Kat Von D's Iconic Beauty Products

Kat Von D Iconic Beauty Products

Until recently, Kat Von D was a brand only available to buy in the US so I'd never had the opportunity to try much of the range other than the Shade & Light palette which has featured in many favourites posts over the past few months (more about why I love it so much later). However, since it launched at Debenhams towards the end of 2016, it's become much more accessible and allowed me to add more of the range to my ever expanding makeup collection. When a US brand launches in the UK, there's always a huge buzz around it and lots of excited beauty bloggers and makeup lovers sharing their thoughts on the products so I thought I'd join in and let you know what I think about some of the most iconic products from the brand and if they're worth adding to your own collection.

I'll get started with the Shade & Light palette as I think it's probably one of Kat's most popular products and one I hear people raving about all the time. I actually bought this from Sephora over a year ago now after trying my younger sisters and loving it. I was completely blown away by the yellow highlight shade (middle of top row) in the palette and how much it brightened up my under eye area so for that shade only, I knew I had to have it. However, since receiving it, I've used virtually all of the shades in the palette and much prefer it over the Anastasia contour kit. All of the shades are matte which makes it great for adding natural looking shadows to the cheekbones and I've even used them as eyeshadows too as the powder is really buttery and easy to blend.

Kat Von D Iconic Beauty Products

Kat has also designed a brush, the 'Shade & Light contour brush' to go with the contour palette,  so you can get the full Kat Von D contouring and highlighting experience. I wouldn't say this is an essential to use the palette but it is a lovely brush with one end being angled for contouring and the other being tapered for a soft highlight. The bristles are lovely and soft too so it works really well at blending the product into the skin effortlessly. The brush also comes with it's own case which I probably wouldn't use as it seems a bit pointless and probably contributes to it's price more than it should.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks

Another of Kat's most famous products is her Everlasting liquid lipsticks. I've heard a lot of people saying these are better than the Kylie Lip Kits and Anastasia liquid lipsticks so I was excited to give them a try. They come presented in long thin tube and have a doe foot applicator. The shade I have in this post is 'Lolita' which I'd describe as a muted pinky brown shade with hints of purple in in too. The formula of these lipsticks is a wet liquid that dries to a matte opaque finish and they're insanely pigmented. It's also a very long lasting product as the name 'everlasting' would suggest so you can pop this on in the morning and not have to worry about touching it up much throughout the day. I'd have to say I'm not convinced these are any better than the Kylie or Anastasia equivalents as I like them all equally and think they all have a very similar finish and consistency. 

Kat Von D Iconic Beauty Products

Next up is the Tattoo waterproof liquid liner which is another product I've heard so many people raving about. I personally can't go a day without wearing my liquid liner in a cat eye flick - it's a bit of a signature look for me so finding a good one is so important. I really hate liquid liners that come with a brush rather than a pen style applicator so I was really pleased to see this one is in the style of a felt tip pen as they're so much easier to use with this kind of applicator. As well as the foolproof style applicator, this liner has serious pigmentation and staying power. The name 'tattoo' doesn't lie as it really is like having liner tattooed on your skin as this stuff won't shift until its removed with a cleanser. I'd definitely recommend this if you're a lover of liquid liner like I am.

Kat Von D Lipstick Swatches

Finally, we have the Studded Kiss lipsticks in the shades 'Magick' and 'Underage Red'. I haven't heard a huge amount about these lipsticks in comparison to the liquid lipsticks but they're really lovely and definitely worth a try. Just like the liquid lipsticks, these have insane pigmentation. I'm starting to realise that pigmentation is definitely one of the reasons Kat Von D is such a popular brands - the colours are always so vivid and opaque! However, unlike the liquid lipsticks, these have a slight sheen to them rather than being completely matte. The shade 'Magick' is lovely soft rosy pink shade perfect for every day wear and 'Underage Red' is a beautiful blue toned red - the kind of shade that's worn by Kat Von D herself for that classic pin up look.

Have you tried any of Kat Von D's makeup products?! Which of these would you like to try?


  1. I love shade and light contour palette as well as liner. I agree about liquid lipstick being as good as other popular liquid lipsticks.

    Ash | www.mstantrum.com
    Instagram: ms_tantrum

  2. LOVE the Tattoo liner - thought you might want to take a really close look at yours, it's actually a brush tip rather than felt ;-) I think the bristles are so well packed together without fraying that people automatically think its a felt tip, but it has so much more precision and control that one!
    Jaime | www.girllovesgloss.com

  3. I really want to try the Tattoo liner, I've heard so many good reviews about them! x


  4. The Shade and light palette is the best contour palette ever! I complete agree with you on the Yellow shade. I also love the Tattoo line - its one of the best I've tried xx

    LPage Beauty

  5. So glad Kat Von D is so accessible now!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  6. Those liquid lipsticks are gorgeous !


  7. I was super excited to try some of her products when they first arrived over here but I'm a little disappointed. The Everlasting liquid lipsticks don't last well on me and the Ink liner doesn't appear to flow that well. I like the studded lipsticks but I have a nude type shade and I'm much more of a brights person x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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