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As a blogger, I'm constantly glued to my laptop or phone so I'm always on the look out for fun new apps to help make my imagery or video content more interesting. With this being said, I've been having lots of fun playing around with the Ribena Doodle Your World app and making my day to day life much more Ribenary! Ribena are encouraging adults of all ages to embrace the fun in every day life and not take life too seriously - something I think we all need from time to time when daily life gets a little stressful.

I've being a big Ribena fan since I was a child so I'm more than happy to be involved in their Ribenary campaign and make my own day to day life a bit more Ribenary too! I used to drink those little cartons of Ribena virtually every day whilst growing up and I must admit, I still love them to this day. Even as an adult, you just can't beat an ice cold carton of Ribena, can you? Their 'light' version is just as tasty too and one I'll often grab when I'm on the go! Also, warm Ribena in the winter? Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves this? Such a soothing drink - especially if you're feeling a little bit under the weather!

To show you how I recently had the task of sorting out my makeup collection and organising it neatly into my Muji drawers. Surprisingly, this isn't something I enjoy doing. You're probably thinking 'being surrounded by makeup - living the dream' but when there's piles of it and you have to somehow squeeze it into a limited number of drawers, it can become quite the frustrating little challenge. It usually ends with me giving up halfway through and shoving it all in a drawer. However, using the Doodle Your World app make the experience all the more fun - and Frankie the Flamingo (that's what I'm calling her) joined in to help and I somehow managed to get it looking half decent! If you want an in depth post all about my makeup collection and how I organise it, just let me know.

After my makeup was sorted, I was straight back to work doing lots of admin and emails - another part of my day to day life that isn't the most fun! However, I had the Doodle Your World app adding a  bit of fun to my office desk with this cute little animation. How cool are his flower sunglasses? Haha!

After working all day, it was finally time to sit down in front of the TV and watch the Love Island final - who else has been addicted to the show this year? I decided it was only right I celebrated the occasion in style with my fave takeaway and a glass of fizz. I was missing strawberries so I added one virtually with the app - how cool? I love that you can add doodles onto anything - I've been getting so creative trying to think of the best ways I can include them in my day to day life.

So, want to get involved in all this Ribenary fun and make your world a little brighter? Well, you're in luck as I've teamed up with Ribena to host an amazing competition over on my Instagram account. To enter and be in with the chance of winning some fabulous Ribena prizes, all you need to do is download the Dooble Your World App, get creative and make some awesome doodles, upload it to your instagram account and tag me @kayleighjcouture along with the hashtag #ribenary for your chance to win!

The app is really simple to use - it's free to download and you simply select your doodle from the options available (you can unlock extras along the way too), drag it and then it'll do its thing while you take a photo or record a short video. The options of how you can include the doodles is endless. 

I'll be judging your posts and choosing a winner based on creativity and what makes me laugh/smile the most. I'll pick the winner from the tagged images in a weeks time and will notify you via Instagram if you're my winner! So what are you waiting for guys, go and get creative to be in with the chance of winning an amazing prize!

This post has been supported by Ribena® but all thoughts and doodles are my own.

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