Urban Decay Ultimate NAKED Basics Palette

If you’ve read my blog for a while, I’m sure you’ll all know by now that I’m a massive fan of Urban Decay. I own a fair share of their products, including all of the NAKED eyeshadow palettes which have become somewhat iconic in the beauty industry. With this being said, I was very excited to hear that Urban Decay have released another addition to their NAKED eyeshadow family - the Ultimate NAKED Basics palette. Now I already own the NAKED Basics and Basics 2 so I probably don’t need this one as well but look how pretty is it. I mean, how is a girl supposed to resist that beautiful packaging?! 

Now although I already own the other basics palette, I still feel this has a place in my collection as the range of shades is right up my street and obviously there’s more variety than the other palette which contain only six shades each. This one has the addition of a deep berry and burnt orange which are just beautiful, especially at this time of year when you want to vamp it up for all those Christmas parties.

As you can see, the palette contains 12 shades and they’re all brand new and exclusive so even if like me you own the other palettes, you don’t have to worry about getting repeat shades. As the name ‘basics’ would suggest, all of the shades are neutral which makes it an ideal palette for all skin tones. I personally don’t wear anything other than neutral colours on my eyes so this kind of palette is something I’ll use every single day, both day and night. All of the shades are matte which again makes it an ideal palette for both day and night as matte shades work well for natural day time looks or more glam evening looks with the addition of a shimmery or metallic shade.

Like all Urban Decay products, the eyeshadows are of a very high quality with strong pigmentation, an easy to blend formula and great staying power. Urban Decay say; “EVERY shade in Naked Ultimate Basics features our proprietary Pigment Infusion System™, which gives the formula a velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability” and I’d have to agree as they’re definitely some of the best eyeshadows I’ve ever come across and trust me, I’ve tried a LOT of them.

I haven’t swatched the shades purely because my camera was being a pain and wouldn’t pick up the colours very well - so I’ve popped a link here instead which shows amazing swatches of all the shades. My favourite shade in the whole palette would definitely be ‘Extra Bitter’ which is the Burnt Orange shade I mentioned earlier. I love wearing Orange tones as I feel they really compliment my blue eyes and this shade is perfect for defining the crease and adding some depth to any look.

If you’re stuck on what to ask for Christmas this year, definitely consider adding the Ultimate Basics palette to your collection as it’s a fabulous range of colours, looks pretty and one you’ll get lots of use out of!! You can get it here for £34.65 - they currently have 10% off!!

Do you like the look of this palette?!

Style | The Camel Coat

When it gets to this time of year and the temperature outside has significantly dropped, a new coat is always at the top of my shopping list. I think I'm quite fussy when it comes to coats as I'm not into anything too OTT - faux fur, patterns and even bold colours are not my thing when it comes to a coat as I prefer something simple and classic that will go with the majority of outfits I choose to wear. Basically, it needs to be something I can wear all the time and not just on special occasions or with a certain outfit. 

That's where the classic Camel coat comes into play. I don't know about you but there's something I love so much about Camel coats - I think they look so chic, classy and add an instant air of sophistication to any outfit. With this being said, I was thrilled when I happened to stumble upon this one from Missguided - my go-to website for virtually everything as they always have such a great range of on-trend pieces. As soon as I set eyes on it, I instantly fell in love and added it to my basket. The next day, it was here with me, just as lovely in the flesh as I'd hoped it would be. 

It's a tailored style that's designed to be worn open and comes just above the knee which I personally think is the perfect length. Anything longer and I feel like I'm wearing a dressy gown! I decided to go up a size to make sure it would fit over all my chunky Winter knits and as you can see from these photos, it's a perfect fit and looks great layered over knitwear. It isn't the thickest coat of all time so I probably won't be wearing it when the weather gets into the minus territory but for right now, it's absolutely perfect! I know I'll get wear out of this right up until next Spring as it's smart and can be worn both day and night. 

The jumper and skirt I've paired with the jacket here are also Missguided and you can find them here and here. I love the jumper so much - it's a cropped oversized style so it's really comfortable, flattering and the cream colour works perfectly with the Camel coat. I find jumpers like this work really well paired with high waisted skirts or jeans so I've paired it with this cute Khaki denim skirt here which is one of those items that I know I'm going to wear loads as it'll go with so many items in my wardrobe. I'm already picturing it with a black roll neck top and black knee highs - the options are endless, it's a staple!

Finally, to accessorise, I wore my new tan boots from Shuzee and I've had SO many compliments over on my Instagram (follow me here for daily outfit posts) about these. Again, I can tell I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these as they're a style and colour that go with virtually anything and they're a perfect match with this coat. I also wore my new Quay x Desi Perkins High Key sunnies and my beloved Chloe Faye handbag which is the perfect neutral colour to wear with this outfit.

Are you a fan of Camel coats? What are your Winter wardrobe must-haves? Leave me some suggestions below as I'm always wanting to add more pieces to my collection!

Current Beauty Favourites

I haven't done a favourites post in a while so I thought it was about time I shared some of my current beauty faves. The reason I haven't done a monthly favourites post over the past couple of months is because I've been so busy moving house and any beauty samples I've been sent to try are all boxed up waiting to be put away when our rooms are all sorted with furniture and what not. I can't wait for it all to be sorted out and for everything to be in its place - I'm so inpatient. Anyway, here's the products I've been loving recently - they've been my go-to's whilst everything else is packed up.

Kylie Jenner '22' Lip Kit; I’m a big fan of the Kylie lip kits and if the shipping / custom charges weren’t so pricey, I’d probably own them all as I actually think they’re really good value for money. They’re insanely pigmented, really long lasting and they’re fairly comfortable to wear too considering they’re so matte. I currently own five of the shades but my absolute favourite and the one I’ve been reaching for the most would definitely be 22 which is a lovely vibrant orange-toned red. I personally love these kind of shades (MAC’s Lady Danger is another fave orangey red) as they’re really flattering and instantly brighten up my complexion. I’ve actually got Kylie’s ‘Ginger’ lip kit on its way to me which is another orange shade so I’m hoping I’ll love that one just as much!

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold; I'd heard so much about this tan and after using the Bondi Sands mousse and loving it, I thought I'd give this one a try too. I usually always go for a mousse over liquids or creams as I find them much easier to apply but despite this one being a liquid (or a dry oil as they refer to it), it's easy to apply, goes on smooth and streak free and dries almost instantly so you can get dressed and carry on your day as normal. Unlike most fake tans, this one doesn't need washing off, it just develops over 2-3 hours after application and lasts for up to a week. I found the colour really natural looking and it fades nice too - no patchiness, yay!!

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede; I am completely in love with Jo Malone and their products. Seriously, if I was made of money, I’d own every single one of their products. There’s something about them that’s so luxurious - I love the classic square glass bottles and simple branding - it’s just beautiful! My favourite of all their products would of course have to be their cologne and my most recent addition is Peony & Blush Suede which is one I’d heard so many good things about so I’m so pleased I’ve finally got it in my collection. It's a very feminine floral scent but also has a freshness too it so it's perfect for both day and night.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer; For me, bronzer is an essential part of my makeup routine. It's that one product that finishes off a look and ties everything together nicely. This one in particular is quite orange toned so I don't use it to contour with but do dust it all over my face to give my skin that healthy sun kissed glow we all long for when the natural Summer holiday tan has faded. As you can see, this is a huge powder but I like that about it as it's got a big mirror so is great for travelling and doing makeup on the go which I tend to do a lot these days. It blends really well and I find you can't use too much as even when I apply a lot, it still looks natural. I've had quite a few compliments from people saying how tanned I look whilst wearing this bronzer. Just because it's grey and dull outside at the moment, it doesn't mean our skin needs to be.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation; This is hands down one of, if not THE best foundation I've ever used. I'm so fussy when it comes to foundations as there's so many things I look for such as good coverage, a flawless finish that isn't too dewy (aka greasy face) or too matte (aka cake face) and staying power. A lot of foundations I've tried in the past just haven't had that perfect combination but this one from Urban Decay has got the lot. It has a full coverage without being too heavy and it covers all imperfections like redness, pimples and under eye circles. It's almost like a foundation and concealer in one as I don't feel the need to use a concealer when wearing this.

Urban Decay NAKED Skin Concealer; Another Urban Decay item that I'm absolutely loving at the moment is this concealer as it's perfect for brightening the under eyes and highlighting with. I apply it in a V shape under my eyes to give me that bright eyed Kim K look, down the centre of my nose and a little bit on my forehead and chin. I have the shade Light Warm which has a yellow tone and it really helps to brighten my complexion, blends well, covers any imperfections and lasts all night. I like to use it with the foundation above for a glam night out as it really does create a flawless look.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes; I realise face wipes aren't the most interesting of beauty products and some people don't like to use them at all but these ones are actually so lovely. I must admit, I can be quite lazy when it comes to my skincare - I just can't be bothered with a laborious routine so if I'm tired or in a rush, I usually use one of these wipes and some moisturiser. Probably not ideal but my skin is in a fairly good condition so it can't be doing it too much harm. Most wipes I've ised in the past don't thoroughly cleanse the skin but theses ones really do remove every scrap of makeup and leave my skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed. They don't leave that awful fight feeling like most wipes either. They're basically the Micellar Cleansing Water (which is also a great product) in wipe form which just makes it that little bit quicker and easier for on the go use.

 Let me know which products you've been loving lately. Have you tried any of these ones?!
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