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When summer rolls around, I find myself getting into more of a structured beauty routine. I think it's because holidays and more exposed skin are looming over us, it gives us that little kick up the bum we need to get into a solid routine. Of course we want to look our best all year round but because the weather is better in summer (if we're lucky that is), I find myself wearing less products than I would in the winter months which means looking better naturally. I'm all about stripping it back to the bare essentials and using a few essential products that help give me a radiant and healthy summer glow.

The first products I can't be without would be my favourite Simple Kind to Skin face wipes which I take with my wherever I go as well as my elemis pro collagen cleansing balm - my skin cleansing dream team. There's nothing worse than feeling caked in makeup when you're hot and sweaty so I always have these two products with me to ensure I can remove my makeup thoroughly and easily. I'm also pretty lazy when it comes to skincare so they're ideal for a quick freshen up when I'm in a rush. I also find them really hydrating which is great on days my skin has been faced with any kind of sun exposure. The cleansing balm has been a favourite for years now - it literally melts makeup away with the tiniest amount, leaves my skin soft and radiant and it smells amazing too. 

To add an extra glow and some colour to my skin, I use the Khiel's midnight recovery concentrate before bed which gives my skin that added boost of moisturise it craves after sun exposure. This is one of those products that makes a difference after one use and leaves the skin so radiant and glowing - I can't recommend it enough. I've also been loving the Tan Luke self tan face drops which I mix into my moisturiser before bed. It contains a tanning ingredient so when mixed with moisturiser, it acts as a self tanner for the face without being quite as dark and unnatural looking as some regular tans. I always feel like my skin looks ten times better with a tan so this has been such a good find for me - I use it for a few days if I feel like my skin is starting to look a little drab and the colour lasts for a good week before I need to re-apply.

Another product I've been using every day recently is the Sensodyne Pronamel Strong & Bright enamel toothpaste. Much like my skin, I want my teeth to look good all year round but for some reason, I always want my them to look their best in summer. Maybe it's something to do with being more tanned and smiling more because the sun is shining and I'm happier? Who knows but either way, good teeth are a must for me and toothpaste is something that's often overlooked as a beauty product despite it being one of the must-haves for our overall health and appearance.

I wore braces for years to get my teeth straight, so keeping them in tip top condition is something that's really important to me. I've also suffered from worn enamel (which can be caused by too much acidic foods in our diet like fruit - something we probably all eat more of during the summer months). With this being said, I'm very fussy with the toothpaste I use and Sensodyne Pronamel has always been a brand I can rely on to do what it says on the tube. I used to use their Pronamel Daily Protection but their new Strong and Bright has the addition of polishing away stains as well as actively helping to strengthen enamel for healthy, whiter teeth* - the two key features I look for in a toothpaste. I mean, who doesn't want their teeth to be healthy, strong and white?! 

A couple of body products I use all summer round would be my Palmers Cocoa Butter natural bronze gradual tanner as this is the most natural looking gradual tanner I've come across and you only need a couple of applications for a nice healthy colour. I love to use this after I've been away to keep my tan topped up too! Not to mention is smells good enough to eat. 

To enhance a tan even further, I love using highlighters and my absolute favourites are No.7 shimmer body oil for the body and MAC Soft & Gentle for the face. These two paired together give the perfect glow that goes so perfectly with sun-kissed skin. Seriously, I'd bathe in the stuff if I could - you can never have too much highlighter, right?

Finally, summer fragrance. For me, it's all about the sweetly and fruity of citrus scents and one of my faves at the moment is definitely the Missguided 'Babe Power' - I was super sceptical about it at first but it's actually really nice! It has a fresh fruity scent - total summer vibes. Not to mention it comes in a rose gold bottle shaped like a can. YES!

What are your Summer essentials?! I'd love to know so let me know in the comments below.

You can pick up Sensodyne Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel toothpaste here or at your local Boots

*VS Daily Protection. 
All views are my own.

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