Gold Fever Hair Extensions Review; Keratin Bond Extensions; Before & After

If you follow my social media, particularly Instagram (@kayleighjcouture), you may have seen me raving about my GoldFever hair extensions. I had them fitted almost three months ago now so today I want to share my thoughts on them in case you guys are considering bonded hair extensions yourself. I was going to review them as soon as I had them fitted but I think having lived with them for almost 12 weeks now, it has given me a much better idea of their overall quality and how they hold up over time with daily styling, trips abroad and being washed regularly. Let's face it, most extensions look great when they're first fitted but it often isn't a true representation of how they'll look months down the line. 

I've been wearing extensions in some form for over 10 years now and have had some interesting experiences to say they least. From dodgy market stall buys to micro ring disasters and clip in wefts, I've pretty much tried every form of hair and extensions going. I think thick hair is something most women long for - the kind that bounces and swishes when you walk, like the glamorous actresses in Hollywood movies. For me, my hair is a major comfort blanket and I don't feel like myself unless it's looking it's best and is full of volume. Some of you reading this are probably blessed to have naturally thick long hair (if you are, I'm very jealous) but for the rest of us, extensions are the only way to create that look. To be honest, I've always been lucky in the sense my natural hair is fairly long and has a nice natural wave but as I've got older, I've found it's lost its fullness and can look pretty thin and lifeless in its au natural form! That's why I like to wear extensions - not for length but for extra volume.

As I said, I've tried every form of extensions going and I was just about ready to give up on trying any more (due to always being disappointed and wasting money) when my friend Kerry told me about her hairdresser Becca. I've recently moved to a new area so didn't have a clue where to go and get my hair done until Kerry told me how great Becca is and that I should have a look at her Instagram (@hairbybeccan). As soon as I had a look, I was blown away by her before and after photos. As well as being a colourist, she also specialises in extensions so I knew I had to go and see her to see what kind of extensions she'd recommend for me. I booked my appointment and told her all about my previous disasters - the most recent being some bonded Balmain extensions that started to fall out and go disgustingly matted after only one weeks wear. I was so disappointed and angry that I'd wasted my money and was almost convinced that bonded extensions were a huge con and not worth the hundreds of pounds they cost.

However, Becca assured me that the experiences I've had in the past are not normal and that I'd clearly been given bad quality hair or had them fitted incorrectly. She told me that her clients wear their extensions for six months or more and they're mostly always in the same condition as the day they were fitted when they come back to get them removed. She uses various brands of hair on her clients but told me that Gold Fever was her current favourite and the one she'd recommend me to go for. I'd personally never heard of the brand before and that can sometimes put me off but I did my research and after reading multiple rave reviews, I was sold. I couldn't find one bad review about them online and every single before and after photo I saw had me amazed - the hair is so thick from root to tip and looks completely natural.

With this being said, I booked my appointment. In the lead up to getting them done, my only concerns were if they would hurt and the maintenance. Some extensions I've had in the past have left my head in agony from pulling at my scalp and have taken so long to blow dry that I just got so fed up and had to have them removed. Becca reassured me that she'd never had these issues with her own Gold Fever extensions so I took her word for it and got excited at the prospect of having princess hair! When the appointment came around, I made sure my hair was freshly washed (it's important hair is clean before getting them applied) and then sat back to let Becca work her magic.
To give you guys a bit of background on Gold Fever, their extensions are made of the finest quality Indian hair that is 100% ethical and traceable. The brand personally oversee what they're buying and how it's processed ensuring only the highest quality product is brought to market. They're also the same thickness from top to bottom which is something that is very hard to find when it comes to extensions. If you're a wearer of extensions, I'm sure you've all been left disappointed by hair that's thick at the root but looks thin on the ends meaning it doesn't blend in with natural hair. 

Gold Fever say that this occurs when the individual hairs that make up a strand are noticeably different lengths with some being much shorter than others and therefore creating a thin look at the ends. Gold Fever hair is 'double drawn', meaning they remove these short hairs from their extensions in order to ensure the hair is the same volume from root to tip. You can read more about this here but that's the simplified version! I have to say this was probably the biggest selling point for me as they look so realistic - nobody would ever guess I was wearing extensions. In fact, since getting them, people have been so surprised when I tell them my hair isn't 100% natural. 

They also have a naturally wavy finish unlike other brands that dry poker straight and look unnatural if your own hair has a slightly wave (which mine does). You can see how they look when left to dry naturally in the image of me below - this was taken on holiday when my hair had been quickly blasted with the hairdryer then left to dry in the sun. Effortless beachy waves!! If you do have very straight hair naturally, don't let this put you off - you can still wear them straight, they hold any style you give them exceptionally well.

As for the application, I mentioned earlier how comfortable the process was - I could barely feel a thing as they were being applied. As the title of the post suggests, Gold Fever hair is applied via a keratin bond which is heated and then moulded around the root of your hair and they're spaced evenly around the head in rows. Now you may see the word 'heat' and panic that they'll damage your natural hair but that isn't the care - the protein tips Gold Fever use actually protect the natural hair and most people find their hair grows and is in an even better condition when they come to get them removed.

The whole application from start to finish including cutting and styling took around 3-4 hours which I didn't think was too bad at all. The application was so comfortable too, I could barley feel them being applied - I had to ask if she'd started putting them in at one point as they're so lightweight. We started off with around 85 strands which isn't a full head of hair but because I only wanted them for thickness rather than length, this was enough to thicken it up whilst still looking natural. I specifically said that I didn't want them to look bulky and instead to blend seamlessly with my own hair which is exactly the look we achieved.

The last thing I want to talk to you guys about is the maintenance and how they've held up for me over the past three months. I'll be completely honest - for the first week, I wasn't sure if I was going to like them. The sensation of them annoyed me to begin with and it felt as those they were slightly pulling on my scalp - I've sine realised this is a totally normal feeling as you have something on your head that isn;t usually there and like anything new on our bodies wether it be a piercing or even eyelash extensions, it takes some getting used to. However, around a week after getting them, I'd totally forgotten they were there and as I sit here typing this post now, I can't even feel them - they just feel like part of my normal hair. In fact, I can't imagine how I'd feel without them now, haha.

(before and after the day I got them fitted - different lighting here hence it looking darker after)

Another slight concern I had to begin with was that my hair would take ages to wash and dry but again, this hasn't been the case. With other extensions I've had, it's taken so long to try them but Gold Fever hair seems to dry so quickly - it's only added an extra five minutes onto my morning routine and to have nice thick hair, that's something I can deal with. I had my hair blow dried in a salon recently and even the hairdresser couldn't believe how quickly they dried and how much they felt like my own hair - she was blown away by them so that's saying something! One thing worth mentioning is that Gold Fever do recommend using a sulphate free shampoo to wash them so I've been using the Joico sulfate free range (get it here) and have had no issues at all. In fact, I've even used normal shampoo and conditioners and had no issues with those either.

Honestly I don't do anything in particular to look after them - I treat them exactly like my own hair. They say to plait them or tie them up at night time but I don't always do this and it hasn't affected them. The only other thing I do differently is use a special brush which Becca gave me when having them applied - it has soft bristles so is gentle on the extensions and stops them from matting but again, matting isn't something I've had an issue with and I only brush over them as I would my normal hair - I don't spend any extra time than I usually would. I also use a hair oil on the ends every time I wash my hair but this is something I always did anyway.

(after three months wear)

The only slight downside for me would be that the bonds are sometimes visible when my hair blows in the wind as they're a light blonde and my hair is balyage meaning it's dark on the roots. However, Becca recently told me than gold fever have just released new protein tips that allow you to mix colours so next time I get them, I can have dark bonds at the roots and still keep them blonde on the ends, yay! Problem solved.

Overall I would give these extensions a 10/10 and I never thought I'd say that about bonded extensions. I've finally found a brand of extensions I'm 100% happy with and I cannot fault them in any way whatsoever. Three months down the line and they look and feel just as good as the day I had  them fitted. I'll probably get at least another 2-3 months wear out of this set until I need to get them removed and reapplied when they've grown down too far to maintain. 

Like most extensions, they are expensive ranging from £450 up to a whopping £700 for the longer lengths (I have 22" and then had them cut to around 20") so it's definitely a big investment but for me personally, they give me so much confidence that it's a price I'm willing to pay. I was very kindly given the hair free of charge from Gold Fever for my first set and only had to pay to have them fitted but this hasn't swayed my opinion in the slightest and I'll be spending whatever I need to keep getting them applied when this set is removed.

What do you think of my hair makeover? Would you like to try Gold Fever extensions? You can visit their website here for more information on the quality of the hair, application method and to find your nearest Gold Fever accredited salon.


  1. They look so good in your hair!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  2. omg it looks incredible, so so pretty xx

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    Olivia / Olivia Roses

  4. Wow these look beeeeauuuuut!! I would love to try them and your hair looks incredible, like princess hair!

  5. That great that these are a 10/10. Your hair looks gorgeous!!!

    Sheer Beauty Blog

  6. These extensions are absolutely gorgeous! I haven't had extensions in about a year but definitely getting them back in this summer, i'm in need of a change! I know the feeling of the tips showing there is nothing worse! When I had my extensions in I had a full head of highlights but my natural colour is so dark the hairdresser went with the dark tips. They were hard to hide when the wind blew or when my hair was tied up. I now have a root drag & balayage so this time I will be getting the tip to match my root! x

  7. Your hair looks so pretty!


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  9. Looks amazing!!! I just love those extensions. It looks so real. Great job:)


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