been to Wilmslow before but had heard lots of good things about it so it was nice to go for a look around. I can confirm it's a very cute little town with lots of lovely restaurants, boutiques and eateries. In true blogger style, I ordered the avocado and eggs for brunch and it was absolutely divine. Matt went for the breakfast muffin which also looked yummy! We sat outside in the sunshine on the cutest little table with pretty pink flowers and watched the world go by - it was perfect. We also spotted Tanya from Real Housewives of Cheshire heading in to Starbucks so I guess it's one of her fave areas too!

After brunch we decided that while we had the car, it would be the perfect opportunity to go and see the house we've bought which is a new build and still in the process of being finished ready for us to move in. Last time we went to see it, there was no front of the house - just the structure inside and the roof so it was amazing to see how far it's come along in the last few weeks. We were both in complete awe when we saw it - even though we knew how it was going to look, it was so exciting to see it in real life. I still can't quite believe it's going to be my house - it's the kind of house I've dreamed of owning for years now so I'm really proud I can say I've made that dream a reality. We're due to move in at the beginning of October and we're so excited - I can't wait to show you all the inside and share some interior posts when I finally get to decorate it, yay!!

We had a fairly chilled evening on Saturday watching Stranger Things on Netflix which I wanted to watch after Zoella recommended it in one of her recent vlogs and I'm so glad I did. It's a show about a little boy who goes missing and there's lots of paranormal and rather creepy twists and turns. There's only eight episodes in the series and we're already halfway through which is a bit annoying (only because I don't want it to be over) but I'm excited to see how it ends!

On Sunday we got up bright and early, jumped in the car and made our way to Alton Towers. I've not been to a theme park in years and I always used to love visiting Alton Towers when I was younger so when my boyfriend suggested we go whilst we had the car to travel in, I was more than up for it! As the Tucson is a big car, it's so spacious inside which makes it perfect when you're travelling long distances. Luckily Alton Towers is only around an hour and 15 mins away from where we live but it was still lovely to travel comfortably - it even has a sunglasses holder, USB to charge your phone on the go (a blogger essential) and the best cup holders ever - I hate cup holders that don't keep your drink secure and end up splashing it all over the place but these ones were very secure indeed! Just thought I'd point that out in case you're a coffee lover and regularly drink it in your car!

We had the best day ever at Alton Towers and although I was a total whimp before going on some of the rides, it's definitely proven to me that there's no better thrill than going on a rollercoaster. I even went on The Smiler which got lots of bad press last year after it collided with another carriage which resulted in serious injuries and a girl having to have her leg amputated. Stories like this are really scary and sad to hear about but I wouldn't let it put you off going to the theme park as that was a very rare situation and something that will hopefully never happen again! We didn't experience any problems when we were there and the staff were very thorough in ensuring everyone was safe on the rides. 

My favourite ride of the day had to be Thirteen as it had a very unexpected bit in the middle which I won't tell you about in case you decide to visit yourself - all I can say is that it shocked me and had my boyfriend and I in hysterics. I also loved Galactica which is a new ride at Alton Towers and the first virtual reality rollercoaster ever. We had to put a headset on which was attached to the seat before we set off and this made it look as though you were flying through space whilst on the rollercoaster - such a cool ride and one I'd highly recommend you go on next time you're visiting! Unfortunately I didn't get many photos while we were there as I was too busy on and off rides all day and stuffing my face with donuts - as you do. I don't eat donuts anywhere else other than a theme park - they just go together so well, don't they?!

After a long day of being thrown around the air on rides, we decided it was time to head home and I was definitely ready for a nap! Luckily for me, the seats in the Tucson recline pretty far back which meant I could have a really comfortable snooze while my boyfriend drove us home. I usually leave long car journeys to him as he's a much more confident driver than I am - motorways terrify me!

So there's my weekend and the Hyundai Tucson in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed and do let me know what you think about the car and if you own a Hyundai yourself. My boyfriend and I are actually looking to buy a car in the next few weeks, so let me know your faves!

*Sponsored by Vantage Motor Group - all opinions are my own.

Style | My Denim Midis & Bodysuits Obsession

Hey guys! I hope you're all well. Apologies for my lack of posts over the last week. I've had the post hectic week of my life and spent Thursday-Monday partying in Ibiza for my friends hen do. I had the best time ever but am definitely paying for it now as I write this post from my bed feeling just a little bit worse for wear. Oh well, all the fun we had was worth it. You can see pictures of what we got up to over on my Instagram @kayleighjcouture if you're interested.

Anyway, today I'm back with another style post and this time I want to show you guys one of my current favourite outfits. I've been absolutely obsessed with denim midi skirts recently as I think they're so flattering, easy to wear and perfect for those Summer days when you want to get your legs out but don't want too much skin on show. I do freelance work in Liverpool twice a week and midi skirts are my go-to when I want to wear something appropriate for the warm weather but still look professional. The skirt I'm wearing in this post is from ASOS and I'm so in love with it. It's the perfect fit, goes with so many different style tops and is also really comfortable.

I decided to pair it with my new New Look bodysuit in these photos as again, bodysuits are something I'm loving at the moment. I love the striped print of this one and the pastel pink with grey and black in one of my favourite colour combinations. It also has a slight hint of glitter through the fabric which is nice and means it could be dressed up for an evening out with a leather skirt or fitted trousers.

Accessories wise, I worse my new Public Desire heels which I'm totally in love with. They're the kind of shoes that will go with so many different looks - I love all the straps and buckles, they have a really edgy feel to them but they're also still really chic and sophisticated too! I also wore my favourite Miss Pap choker necklace as chokers are another item I just can't get enough of at the moment - anyone else obsessed?! Finally, I wore my rose gold Noughts & Kisses sunglasses which have been my go-to pair of sunnies so far this Summer. I wore them the whole time I was in Ibiza!!

I hope you guys like this look - are you a fan of midi skirts and bodysuits too?!

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