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PR Samples Disclaimer

As of September 2012 anything marked with an asterix (*) will indicate that the product has been sent to me as a PR sample for review consideration. I only accept samples that I believe are fitting with the rest of my blog content and as with everything I discuss on my blog, my opinions will remain 100% honest.

I will never claim to like a product just because it was a "freebie" and have never accepted money to review a product positively. Whether products have been bought with my own money or sent to me, they will all be reviewed in the same way. I know that lots of people turn to beauty blogs to read reviews before spending their hard earned money on products so I would never influence someone to buy something that I didn't personally enjoy. With this being said, I hope you find my reviews helpful, detailed and honest. :)

Sponsored Posts Disclaimer

Occasionally, I may accept Sponsored Posts and place them on my blog. I only accept these type of posts if I feel the content is fitting with the rest of my blog and something my readers would find interesting to read about. In these cases, I will mark 'Sponsored Post' at the end of the post. Sometimes a brand will offer to pay me to test out their product and share my honest opinion in a blog post and in this case, I will add ** after the product link that's been sponsored. I can assure you I only accept sponsorship for products / brands I'm genuinely interested in and will only feature those that fit in with the rest of my content. I can assure you I will always be 100% honest in my opinions and will never accept payment to review something positively. If I don't like something, I'll say so, whether its sponsored or not. I hope this clears everything up :)

If you are a company and would like to contact me regarding PR samples or Sponsored Posts, please do so using the email 

Skimlinks Disclaimer

As of October 2013, this blog uses Skimlinks to create a small revenue. Skimlinks converts ordinary product links into affiliate links meaning if you click on one of said links and purchase the product, I'll receive a small commission. This doesn't apply to every link on my blog, only those that are merchants via Skimlinks. All links featured are links that would have been added regardless. Skimlinks just allows me to make a small amount of money for doing something I've always done - adding links to my blog posts. Its a really great way to make a money as a blogger - you can sign up here.


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