The Perfect Christmas Gift From Boutique Goldsmiths

When I was younger, a watch was never something I was interested in - I always thought it was for old people. I mean, why would I need a watch when I can just look at my phone to tell the time?! Now whilst that's still true, I've come to realise that a watch is so much more than something we use to tell the time. For me, a nice watch is a fashion statement and usually something that's special as they're often bought as gifts from loved ones for special birthdays or Christmas. I remember getting my Michael Kors watch as a Christmas gift a few years ago and I felt so sophisticated and grown up with a designer watch on my wrist. Since then I've built a small collection of beautiful watches and not a day goes by that I don't wear one of them. I actually find myself using it to tell the time too, believe it or not - despite my phone being constantly glued to my hand.

A watch I've wanted to add to my collection for such a long time now is one from Olivia Burton so when Boutique Goldsmiths offered me on to share with you guys, I just couldn't say no. I mean, look at it! I've seen Olivia Burton watches all over Instagram for years now and I've had one on my 'to-buy' list for quite some time. What I love so much about them is how feminine they are - a lot of them have rose gold detailing which I obviously love or pastel hues and butterfly prints. They're just absolutely stunning watches and come presented in the most beautiful boxes that make them an ideal gift for a loved one. It's my little sisters 18th birthday soon and I know she'd love to receive something like this.

The watch I chose from Boutique Goldsmiths is the white dial bracelet silver and rose gold watch which I totally fell in love with the moment I set eyes on it. Most of my other watches have fabric straps so I'd been wanting to add one with a metal strap and clasp to my collection for a while. This one is perfect as I love the mixture of both silver and rose gold on the strap and the rose gold detailing on the face - it's so versatile and will go with everything in my wardrobe. I also love that it's not too bulky and doesn't have too much going on - I much prefer simple elegant watches over those that are clingy.

Boutique Goldsmiths stock a whole range of amazing jewellery brands including Olivia Burton, Michael Kors and Armani so if you're looking for a new watch or any other special jewellery for that matter, look no further. The choices are endless and they have stores all over the UK so there should one near you!

Are you a fan of Olivia Burton watches?! Do you have a watch on this years Christmas list?

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The Diary Every Beauty Lover Needs In Their Life

It's getting close to the end of another year (I can't quite believe is 2017 next week) and for a lot of us, the start of a new year is the perfect time to get organised. If you're anything like me, I sometimes need a bit of a kick up the bum to get things done and be more organised so my mum always makes a point of popping a diary for my Christmas stocking, to get me prepared for an organised year ahead. I personally love receiving diaries or any kind of stationary for that matter - it gives me that little bit of extra motivation I need to start the year as I mean to go on - organised, focused and positive. There's just something so satisfying about filling out a diary too - it makes me feel like I've got my sh*t together, even if I haven't.

As a blogger, my mind is constantly full of dates I need to remember - when I need to post that photo on Instagram, when that meeting is, where that event is taking place and so on. As you imagine, it's pretty hard to remember and keep track of all this stuff so that's where a diary comes in particularly useful. I know you can use your iPhone calendar and various apps to keep track of important dates but for me, nothing beats putting pen to paper and jotting them down in a cute little diary.

With this being said, let me introduce you to what might possibly be the best diary I've ever owned. the Feel Unique beauty diary. When they contacted me to let me know about their new 2017 diary, I was so impressed by the concept and think it's the perfect diary for beauty lovers, bloggers or just anyone who wants to get more organised! Unlike your standard diary, Feel Unique have added loads of cute little extras to theirs which makes it so much more fun, pretty and useful than others I've had in the past. It's the type of diary you'll actually want to keep in your handbag and pull out to make notes in.

As you can see, the exterior is a cute peach colour and fairly simple with 2017 in a pretty rose gold font and a pink elastic strap to keep the diary secure. I personally love how simple it is as it looks chic and sophisticated - perfect for any important meetings when you want to look like you mean business! When you open the diary up, that's where the fun really starts. It has the cutest pastel colour palette with girly fonts and colour coded tabs down the side so you can easily find what you're looking for and each month stars with the most adorable cover page featuring an inspiring, motivational or cheeky little quote (check out Feb's cute love themed page).

It also includes a 'beauty holiday's & important dates' section which is just fabulous. I mean we mustn't forget when national lipstick day is ladies! In all seriousness though, it has some really good info in there and gives you dates you might not be aware of such as Breast Cancer Awareness month. There's also a handy page to help you manage your money titled 'Skint... Not so Skint' which I absolutely love. I'm always working out money or saving up for a new handbag so this will help me prioritise what I actually need to buy vs the things I want and hopefully help me to manage my spending a little bit better.

As if all of this wasn't enough, you can also find beauty hacks and discount codes dotted throughout the diary but I'll let you discover those for yourself! The back page of the diary has a little pocket and is full of cute stickers you can stick on appropriate dates. I'm sure the 'Don't forget' stickers will come in very handy for a forgetful person like me! Not to mention they look adorable and will be so much fun to use! Feel Unique have literally thought of everything anyone could ever want in a diary - I'm so impressed!

If you love this diary just as much as I do or know someone who would, you can grab yours here for only £10.50 (currently 30% off so grab one while you can!). I personally think this would make the perfect Christmas gift for any beauty lover!

Do you like to get a new diary ahead of the new year?!

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Leaving My Style Comfort Zone & Caring Less About What People Think

I've been trying to branch out a little more with my style recently and wear pieces I wouldn't usually be daring enough to go near, without worrying about what other people think. A studded leather jacket like the one in this post is just one example. I'd never normally wear something like this as I'd rather stick to a plain leather jacket instead - one that looks nice but doesn't necessarily make a huge statement or stand out like one covered in studs does. I've had this weird paranoia about the things I wear since I was a teenager- I panic I'll look OTT and that people will mock me or think 'who does she think she is' if I wear anything even a little bit out of my comfort zone. I guess that's what happens when you get mocked for your fashion choices by high school bullies. 

I was thinking the other day how crazy it is that comments made years and years ago can still affect people so many years later. That a bad experience involving people who are totally irrelevant can really stick with you and knock your confidence to the point that you question if you actually want to wear an item of clothing (regardless if you absolutely love it) out in public for fear of being judged. To most people, this jacket won't even be anything to worry about it as I know there's far more daring items out there but for someone like me who usually sticks to fairly simple clothing on a daily basis, it's quite a daring piece and definitely one of those I was hesitant to wear.

However, since shooting this outfit, I've realised those thoughts are completely irrational and people probably wouldn't even bat an eyelid if they saw someone wearing this - I know I wouldn't. In fact, I'd probably think they look great and wonder where they got it from. For example, Lydia who I was shooting with commented on how much she loved the jacket and that she was looking for one herself and it made me realise that a lot of the worries we have about other peoples perceptions of us and our clothing choices are often completely in our heads.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm making a conscious effort to care less about what other people think of me in general, including the clothing I choose to wear. At the end of the day, we can all wear whatever the hell we like and personal style is what makes us all individuals. Not everybody will like the same pieces of clothing but that's totally fine - Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone dressed exactly the same and nobody has their own personal style. After all, our style is a way of expressing ourselves so if we love an item of clothing and want to wear it, we should do it without any worries about other people and their sometimes not very nice opinions!

After that little impromptu rant, back to the outfit. The sassy studded leather jacket I'm talking about is from Miss Pap and you can get it here (plus 10% discount with KAYLEIGHJ10!). The high waisted grey jeans I'm wearing are another item that's a little more daring than I'd usually wear with lace up detailing right up the crotch. I've seen loads of bloggers posting these on Instagram recently and I'm not surprised they're so popular as they're such a cool statement piece and look great with a little cropped top like this Forever Young slogan tee which you can get here for only £10 - such a bargain. I also think these could be dressed up for evening wear with a bodysuit - what do you guys think? It's funny as I'm always so much more daring with my outfits in the evenings than I am during the day - anyone else like that too?!

Do you worry about what people think of your fashion choices or couldn't you care less?! Would love to hear your thoughts on it!!

Christmas Gift Guide | Beauty

I can't believe Christmas is only a few weeks away! Where has this year gone?! Now as much as I love Christmas and the build up to the big day, I do find the whole Christmas shopping element a little bit stressful. I have a huge family so coming up with gift ideas for everyone whilst trying not to spend thousands (as much as I wish I could) can be a little tricky. I always find myself getting stressed and panicked by how much I need to buy and usually always leave it until the last minute to go on a mad shopping spree. Not ideal I know - not to self, be more prepared.

One thing that does help me with my Christmas shopping is all of the fabulous bloggers sharing Christmas gift guides. I personally love reading them and getting lots of ideas which is why I put my own together every year. With this being said, here's my first gift guide for the ladies in your life. If like me you have a mum, sister, nanna or girlfriend that love pampering themselves and beauty products, you can't go wrong with the gifts I'm about to show you. I've linked them all directly to the retailers too which should make your Christmas shopping that little bit easier. I hope you enjoy and do let me know if you buy any of your loved ones one of these suggestions as I'd love to know!

MUGLER 'Angel Muse' eau de parfum Christmas gift set - Who doesn't love receiving a fragrance gift set at Christmas? It's one of my favourite gifts to receive and this Mugler set including the Angel Muse fragrance and mini handbag size miniature makes for the perfect gift. I love the blue and copper packaging too!

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau de Parfum - A beautiful scent in a beautiful bottle - you can't go wrong, can you?! If you love a sweet and fruity scent, this is the one for you.

Clarins Multi-Active Smoothing Essentials collection - This fab little set from one of my favourite skincare brands includes the Multi-Active Day Cream 50ml, the Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser and the Multi-Active Night Cream 15ml. Perfect for fans of the brand or those who love treating their skin - I can vouch for how great all of the products are!

Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll luxurious mascara Christmas set - For all the lovers of YSL beauty products, this is the perfect little set. It includes a full size baby doll mascara, minature eyeliner and mini top secrets instant moisture glow. Not to mention it comes presented in the most beautiful sparkly black box.

Elemis Joyful Glow Candle - If you want your house to smell like a luxury spa, Elemis candles are the way to go. This is one of their Christmas scents with notes of Vanilla, Orange and Cinnamon to leave you feeling relaxed over the festive season.

Neom Christmas Wish Candle - One of my all time favourite Christmas scents and perfect for any candle lover. Presented in a beautiful gold jar, it will add a bit of festive sparkle to anyone's Christmas. It also fills the room with the most beautiful spicy festive scent and has 50 hours burn time.

St Tropez Weekend Getaway Kit - For the fake tan lover, this is the perfect little gift featuring a mini bottle of the famous Express One Hour tan and a tanning mitt, it makes a great stocking filler and will get the lady in your life ready for her Christmas and NYE partying.

Juicy Couture House of Juicy Couture Deluxe Minis Gift - As I'm sure you all know (I've only mentioned it about 100 times on my blog), Juicy Couture is my all time favourite fragrance brands and I've owned and used their perfumes since I was a teenager, even naming this blog after my love of the scent. This gift set including four of their beautiful fragrances in mini sizes is perfect as it allows you to wear a selection of their scents without the price tag of buying all the full size bottles.

Sanctuary Hands and Feet Treat - Featuring a mini hand and foot cream, this is the perfect little set for anyone who deserves a pamper this Christmas. I personally love receiving items like this as gifts as it's something I'd never normally buy for myself. They're the perfect travel and handbag size too!

Yves Saint Lauren Black Opium 50ml Christmas Collector Edition - If you're a fan of YSL's Black Opium fragrance or know someone who is, this limited edition Christmas collector bottle is a must have. Presented in the most beautiful ombre glitter bottle, it's pretty special.

bareMinerals 'Glow Together' complexion finisher palette - For the makeup lovers, this bareMinerals palette is a great gift. It includes three cheek products to brighten the complexion - 'Gilded Glow' is a champagne highlight shade, 'Rose Matte' is a dusky pink blush and 'Amber Glow' is a lovely warm bronze. It's a great little kit for those who do lots of travel and on the go makeup applying.

Kylie Cosmetics Products - As I'm sure you all know, the world has gone made for Kylie Cosmetics over the past year and I can't see the obsession stopping anytime soon with Kylie releasing new and exciting additions to the range on a regular basis. One of the most recent additions was her two Eyeshadow palettes and I think this would make a great gift for anyone who loves makeup and is a fan of the Kardashian clan. I've got the Bronze palette which has 12 beautiful warm neutral shades - perfect for anyone who loves a neutral eye look. One of the lip kits is another great gift as they're Kylie's original and most popular product with a colour to suit everyone.

Makeup Geek Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette - I'm a big fan of Kathleen Lights Youtube channel, as I imagine many others are so if you know someone who is a fan, her highlighter palette in collaboration with Makeup Geek that features three beautiful shimmery powders will make the perfect Christmas gift.

Jo Malone Gift Christmas Gift Sets - This isn't a specific gift set you can buy but I had to include Jo Malone in this gift guide regardless as it's one of my favourite brands to receive as a gift. There's something so special about Jo Malone and because of the high price tag, it isn't something everyone can afford to buy for themselves on a regular basis making it the perfect present. Here I have the Mimosa & Cardamon candle (my absolute favourite Jo scent) and the Peony & Blush body cream - both of which are beautiful and completely luxurious products.

Accessorise Lovelilly Perfume - I didn't even know Accessorise had a fragrance until this lovely bottle of 'Lovelilly' arrived at the door. I always think these kind of fragrances are great stocking fillers as they aren't as expensive as your big name brands and they're also great for the younger members of the family who are just starting to experiment with wearing perfume.

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her Eau De Parfum - When I think of fragrances, Hugo Boss is always one of the first that comes to my mind, especially for Men. However, their female fragrance is just as beautiful and this new scent for her is divine! It's a lovely light and feminine scent, one I'm sure all women will love.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eyeshadow Palette - Kat Von D is such a lovely brand and only that has only recently become available to buy in the UK so what better time to treat someone to this stunning palette?! The Shade & Light palettes are absolutely stunning with the face palette being one of my favourites to contour and highlight with. This eye palette is just as beautiful with twelve matte shades split into three categories to create three stunning eye looks that define the eyes.

ghd Platinum Styler Premium Gift Set - Oh my goodness, copper ghd straighteners?! Yes please! I don't know one girl (or guy actually) who wouldn't be happy unwrapping these on Christmas morning. This set includes the platinum straighteners in a beautiful copper shade, a bag to keep them in and two copper nail polishes.

Sanctuary Escape and Let Go Gift Set - Another great stocking filler from Sanctuary Spa. This lovely gift set includes a body wash, scrub and butter, all in the beautiful White Lily & Damask Rose scent. I always love receiving these kind of sets and stocking up my bathroom cabinets with lots of pampering bath and shower products.

I Love Juicy Couture Perfume - As I mentioned earlier, Juicy Couture perfumes are some of my favourites and I particularly love their new I Love Juicy scent. The packaging is always very theatrical and this one is no different with its leopard print bottle and crystal embellished lid. It's definitely one for the glam girls in your life! The scent itself is fruity, feminine and all kinds of fabulous - just as beautiful as the bottle itself.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Beauty Gift Set - For anyone who suffers with dry skin, the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is bit of a miracle worker as it soothes roughness, redness and minor skin irritation. It can be used for a whole host of skin ailments. This gift set includes the - Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant 50ml, Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF15, Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment 30ml and Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturizer For Face SPF 15 so you get a whole range of products to keep your skin in tip top condition!

Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch Gift Set - If you want to buy a makeup lover something really luxurious, then look no further than this Charlotte Tilbury set. It contains an eyeshadow palette, lipstick, lip liner, eye liner and mascara so there's virtually a full face of makeup in there minus the base and brows of course. Charlotte Tilbury products are great quality and always such a treat to receive so this is the perfect gift if you want to treat someone to some nice makeup.

Elemis Stars of The Sea Gift Set - I obviously had to include an Elemis gift in this post as they're my all time favourite skincare brand. This gift set is lovely as it includes their famous Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream, both of which are super hydrating moisturisers and perfect for all skin types.

Origins Feel Good Candle - I actually have this candle lit whilst writing this post and it's so beautiful. It has a really strong scent of Neroli and Lemongrass that fills the whole room as soon as it's been list. Origins have a few different scents of the Feel Good candles and they're all limited edition for Christmas so grab one while you can. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my top gift picks guys and hopefully it gave you a few ideas for those last minute shopping sprees. I've done most of my shopping online this year as I can't handle the madness of the shops at this time of year - it's way too stressful! I just can't wait until the big day so I can dish these goodies out to my family, yay.

What's on your Christmas wish list? Anything in this post you'd love to receive on Christmas day?

Style | The Statement Coat

One of my favourite things about Winter is getting to layer up and wear cosy coats. I always buy at least one new coat every year and usually, they're a neutral colour like black, grey or camel. However, I decided to branch out a little bit this year and add a bit of colour to my Winter coat selection. As soon as I spotted this mauve tailored coat on the Missguided website, I knew it had to be mine. I actually already own it in nude but I fell in love with this colour and thought it would be a nice statement piece to add to my wardrobe.

Since it arrived a couple of weeks ago, it's been my go to coat and it actually goes with way more than I was expecting. I thought it would be one of those pieces I'd only get chance to wear now and again but the pastel colour is pretty versatile and goes with loads of items in my wardrobe. I especially like it paired with grey - the colours compliment each other really well. I decided to pair it with this cute grey roll neck dress for this shoot, which is also a recent addition from Missguided - yes, I like their website a lot. I love the detailing around the bottom of the dress - I'm a big fan of the whole lace-up detailing trend and this is a nice take on that and subtle enough to wear casually on a day to day basis or dress up for an evening out. 

Another reason I love this coat is because of the tailored and structured style - it's one of those pieces I instantly feel smart and sophisticated in. I've even worn it with a simple jumped read jeans and it instantly transforms a basic casual outfit into a classy and well thought out outfit, even if I literally just threw it on without much thought. What's even better is that it actually keeps me warm as well as looking good so what's not to love about it?! I know it's going to be warn all Winter long.

To finish the look, I popped on my current favourite black ankle boots from Public Desire which are so comfortable and go with absolutely everything - such a must have! I also wore my Desi Perkins Quay sunglasses because you know, sunglasses just make every outfit look cooler, right?!

If you like this coat, you can grab it here with a whopping 50% off which makes it only £30.00 - such a bargain and so worth the money so grab one before they sell out!!

Are you a fan of a statement coat?!
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