Taking Outfits to the next level with Wonderbra | Before & After

For me, and probably the good majority of women, the right underwear is key when putting an outfit together. Whenever I'm shopping (which is quite often, let's be honest, oops!), I always think about the underwear needed to wear the pieces before I buy it and quite often, it's the make or break between buying and removing it form my virtual shopping basket. A bra has got to be the right texture, colour and style to compliment my outfit or it's a no-no. Nobody wants a black bra showing through a white top, a textured fabric making their new dress look lumpy or unsightly straps on show with their new bandeau. That’s why Wonderbra should be an essential in your underwear drawer.

Wonderbra are all about making women of all shapes and sizes feel sexy, fabulous and confident in the clothes they're wearing and I'm all for spreading this message too as we all deserve to feel fabulous! Even in your most daring and unique outfits, Wonderbra have designed pieces that will be your best friend and ensure you're rocking any outfit with the support and comfort you need! It’s all about finding those key pieces that will take that babein' new outfit to the next level and compliment our bodies. 

I was recently sent some of Wonderbra's key styles and have been completely blown away by how amazing they are. How have I got by thus far without them?! I've been trying out the Ultimate Strapless (Nude), Ultimate Full Effect (Black) and the Ultimate Plunge (Nude) styles and they're all bloomin' brilliant. Firstly, the quality is second to none and in my opinion, good quality underwear is seriously underrated. If it's something you wear every day, it's worth investing in. At first touch you can tell that they’re well made, sturdy and are going to give the lady lumps all the support they need. Secondly, I love that the smooth and seam free fabric help give us that flawless silhouette I talked about earlier. Think t-shirt bra but so much better. Pretty lace bras are lovely and all but they're not ideal when you want to wear a figure hugging dress and you can see the fabric underneath. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I'm pretty sure there isn't a single outfit you can't wear them with either. How many times have you bought a new outfit and then thought 'damn, how am I going to wear a bra with this' - I know I've done it myself way too many times. However, with Wonderbra, there's so many styles that there really is no outfit that's off limits. Take the Ultimate Plunge for example. I'm a big fan of a plunging dress or bodysuit but it's not something you can wear with a bra as the strap would be on show. Now if you're a big boobed girly or just a little bit self conscious about going braless then you'd probably avoid these styles all together but with the Ultimate Plunge you can rock your plunging pieces without a worry.

As you can see in my before and after photos, these bras also make a huge difference to the cleavage. I'm pretty sure my boobs look at least 2-3 times bigger in the after photos - crazy or what?! I'm a size 32DD so my boobs certainly aren't small to begin with but the difference this bra makes is insane so if you are a small boobed gal and want a boost, these bras work a treat. I've popped some before and after photos below where I'm wearing a normal bra and then the Wonderbra bra's - as you see, they make a huge difference to the size and shape of  of my cleavage. I'm so impressed!

Make sure you check them out for yourselves girls, they're all linked on the above product names. For reference, I'm wearing the Ultimate Full Effect (Black) on the images below.

Spring Styling with House Of Fraser

I don’t know about you guys but I am so ready for some nice weather here in UK now. That little taste of sunshine we had a couple of weeks ago was so lovely but in typical UK style, it didn’t stick around for too long! Please come back soon sunshine, I miss you!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been adding lots of new pieces to my Spring wardrobe and I just cannot wait until I can ditch the knitwear, chunky coats and boots. As much as I love all of those items and getting wrapped up warm, I am so ready for floaty dresses, denim skirt and lightweight coats.

A couple of pieces I’ve recently added to my wardrobe are from House of Fraser who I must say have the most amazing range on their website at the moment. I’ll be honest, it’s a place I often forget about when online shopping but since having a browse recently, I’ll be ordering from them a lot more often!
I picked up this beautiful floaty floral dress by Oasis and I’m so so so in love with it. Everything about it screams Spring from the beautiful floaty fabric to the pastel colours and the floral print. Not to mention I loved swishing around in it - I felt all kinds of lady like!

I just know I’m going to get so much wear out of it as it’s the perfect style for so many different occasions. I have quite a lot of christenings and weddings that it’d be perfect for dressed up with heels a clutch but it can also be dressed down with sandals and a big pair of sunnies for BBQ’s or a day out. I’m also thinking it would be a great dress for the races paired with a fascinator.

Alongside the dress I also got this amazing trench coat from HOF's huge selection of coats and jackets. I don't know about you but I personally find it really difficult to find a suitable jacket for Spring time. Other than denim jackets which don't always go with every outfit, I really struggle finding something I can wear with virtually any outfit that's lightweight enough to keep me cool when the weather warms up but something that will also keep me warm in the evenings when the temperature drops. Does anyone else understand the struggle?! Well, I may have found the answer - a duster jacket.

I’ve seen a few people wearing this style of jacket recently and I've always been a fan of how they look but have never come across one I loved enough to justify a purchase - until now at least. This Navy duster from the brand Mint Velvet is absolutely perfect in every way. Firstly I love that it's a colour that will go with everything, secondly it's insanely comfortable (seriously the most lovely soft fabric) and thirdly it's super flattering. It's a great length as it can be worn over pretty much any outfit including midi dresses like the one in this post and the tie waist synches you in creating a lovely silhouette. It reminds me of the kind of jacket you'd see Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle wear - super chic and classy, if I do say so myself! 

Also, to all you fellow bloggers out there - one of these jackets will be an absolute life saver when shooting street style outfits. There's been so many occasions when I've had to shoot a more dressed up outfit in the middle of the day and have felt a right idiot walking around in a mini dress and heels with no appropriate jacket to cover myself up. However, this one is a dream because you can pop it over anything and you can instantly go from dressed up to the nines to day time chic in a matter of seconds, haha! The small things!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Are you loving shopping for Spring pieces at the moment? I'd love to hear what you've been buying in the comments below!

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