Testing Out The Mazda MX-5

If you read my blog regularly or follow me on social media, you might have seen that I've recently teamed up with the lovely people at Vantage Motor Group to test out  some of their fabulous cars. I was so excited when they got in touch as I'm actually on the market for a new car at the moment and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try some out.  The car I've been testing for the past few days is the Mazda MX-5 and it's safe to say I LOVE this car. 

My boyfriend and I went to pick up the car last weekend from the Oldham showroom and were greeted by their lovely sales manager who gave us a look at the car and all it's features before giving us the keys to get going. It has some great features such as heated seats, touch screen internet app integration (yep, you can check Facebook from your car), built-in sat nav and the very handy engine start and stop button, just to name a few. My boyfriend was completely in his element - as a big fan of cars, he'd heard a lot of good things about the MX-5 and couldn't wait to give it a try - check him out looking all excited in that photo, hehe! I was also really looking forward to driving it as I've never driven a convertible or two seater car before so I was interested to see how it would compare to a standard five door. As you can see, it's a small sporty car that has a really chic and streamlined look to it. I think it's the type of car that appeals to both males and females as it's sporty without being too sporty and 'laddy', if that makes any sense at all?! Basically, both me and my boyfriend were happy to drive it and neither of us felt out of place.

As well as the stunning exterior, the Mazda MX-5 also has a really luxurious interior with both leather and chrome finishes. I think the way a car look on the inside is just as important as how it looks on the outside, if not more so, as that's where you're going to be spending all of your time. I was worried we wouldn't have any leg room with it only being a two seater but the front seats were roomy enough and with the integrated boot, we used that to put our bags in, rather than flinging them on the back seat like we usually would. Another thing I loved about the interior was the gear stick as it was really short meaning it was so easy to change the gears. I usually hate driving manual cars and  tend to stick with automatic for convenience but I didn't have any issues with this at all. In fact, I actually enjoyed changing the gears, and I never thought I'd hear myself say that.

I let Matt drive the car away from the showroom as he was itching to give it a go - boys and their toys ey?! The first thing he commented on was how powerful the car was - the lightest touch of the accelerator and you're off. It's definitely a car for the thrill seekers out there as it's got a lot of power for such a small car. Luckily for us it was a lovely sunny day so we were able to drive off with the roof down which was amazing and definitely one of my favourite things about the car. I know the UK isn't known for it's fantastic weather but on those few nice days we do have, it's so nice to have that option to drive around with the roof down.

Now obviously with this being a small two-seater car, it probably isn't ideal for families (unless you can afford more than one car and want this as your 'fun' car) but for single people or young couples, this is perfect. The benefits of it being so small is that it's pretty easy to park, it feels really lightweight and smooth to drive and also has amazing power for those of your who love a fast ride. However, despite it's sporty style and powerful engine, it's also a really safe car to drive too and has lots of added safety features such as the Lane Departure Warning System which warns you if you're getting too close to the edge of a lane, a SKY-ACTIV body engineered 'triple H' body structure which helps protect passengers from impact forces and a blind spot monitoring system. Again, these are just a few of the Mazda's feature - if I were to name them all, I'd be here all day.

I also thought I'd quickly show you the outfit I wore while taking the MX-5 for a spin this weekend as I thought it was really cute and perfect for the upcoming A/W season - it even got the boyfriends seal of approval! I always thought pinafore dresses were for school children only and that I just wouldn't be able to pull one off but since getting this Dorothy Perkins number,  my opinion has totally changed as I actually felt pretty cool and stylish wearing it.

I paired is with a little stripey tee as it was a nice day but you could also wear it over a roll neck jumper when it gets cooler so it's a great versatile piece and I love the burgundy shade for the Autumn season. I also paired it with my Adidas Superstar trainers but again, you could switch these for tights and ankle boots or knee high boots when the weather gets colder!!

I hope you enjoyed this post guys - this time last year I hadn't even passed my driving test so it's crazy that I'm now reviewing cars but it's SO much fun and I hope to try out some more from Vantage Motor Group very soon. Forget lipsticks, cars are my new obsession, hehe!

Do you like the look of the Mazda MX-5?!

The Zoella Apartment & New Zoella Lifestyle Collection

I'm sure you've all heard of Zoe Sugg aka Zoella and if you haven't, where have you been?! Zoe is the queen of YouTube and a huge inspiration to myself and many other bloggers and vloggers. Since beginning her YouTube channel she's released two books (and a third is on its way), her own beauty line 'Zoella Beauty' and the latest addition to her business empire, 'Zoella Lifestyle' which I'm super excited to share with you guys today!

I was very kindly invited along to the 'Zoella Apartment' last week so see the new range of Zoella Lifestyle products which were beautifully displayed in the most amazing London apartment. Trust me when I say it was serious goals. I went along with my friend Lucy and we were both in awe of how pretty it was - I wanted to move in! Each room of the apartment was full of Zoe's new lifestyle products as well as some items from her current beauty line and her new upcoming Christmas beauty products. There was such a lovely atmosphere in the apartment, I was completely in my element - there was a Christmas tree, presents and freshly baked gingerbread mean - delish!

The new range of Zoella Lifestyle products is absolutely amazing and there isn't one thing I didn't like or wouldn't use. I was actually surprised by how big the collection is - there's everything from candles and reed diffusers to notepads, pencils, storage pots, thick cosy socks and even a cute little pillow. I'm very into candles and lovely scents for the home so I was very excited by the range of candles and reed diffusers - the packaging is very grown up and sophisticated, each scent has a cute name and most importantly, they smell AMAZING. There isn't one I didn't like. 

Another thing I'm obsessed with is stationary so I was very pleased to see that Zoe has included some super cute stationary pieces in her lifestyle collection. I love the colour scheme of copper, grey and marble that she's gone for - it's right up my street. The notebooks are so lovely and I love the quotes she's used on them with 'she designed the life she loved' being my favourite! I'm also so in love with the set of two marble and copper storage pots that say 'Pick me' and 'blooming marvellous' which can be used as cute little plant or pen pots! They've gone straight on my desk and will make a lovely addition to anyone's office space. Another favourite would have to be the marble 'topped with cream and sprinkles' flask - how bloomin cute?!

As for the beauty products, they're all so nicely packaged and would make such lovely gifts or stocking fillers at Christmas time. There's everything from body sprays to lotions, scrubs, hand creams, lip balms and even a hand sanitiser. Basically, anything you'd need for a good old pamper session, you'll find it in Zoe's beauty range. I love that a lot of it is themed around gingerbread too as it's such a lovely Christmassy scent.

Overall I think the Zoella Lifestyle products are going to be another huge success, if not the biggest success yet. I think these products appeal to so many people of all different ages, not just Zoe's younger fans. For example, I know my nan would love the candles and reed diffusers just as much as I do and my teenage sister would love the stationary for college whilst I'd 100% use it all too so it's a really appealing range to lots of different people. Let's face it, who doesn't like their home to smell nice and have cute stationary on their desk?!

The whole lifestyle collection will be available to buy from Boots in store and online from the 19th September besides the Gingerbread candle and diffuser which is exclusive to Superdrug and online from the 19th September / in store from the 21st September. A selection of the products will also be available from Debenhams early October and Waterstones early November. You can watch Zoe's vlog here for a tour of the apartment and more details on the full range of products / launch dates too!

New Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluids

I'm a huge fan of the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer so when these Pink and Green versions landed at my door, I was more than a little bit intrigued. These new 'Color Correcting Fluids' are designed to cover any imperfection you can think of with special coloured pigments that fork to counteract things like redness or dark circles. The five colours in the range are Green, Yellow, Peach, Lavender and Pink - all of which work to mask different imperfections. I was kindly sent the Green and Peach shades and they're the two I'd have actually picked if I were to buy them as they cover redress and dark circles, both of which are things I have.

Now although there's hundreds of colour correcting kits on the market, it's one of those things I've never tried. I think the reason for this is because they're all cream based and much like cream contour products, I've never got on very well with them and find powders or liquid products much easier to work with. These Urban Decay correctors are exactly like their liquid concealer so they're super easy to apply and blend onto the areas where the correction is needed.

I've been giving them a try ever since they arrived and I'm so impressed that I just had to share them straight away. When I saw the bright colours, I was a bit concerned that this would be visible on the skin and my fave would look like a child's painting. Fortunately, I can confirm that they blend in the skin and when foundation and regular concealer are applied over them, the colour can't be seen at all. I'm not 100% sure if that's the correct way to apply them but I do think if you put them on over after foundation rather than before, there's a risk of the colour showing through.

So you're probably wondering where to use them and what kind of things they can correct? Well, the green shade is perfect for redness so if you have particularly red cheek or redness around the nose (I have both), this is great to cover that up, which means you don't need as much foundation, resulting in a more natural flawless finish. It would also be great for any pimples that have left scarring/red marks on the skin or for spots in general, as we all know how red and angry some of those bad boys can be. I'm pretty lucky in the respect I don't suffer with spots but if you do, it's definitely worth considering picking this shade up.

The Peach shade is my personal favourite as this is to be used on dark circles and I find it works a treat. I love using a brightening shade under my eyes to give that nice highlighted look but I do always find dark circles show through those kind of concealers so this is absolutely perfect for me as it means I can cover the blue tones first before going in with my brightening shade so give my under eyes a really bright look with not a dark circles in sight. I can definitely see this becoming a holy grail product for me as I've used it virtually every day since I received it and find it makes such a difference to the finished look of my makeup.

I also have to point out that the formula of these colour correctors are so lightweight and don't feel cakey in the slightest which is perfect when they're designed to be worn underneath other products. They also contain subtle pearlescent pigments that diffuse light and help with that flawless finish. Overall I think they're a brilliant idea and I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to try them out as I can see them becoming a part of my daily makeup routine or at least for a night out when I want my makeup to look as flawless as possible.

I'd highly recommend you all give these a try. They're available here and priced at £17.50 each.
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