Beauty Bay Queen BB Campaign & Goodie Bag Treats

If you follow me on social (twitter, instagram and snapchat) you may have seen that I recently attended a fabulous event with my fave online shop for all things beauty, Beauty Bay. Having been a huge fan of Beauty Bay for years and continuously buying products from their site, I was so excited to be invited along to the launch of their new campaign, Queen BB. The new campaign is all about pushing your boundaries, being experimental with makeup looks and to basically unleash your inner Queen. I think this is such a great message for them to be spreading - I'm all about girl power, expressing yourself and lifting others up so for a brand to be spreading the message that we shouldn't be afraid to be ourselves, is amazing!  

The event was hosted at a cute venue in Manchester city centre and the night included lots of prossecco and gin's (my current fave - definitely a gin queen!), a makeup pick and mix stand which felt like all my christmasses had come at once and the opportunity to get our makeup done with some amazingly talented makeup artists. I went straight from work so already had makeup on when I arrived but they touched it up and it looked so flawless - I honestly don't know how they do it. I also watched a few other girls getting their makeup done and the word SLAY was very relevant, let me tell you. Everyone looked incredible! I managed to pick up some new beauty goodies form the pick n mix stand too including brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffrey Star, Makeup Geek, Ofra, and LA Pro. That's one of the reasons I love Beauty Bay so much - they stock a huge variety of brands and whenever I'm in need of a specific item, it's the first place I turn as chances are, they'll have it. 

 There was lots of Beauty Bay's brands and products on display around the event as well as five huge images of different makeup looks up on the wall -  all of which are looks from the new Queen BB campaign that the makeup artists were recreating. Each look has a different name - Queen B, Frankie, Riley, Alyx and Drew. Each of the looks has a different tag line such as 'embrace your wild side' or 'go bold and bright' which is a really fun idea as there's different styles to suit different personalities.

We were also shown the brand new Beauty Bay TV advert at the event which is something the brand are super excited about - if you haven't already seen it on your TV, make sure you keep an eye out for it as it's a cool ad that showcases lots of queens with sassy hair and makeup strutting their stuff and throwing makeup around - basically its pretty bad ass. It's definitely an ad that leaves you feel empowered after you've watched it. If you haven't been lucky enough to catch it on your screens yet, you can watch it here on the Beauty Bay website and also see how to recreate each of the looks from the advert.  

After lots of delicious food and drinks (check out that drinks menu - each named after the makeup looks in the campaign) the end of the evening we were handed a goodie bag which is always very exciting and this one was particularly amazing as I spotted some of  my favourite brands in there. As you can see from the photos, I was well and truly spoilt as there's sooo many brands I love in there. The Morphe eyeshadow palette (get it here) as the neutral tones are right up my street and they're insanely pigmented too. It's basically just the perfect palette for both day and night as there's a good mix of shimmer and matte shades in there. I got some of the Morphe eyelashes too which I'm intrigued to try as i've heard good things. I'm obsessing over these Cover FX custom enhancing drops - absolutely amazing for mixing with foundation to make the skin blowy! Another Cover FX item I received and am already in love with is this brush - honestly guys, it's the softest thing ever and is going to be a dream for applying liquid foundation and the cover drops I mentioned above.

I picked up a Milani blush at the pick n mix stall and so I'm so excited I finally have one in the most perfect peachy bronze shade - I just know it's going to look divine with tanned glowy skin! The goodie bag had lots of other amazing items too like the Laura Geller Lash Boss mascara and a lovely golden bronze Makeup Geek eyeshadow - another of my fave eyeshadow brands! I also picked up a Jeffrey Star liquid lipstick, Ofra liquid lipstick, LA Splash eyeliner, Doll Light highlighter and Makeup Geek pigment from the pick n mix stand. Yep, safe to say, I took the opportunity to stock up! I'm so excited to try all of these products, they're all from brands I haven't really tried before so it's very exciting to get the chance to discover some new faves! All of the products are of course available to buy here from Beauty Bay.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hearing about Beauty Bay's new campaign as well as having a look at some of their fab products! It's now time for me to go and paint my face with them all - I'm sure you'll see them in a Monthly Favourites post soon. 

Make sure you check out the ad and if you recreate any of the looks, be sure to tag @beautybaycom with the hashtag #QueenBB on social.

Dirty Works Makeup Collection | £8 Eyeshadow Palette?!

If you’ve not heard of the brand ‘dirty works’ before, they’re best known for their bath and body products due to their retro packaging, quirky product names and delightful scents! I’ve used their products for a couple of years now and have always been impressed with their quality and the fact they’re so affordable. With this being said, I was very excited to hear that they’re now dipping their toes into the beauty world and have released a whole makeup collection to sit alongside their skincare, bath and body products.

I was recently sent the new products to try and was totally amazed by how many items are in the range - there’s everything you can think of from palettes to brow kits, lipsticks and glosses. This is quite unheard of when a brand first launches a completely new type of product but I personally think it’s great that they’ve done such a variety as it means there’ll be something to suit most people’s needs and if you want a whole face of makeup for an affordable price, Dirty Works have got you covered!

I’m not going to review every single product individually as this post would never end if I did but I’ve popped the name of each product and the price below so you can get an idea of what’s available. I’ve also tried to show them as best as I can in the imagery - as you can see, they’re all really well packaged with a quirky retro theme just like Dirty Works other products.

So, here’s the products which are now available to buy at Sainsbury’s and online at

Back to Basics Eyeshadow Palette (£8)
Smokey Eye Kit (£7)
Blush and Glow Palette (£7)
Luxe Lip Crayons (£6)
Wow Brows Eyebrow Kit (£7)
Pucker Up Nude and Coral Lip Glosses (£4 each)
Bye! Bye! Dark Circles Concealer (£5)
Hello Sunshine Bronzer (£5)
Off Duty Nail Polish Trio (£5)

As you can see, the most expensive item is only £8 and that’s for a whole eyeshadow palette with 11 shades. It also has shimmery finishes as well as mattes so it’s perfect for taking your makeup look from day to night. The same applies for the smokey eye kit and blush and glow palette - they’re all insane value for money considering you get multiple products in each of them. They’re also fab little kits to pop in your handbag as they’re so lightweight.

Some of my favourite items from the range would have to be the eyebrow kit, bronzing powder and the lipsticks and glosses. The eyebrow kit is perfect for natural looking brows as the shades are quite ashy rather than orange which helps to create a really natural looking brow. The powders are also really pigmented and the addition of the tweezers, brushes and brow gel makes it a great all in one brow kit. For £7, it’s hard to find fault! The bronzer is great too as it’s huge meaning it’s fab for swirling a big fluffy brush into and dusting all over the face to create a sun kissed glow. It’s slightly too orange toned to use as a contour powder but it’s great for adding some colour to the skin and the light reflecting particles in it add a nice glow to the skin. The lip pencils and glosses are also really pigmented, as you can see from my swatches. One light swipe is all you need for them to be fully opaque and the shades are perfect for Autumn!

Overall I’d say the Dirty Looks beauty range is amazing value for money. Not only will it look super pretty displayed on your dressing table thanks to the cute packaging but it also won’t break the bank. I’d say this is the perfect range for those of you who are maybe just getting into wearing makeup and want to experiment with different products. If you have a sister, niece or daughter who is just getting into makeup - then these would make the perfect start kit. Christmas gift, sorted.

Do you like the look of this new range? Will you be trying them out?! Be sure to visit for more information on all the products!!

My New Found Love For Fitness | My Exercise Routine & Fave Gym Wear

Hey guys! Firstly, I am SO sorry for such a long break from posting on my blog. I've had the busiest few weeks (starting a new job being a major part of that which I'll write about in another post) and I've just felt exhausted and uninspired to write blog posts, if I'm completely honest. I hate putting things up on my blog if I'm not 100% happy so I figured taking a break would be the best option until the writers block passed. Well, I'm happy to say that I think it may have finally gone away as I'm bursting with ideas and content I want to share with you guys !

Today I want to talk about fitness and something I never thought I'd hear myself say: my new found love for it. Yep that's right, I've caught the fitness bug and I'm so happy about it! To give you a bit of background - growing up I was always the type of person who never had to watch what they ate. I mean I used to work at Pizza Hut and would eat pizza at least 4 times a week whilst fitting in a size 6-8 with visible abs. Yep, I was living the dream. However, fast forward to the age of 25 when I was put on medication for anxiety and depression and my weight started to creep up. I could no longer eat anything I wanted and I began to notice changes in my body, changes I wasn't happy with. Basically, I didn't like what was staring back at me in the mirror. I'd gained around a stone in a year and although it isn't a huge amount, it was enough for me to notice and enough for me to want to do something about it. When your jeans are so tight the button pops off (yes this actually happened to
me whilst sitting on a bus - mortified x 100) you know it's time to get your act together, even when other people tell you 'don't be silly, you look fine'. It's all well and good other people thinking you look fine but if you don't feel happy in yourself, what anyone else thinks is irrelevant.

With this being said, I decided it was time to start exercising. It's something that's never interested me before as I hate the feeling of being sweaty and out of breath - two of the things that obviously go hand in hand with exercise. However, I'd always aspired to those girls with amazing toned bodies who are into fitness. I knew I was never going to look like them without adding exercise into my lifestyle so I decided to contact a local PT about helping me reach my goals. I was recommended him by the girl who does my nails and I'm so glad I took the plunge and booked some sessions as it's honestly changed my whole outlook on exercise. 

Before starting my sessions I always saw exercise as a chore and something I would dread but that's because I wasn't doing the right things - running on a treadmill for 45 minutes isn't what I'd consider a fun workout. However, I'm now doing what's called 'functional fitness' which is basically a combination of moves using weights or body weight - basically the same as HIIT training. High intensity intervals where you do X amount of reps of an exercise for 3-5 sets which a short rest between each set. It really gets your heart rate up, makes me sweaty as hell and best of all, burns fat and builds muscle which is exactly what I want! It's also much more fun that running on a treadmill - yes it's hard and sometimes I feel like collapsing in a heap on the floor but when I'm finished, I feel 10x better about myself. That feeling of achievement is unbeatable and that's why I'd never go back to a sedentary lifestyle.

I've only been on my 'journey' if that's the right word for 2 and a half months but I already know that this is my lifestyle now and something I'll stick to long term. I've already lost around 8 inches from my body, my clothes fit better and I generally just feel way more confident in my own body! Who wouldn't want to feel like that? I still have a long way to go until I reach my personal goals - I want to build more muscle, look more defined and get my diet much cleaner than it is currently whilst still allowing myself treats here and there. One thing I've learnt since exercising more regularly is that the scales mean absolutely nothing when it comes to tracking progress. Since I started, I've only lost 3 pounds according to the scale but my body has totally changed shape and everything is more firm. My PT told me that because I'm building muscle, I probably won't see a significant drop on the scale as the fat I had is being replaced by muscle which is denser than fat meaning you look smaller whilst still weighing the same. I don't know the exact science behind it but it's been nice to stop stressing about the scales as much and just focus on what I see in the mirror and how my clothes fit which is a much better indication of progress.

Another thing I'm absolutely loving about going to the gym is the outfits - yep, I even think about outfits when going to the gym, haha. I never knew how many amazing gym kits were out there and all of the amazing fitness brands to choose from. My absolute go to brand at the moment has been JD Women's under armour range - I absolutely love the style and fit of their items. They fit like a glove and are really flattering too. The grey set and coral sports bra I have on in these photos are my favourite at the moment - those leggings literally hide a multitude of sins and suck me in at all the right places. I always thought gym wear would be unflattering with it being so skin tight but it's actually the total opposite. I probably feel my most body confident in a gym kit. It gets me feeling like an independent woman ready to take on the world, haha. Anyone else?!

I hope hope you enjoyed this brief insight into what I've been doing at the gym as I've had so many questions about what I've been doing since posting the odd video on Insta stories. I'd love to hear what your favourite gym workouts are or how you got in shape so please leave me a comment below :)

Barcelo Teguise Beach | Lanzarote Hotel Review

A few weeks ago myself and my best friend Debra went away on a girly weekend! You may have seen our antics on my snapchat (add me @kayljcouture if you don't already follow me on there) and it's safe to say we had a great time enjoying lots of cocktails in the sunshine! We looked around at different hotels and decided we wanted somewhere that was pretty much guaranteed to have good weather so the canary islands was a bit of a no-brainer as they're famous for their all year round sunshine! I'd never visited Lanzarote before but always heard good things about it and Debra had been once but to a different area than the one we were looking at so it seemed like a good option.

We came across the Barcelo Teguise Beach adults only hotel which is situated in Costa Teguise, an area of Lanzarote I've not heard too much about before. However, we wanted a few chilled days and this place looked perfect - bright modern interiors, a gorgeous infinity pool and a spa. The fact it's adults only was also a huge bonus - I have nothing against children (just to clear that up haha) but when you want to totally relax, noisy children running around isn't always ideal.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were really impressed with how clean and modern everything was. As you can see from the photos, the reception area is stunning and - it's bright, white and has a marble floor and pops of colour from the huge velvet sofas. There was also a lovely welcome drink waiting for us of champagne, water or juice. We obviously went for the champagne, haha. After we'd had our drink and checked in, a lovely member of staff showed us to our room which was located on the third floor and was one of their top of the range junior suites. When we walked in to the room, we were so impressed by what we found. Firstly, there was a bottle of fizz and fruit waiting for us - ideal. The room had the most lovely open plan layout with one side of the room having a living room area with sofa, wardrobes and the mini bar and the other side a huge king size bed, large bathroom area with double sinks and a separate wet room style shower and toilet. I'm a big fan of open plan interiors so this style of room was right up my street.

As if the room wasn't good enough, we also had a humongous balcony with views of the sea, a seating area and a hot tub. Yep, a hot tub. For me, hot tubs in hotel rooms are such a novelty and I'm always more inclined to book a room if it has one. The other side of our room overlooked the main pool area which as you can see from the photos, was absolutely beautiful. It was lined with palm trees, had a waterfall feature at the top and also sunken sun loungers so you can sunbathe in the pool. We did try these a couple of times but they weren't the most comfortable, it has to be said. However, there was also amble of sun loungers around the pool and we never struggled to get some, even when we didn't go down to the pool until 10am.

There was also the option to pay extra to get a balinese bed or a four poster bed which we did on two of the days we were there. At first we weren't going to as it cost 40 euros but when we worked it out, to have a prime bed for the whole day which is way comfier than the standard loungers, it made sense to spend 20 euros each. It also included a bottle of bubbly which wasn't available on the all inclusive menu and a fruit platter which the staff came and served to your bed. It was definitely a nice treat and something I'd recommend doing at least once if you're staying at this hotel. We even watched Love Island whilst chilling on the bed as it was a completely private area where you weren't disturbing anyone if you wanted to play your own music or watch things from your phone. Ideal! We even ended up bumping into a girl who follows me whilst chilling on the beds one day which was really cool / surreal.

As well as the pool I've just mentioned, the hotel also has an infinity pool with more sun loungers. We didn't really sit by this pool too much as I felt it didn't have the same atmosphere and because it was on the sea front, it was really windy up there. It was a stunning pool though and nice for a quick dip in throughout the day as it's only a short walk away from the main pool area.

There's a few board options available at the hotel so you can choose exactly what you want. As we were going for a chilled holiday and weren't planning on doing a lot of exploring or eating out, we figured the all inclusive option would be best for us. I find all inclusive to be hit and miss at hotels but I have to say the options available at Barcelo were excellent and it's hands down one of the best all inclusive hotels I've ever stayed at. The meals were buffet style in the main restaurant and there was also two restaurants where you could grab a light bite for lunch and order from a menu. This was a lovely touch as it meant it was never repetitive. They even had a little ice cream truck so you could go and help yourself to ice creams throughout the day.

As you can see from these images, we definitely didn't go for the healthy options throughout our stay but hey, if you can't eat like a pig when you're on holiday, when can you? These photos were taken in the hotels two restaurants where you chose from a menu and were served, as opposed to the buffet (other than the first image which was taken in the buffet). I wish I'd have gotten more photos of the buffet as the options were endless but it was always so busy when we were there and I didn't want to get my big camera out and start snapping while people were trying to get their food. However, they had so many options and different cuisines to choose from including Asian, Indian and Mexican foods.  I was honestly spoilt for choice every night. Breakfast was great too as you could get freshly made omelettes, toasties and pancakes as well as a huge range of fruits, cereal and pastries. Trust me, if you go for the all inclusive option at this hotel, you won't be stuck for choice as there really was something for everyone.

Our absolute favourite part of the all inclusive would have to be the drinks menu as unlike other hotels I've stayed at which only offer basics like wine, beer and soft drinks, Barcelo included a whole cocktail menu, spirits, a large selection of wine and beers and even shots. Yes, we may have had a cheeky jaeger once or twice. Our absolute favourites cocktails were the Strawberry Mojitos and  Daiquiris. Both of these were divine and went down far too easily! They were also presented really nicely which is another rare occurrence in all inclusive hotels. Usually you get standard plastic cups  when having drinks by the pool and although these were in plastic cups (for safety reasons of course) they weren't your bog standard ones and you'd think they were glass if you didn't know otherwise. They were also nicely garnished - Instagram dream right there, haha! In the evening, there was two places you could go for drinks - the sports bar which was really lively and had sports on the big screens during the day and live entertainment at night or the cute cocktail bar which had a more calm and civilised atmosphere. Again, something for everyone. We personally loved the liveliness of the sports bar and spent most nights in there making us of the all inclusive drinks. The entertainment was actually really good too - we loved the Abba tribute haha!

The last thing I want to mention about the hotel is their gym and spa facilities. I know a lot of people don't like to work out while they're away on holiday but for some people who want to indulge without the guilt, it's an important part of booking a hotel - knowing there's somewhere they can work out each day. Barcelo had the most lovely gym - it was a stones throw away from the main pool and had a great open plan style. I didn't personally use it when I was there but Debra did go down one morning and said it was great. As well as the gym, they also have a spa with a huge menu of treatments available so if you fancy a luxurious treat one day, this is a great option to have. We had a full body massage one of the days we were there called the 'lomi lomi' and it was an experience to say the least. They had us laying on a water bed which was quite a strange experience but it was nice to experience!

As well as the extensive facilities available at the hotel itself, Barcelo is also in a really good location and a short walk away from the beach and lots of bars and restaurants. We went out for a meal one of the nights we were there just for a change of scenery and ended up eating in a lovely little Italian place that was on a square full of bars and restaurants. One thing we noticed is that there wasn't many places to 'party' or go clubbing - something young couples or groups of friends might want when on holiday. However, we may not have been looking in the right place as the barman at the hotel told us there was some clubs nearby. Just something to bare in mind if you're looking for a party holiday.

So there we have it, a summary of our stay at Barcelo Teguise Beach. It was honestly such a lovely hotel and I wouldn't hesitate to go back for a few more days of relaxation. They had pretty much everything you could need for a chilled few days in the sunshine!!

Do you like the look of this hotel?! You can see more info and prices here.

Healthy Breakfast With Aveeno At Neals Yard & Yoghurt In Your Skincare Routine?!

If you follow me on social, you may have seen that I recently headed to London for a lovely breakfast with one of my favourite skincare brands Aveeno®. The event was hosted at the super cute 26 Grains on Neal's Yard - a part of London I've never visited before but one well worth checking out as it's super pretty with colourful buildings on every corner. We were greeted by the lovely Aveeno® team and Alex Hely Hutchinson, founder of 26 Grains. Alex created two healthy but delicious recipes to go alongside Aveeno's new products with the main ingredient being oats, as 26 Grains is famous for their range of oat/grain based dishes. Oats are also an ingredient in Aveeno’s skincare due to their many benefits for the skin including soothing sensitivity, restoring moisture, cleansing and protecting. With this being said, it makes perfect sense for Alex to partner with Aveeno® on this launch.

You may have read a post I wrote in collaboration with Aveeno® last year called ‘Inside & oat’(read it here if you missed it) which was all about the belief that healthy, beautiful skin is a reflection of your overall health and wellbeing and a big part of that is what we put inside our body, as well as the products we put on it. After all, great skin starts from the inside and what you eat plays a huge part in that. I know that if I eat too many pizzas or drink too much wine, my skin starts to pay for it. However, with a combination of healthy eating and Aveeno's daily skincare products that contain natural and skin beneficial ingredients, you can nourish your skin from the inside and out and be well on your way to a beautiful glowing complexion. 

With this being said, we were offered a choice of two breakfasts to enjoy at the event - both of which were healthy yet delicious, showing there's no excuse to not eat foods that are good for our general wellbeing and of course, our skin! There was a yoghurt, oat, honey and apricot cake or oats with pepper, parmesan and olive oil to choose from and they were both fabulous. I usually go for savoury over sweet but the cake was too beautiful to ignore. As you can see from the photos, it looked amazing and it tasted even better. I can't believe it was healthy - I definitely need to recreate this at home.

As I mentioned, the event was to launch some new additions to the Aveeno® range and oh my gosh, they have to be my favourite yet. I'm a big fan of all the products and have never tried one I haven't liked but these are definitely my favourite so far. Aveeno® is all about creating products with ingredients that are proven to be beneficial for the skin and this new range is based around yogurt concentrate - an ingredient known to keep the skin nourished and hydrated and one that is perfect paired with oats - makes sense to mix them together right? I wasn’t aware of the benefits of yogurt in skincare before attending the event but Dr Shefali Rajopat, a consultant dermatologist, says “Yogurt contains a rich mix of powerful nutrients such as vitamin B12 and riboflavin, protein, calcium and Vitamin D.” Interesting, right?

I was kindly gifted some of the products to take home with me and I’ve been using them ever since. I’ve been trying the new Aveeno® Daily Moisturising Body Yogurt, Yogurt Body Wash and the Aveeno® Daily Moisturising After-Shower Mist and as I said, I’m in love. The yogurt-like texture of the products is perfect - it’s thick and creamy but also really light at the same time and sinks into the skin almost immediately. What I find with Aveeno® is that the products do exactly what they say on the bottle - they’re simple and straight to the point, and I like that. I’m not one for an overly complicated skincare routine and I know I can rely on these products to do exactly what you’d expect from them - moisturise my skin, leave it feeling soft and supple and provide a radiant healthy glow. I’ve been especially impressed by their new after-shower mist as I find this so easy to use after showering and it’s given me the push I need to moisturise my full body more regularly.

As well as having the same amazing ingredients as Aveeno’s other ranges and the addition of yogurt concentrate, these new products also have divine new scents - Apricot & Honey and Vanilla & Oats. I’m a big fan of sweet scents so both of these are right up my street and seriously, they smell good enough to eat. Thank goodness I had the cake to keep me going at the event or I might have been half tempted to dive right into them, haha. I also think they’re the perfect scents for Summer as they’re sweet but also really fresh and uplifting - perfect for an early morning boost.

I’m such a big fan of these new Aveeno® products and I know they’re going to be a staple in my daily routine for the foreseeable future. Are you a fan of Aveeno®? Do you like the sound of these new products? For more information visit

PS - watch the video below for that delicious cake recipe.

*Sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.
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